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  1. Canon 400D Astro cooling modded.

    Good thanks Ray. Been very quiet. Cloud as usual. How bout U ?
  2. Canon 400D Astro cooling modded.

    I agree Patrick. Read the original post. It has been sold anyway, so what is all the fuss about.
  3. Trifid

    Thanks, that came as a bit of a shock. Much appreciated
  4. This is now up for sale as I now have the 40D version. This camera takes lovely images and you can see some of these at: http://s383.photobucket.com/albums/oo279/Exfso/?firstLogin=true This link link gives full details of the specs: http://www.centralds.net/en/index.htm Included: Current retail price $1778USD (approx $2500AUD including GST and customs) Canon 400D Body only with front cap Cables (temp, DC power for cooler, usb) Temp Gauge which monitors the camera's chip temp Canon 400D manual, software etc. I am including the following: Shutter release cable, built by me plus, equivalent to Shoestring DSUSB ($125.00) USB/Serial interface ($50.00) Canon ACK-DC20 AC adapter for the Canon 400D ($90.00) Selling all for $1800.00 PM me if interested
  5. Trifid

    I would like to as it takes a lovely image. Only reason I went to the 40D was for live view and the fact that you dont need a shutter release cable. I got it at a great price and the deal was I had to sell my 400D or it wasnt going to happen.
  6. Trifid

    just a small tweak of noise removal. If I kept the 400D I would have my wedding tackle removed by the boss I reckon.
  7. Trifid

    Not a great deal of difference between what you get with the 40D as compared with the 400D the result is basically the same, but less cabling and live view makes it a lot easier. The 40D is about 250gm heavier than the 400D so there is a little bit of balancing that needs to be attended to. Looks like I will now be putting my 400D up for sale. No sense having two very similar cameras.
  8. Trifid

    I upgraded my 400D modded to a 40D modded, mainly because of the live view and less hassles with cabling. Decided to have a go at the Trifid tonight under dodgy skies. Humidity 95% and scattered Altostratus cloud. This was just a test really to see if it worked as well as my 400D. I managed 7x 480 plus darks and bias. A bit of PS tweak.
  9. M17 Omega (Swan) Nebula

    Wow, what a marathon effort, result is well worth it mate, top stuff.
  10. Centaurus A

    I jagged this one 1st May. It is 8x15mins iso 800 with darks flats and bias, Canon400D spectrum enhanced and cooled by Central DS
  11. Leo Trio

    Nice shot that one. Yeah the hot pixels can be a nuisance, I use the Clone stamp tool to remove them in photoshop.
  12. M16

    Thanks for the positive comments people. This side of photography is a steep learning curve.
  13. Thanks for the positive comments, much appreciated.
  14. Horsehead from home

    I just realised I have posted my images in the wrong area. OOPS...
  15. M83

    Wow, that is absolutely superb