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    I have been actively into astronomy for 10 years and own several scopes. I love the night sky / Sun.
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    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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    Gardening in the nude
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    Meade LX90, Solarmax 40, Meade EXT90, LPI and DMK21

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  1. Sunspot 1024, 5 July 2009

    Thanks Ray. You and me both!
  2. Posidonius, Reprocessed, yet again.

    Hi Doug Keep playing! Excellent results. Matt
  3. Jupiter in nice seeing

    Hi Paul Nice work - they both look very good - I know you will still be looking for that perfect night (I hope it comes along soon) but all your images have so much to stimulate the eye ball - thanks for posting.
  4. Observatory photos

    Hi Brent Nice set up - it is always nice to have a hidy hole when we get into trouble!
  5. Proud to be the newest member

    Hi Kev Welcome to the group - lots of great folk and info here - stick around and share your journey!
  6. Jupiter - September 12 - Brisbane

    Hey Mat That is a ripper! Congratulations on a fine quality image!
  7. galaxy in perspective

    ....The angular size is 2.1 deg Brightness is 4.5.... Wow 4 x the angular size of the Sun or Moon!
  8. Jupiter & Ganymede scale composite.....

    Hi Kman Really nice presentation - Ganymede looks excellent - you have captured more detail in her than I have ever taken in Mars!!!!!!! Some may not like the scale you have created but I think you are correct in wanting to preserve the detail via image scale - it is a super work. Thanks for posting your efforts.
  9. galaxy in perspective

    Hi Patrick You are very lucky to have such an object easily visible - what is the angular size of M31? I am jealous!
  10. Andromeda revisited

    Hi Brent Nice one - we do not get to see M31 high in the sky - the one thing we really miss out on. Thanks for sharing your work.
  11. Thanks guys It is for a general health check - optics and electronics - it is almost 8 years old.
  12. Jupiter 17th August.....+ Callisto!

    Nice work Darryl. I guess after all your pain you have got some top images. Really nice detail.
  13. Hello Does anyone know where I can have my Classic LX90 serviced in the Brisbane area? Thanks in advance.
  14. 8/8/2009 - prominence area

    Hi Thanks for sharing - I like the prominence that looks like a 'bridge'. The Sun is doing a little more recently - many small but enjoyable prominence. See ya
  15. Jupiter August 3

    Hi Matt Very impressive! Work, bad seeing conditions and poor weather - the bane of my existence at the moment - when I have some time on weekend days the sun also decides to put on a less than spectacular performance - weeks of zip! Thanks for posting your Jupiter - GRS and the bird strike scar - well done!!