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    astronomy,collecting isaac asimov books and consuming wild turkey and cola!!
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  1. Eta In Ha

    Thanks one and all,the fsq looks like it is going to be a brilliant scope. Did i mention i am clouded in again:mad:
  2. Eta In Ha

    Hi all here is eta in HA with my new fsq106,moon was 91% waxing at the time gota love HA heres the link..http://www.pbase.com/skelty/image/98815172 :smile:
  3. M51

    Pleasing image there mate as for colour calibration,well g2v star calibrating is the go ...yes something i must learn to do to!!
  4. omega centuari

    Thanks all for your comments.,yes without elroy the foreman my project would have definitely been a flop!! And tenacious the tube is plywood stained black and given 7 coats of marine varnish. Oh and one more thing i was lucky to get a mirror from :biggrin: ...........CARL ZAMBUTO..probably one of the the worlds best mirror makers
  5. omega centuari

    Thanks for the comments guys,yeah i spent a bit of time processing,mainly in photoshop doing the final tweaking. If you would like to see the newt you can view pictures of it and the construction here.. http://www.pbase.com/skelty/equipment_and_observatory :biggrin: cheers all
  6. Hi all, I have finished building my 12.5 newt,and then spent another 3 months or so working out the bugs in it. Anyway i have finally managed a proper image,the first is a full frame the second a crop,here you go http://www.pbase.com/skelty/image/98068162 http://www.pbase.com/skelty/image/98069224 cheers all:crazy:
  7. Hi all heres eta in HA captured on my stl11ooom2 just follow this link http://www.pbase.com/skelty/image/78365617/large cheers all!!
  8. Well folks i finally got my stl11000m going after waiting a couple of weeks for the right adapters...so heres the very first light...eta carina ..8 x 60 sec shots unguided with the fs102 ...just lum so just follow this link http://www.pbase.com/skelty/elvista_observatory
  9. omega-centauri

    thanks Thanks for the kind words all just got me stl11000m so as soon as i get the right gear to connect it to me scope and take some pics i will be back...should be awesome......cheers::yesplease:
  10. Hi all heres one of my first target photos follow this linkhttp://www.pbase.com/skelty/elvista_observatory