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  1. Aluminium 8" Astrograph

    thanks guys, Ray, l have a rolling machine at work that we use for making body panels for custom cars and hot rods. Warthog, actually l am the boss so it makes things a little easier, there is no real difference between the two except an astrograph is dedicated to astrophotography as opposed to strictly visual. there is no need for extension tubes as the tube is made to come to focus with the camera and the tube is also fully baffled where a normal newt tube is not.
  2. l decieded to build myself an 8" scope primarily for reasonable wide field imaging at a medium f5 ratio. l rolled an aluminium tube from .8 sheet and machined the rings from 20mm plate, making them with flat angles allows the mounting of side plates for easier attachment of other accessories such as the Stellavue 13x80 finder which will be fitted to this scope. the scope was finished in white 2 pack baked enamel.
  3. Portable Imaging Setup

    hi Chris, the 50D at the moment and l may have a go with the Sbig ST7 at some stage.
  4. Portable Imaging Setup

    Brett, balancing is fine just needs to be fine tuned with different equipment attached. hi Ray, including cameras just over 24kg, the plates quite simple just 12mm plate and about $80 worth.
  5. the 12" LX200 is just to heavy to move anymore especially getting it on to a wedge on your own. so this is the new portable gear, G11 with Argo Navis, 8" reflector, W.O. Megrez 90 and ED100. imaging will be through the reflector and M90 and guided with the ED100 and Sbig ST-7.
  6. New Image: NGC 2467

    very tight image with great contrast, well done.
  7. NGC 1977 - The Running Man

    very nice shot, lovely colours, maybe tighten up the focusing a bit.
  8. Orion Neb 5/1/09

    the frustration of processing continues, l tried a different approach this time and although not really happy things are improving. RAW images 10x30 sec 10x3 min 6x7 min 4x10 min Darks subtracked Megrez 90 w/6.3 reducer Canon 400D @ iso800 Baader UHC-S filter Hand guided through LX 200 @ f/10 Stacked in DSS adjusted in PSCS2
  9. Rosette neb

    all 3 are excellent images, well done.
  10. Ruchbah region

    very striking photo Greg, what part of the processing do you do in PSP7?
  11. Moon with 80mm F11,4

    lovely shot Erwin, very nice contrast.
  12. M42 26/12/08

    nice for such short exposures Trev, maybe a quick noise reduction to soften it up a bit.
  13. M42 24/12/08

    thanks Tim, hopefully a lot more time to spend here now, l do miss it.
  14. M42 24/12/08

    hi guys and a merry x-mas. sorry about the long absence but work and life get in the way sometimes. first image in nearly 3 months due to cloud and time restraints. Megrez 90 w/ 0.8 reducer and Canon 400D Hand guided with LX200 @ f/10. thanks for looking and comments welcome Mick.
  15. Binocular Fork Mount

    l've made the mounting bracket for my smaller 15x70's and will mount the big BT100's when they arrive.