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  1. Leo Trio

    Last night's effort with the Hyperstar. 20 x 10-minute subs on the Leo Trio. Greg
  2. Leo Trio

    If you know where to look - you can actually see the string of Quasars underneath the Hamburger. Greg
  3. M101 in perspective

    Another capture with the 200mm lenses and Trius M26C OSC CCDs. Got this a couple of nights before NGC 7822. 7 x 15-minute subs. Greg
  4. Double Cluster

    Got this one last night, 200mm lenses again and M26C OSC CCDs - Double Cluster for the umpteenth time. 20 subs x 10-minutes per sub. Greg
  5. NGC 7822

    An extremely rare clear, Moonless night last night and I managed to get 11 x 15-minute subs on NGC 7822 using the 2 x Canon 200mm prime lenses and the 2 x Trius M26C OSC CCDs. Came out way better than I was expecting for only 11 subs. Greg
  6. satellites

    Just saw all those bastard Elon Musk satellites going over. Greg
  7. Crikey..!!!

    That is just incredible!! How amazing!!!
  8. Hyperstar III/C11 running again

    Interesting! One of the issues sorted on the Hyperstar III was a dead video card as well!! Greg
  9. I haven't used the Hyperstar in around a year, so when I checked on it last week - it wasn't working of course. However a week of working on the computer and upgrading the handset (it didn't know what 2020 was before the upgrade) and it is now once again in full working order. Managed a few subs last night between banks of cloud and all looks fine. Looking forward to some deeeep Hyperstar images next clear Moonless night. Greg
  10. Hyperstar III/C11 running again

    2019 was the worst year for imaging for me since I started in Autumn 2004 - and it is continuing into 2020. We have complete cloud cover and rain every day. Greg
  11. Dark Matter

    Look at today's (25/01/2020) APOD commentary and weep. I am absolutely sick to death to keep seeing that Vera Rubin was the first to demonstrate the presence of Dark Matter - convincingly or otherwise. This is a completely unacceptable re-writing of history in a pathetic attempt to right the wrongs where other women in science have been blatantly overlooked. Fritz Zwicky was the first to understand that there must be Dark Matter in the Universe - which he called "dunkle Materie" way back in 1933, using the virial theorem and studying stellar motion in galaxies (just as Rubin did) - but he studied star motion in the Coma Cluster. Is there any chance that we can finally acknowledge the true discoverer of Dark Matter and appreciate Zwicky for the genius he clearly was?????
  12. ISS flyover 4/10/2014 from South Dakota

    That is majorly impressive!!!!!!! Greg
  13. Crikey..!!!

    WOW!! Amazing find thanks to DNA testing. I found out the highest percentage in me was IRISH Greg
  14. Crikey..!!!

    Lovely images!! I lived in Horsham, W. Sussex, U.K. for a number of years. Actually met an Aussie on holiday in Horsham (U.K.) who came from Horsham (Australia). Greg
  15. Whole Transit of Mercury

    Well I still haven't had the first imaging run of the season yet which makes this the worst year for imaging since I started this nonsense in Autumn 2004. Greg
  16. Whole Transit of Mercury

    Here is the whole of the Transit of Mercury courtesy of NASA's SDO. One image every 15-minutes from 12:45 a.m. until 18:00 Greg
  17. M20 RGB 2 pane Mosaic

    WOW!!!!!!! That is a BELTER Greg
  18. It would be funny if we were not living through it. Greg
  19. Not sure if I posted this one years ago - but I just came across it again. A 9-microsecond freeze of an air rifle pellet taking out 2 eggs. The air rifle pellet can be seen off to the far left. And the eggs were later eaten by the dog - so no waste. Greg
  20. For a number of reasons I've decided to quit Facebook - so it's either here or www.newforestobservatory.com for my latest piccies Greg
  21. test image ngc 2024

    I've seen nothing but good reports on the 10 micron. Greg
  22. 6 minute ISS pass

    This was an interesting exercise that I almost got right. A long 6-minute pass of the ISS last night, so long that it went out of the field of view of the fisheye lens. So I rotated the camera as the ISS went over the meridian and carried on imaging. Didn't realise that I had managed to get that tree in on the far left so I made the mistake of rotating the camera a 3rd time - and unfortunately the 3rd dataset wouldn't merge with the first two sets. So I don't get the ISS moving behind the tree Never mind, I'll know what to do next time. The ISS trail is in 5-second bits as it was still pretty light at 19:15 and this was at ISO 100 (my minimum). Greg
  23. Coddington's nebula

    This is a composite image of Coddington's nebula together with Carbon star SAO 15274 (bottom left hand corner) taken with the Sky 90 array. 5 hours last night and around 12 hours over 2 nights some time ago. Greg