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  1. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    Before putting Trius M26C OSC CCDs on the back of the Canon 200mm prime lenses, I tried the lens out (for astrophotography) with a Canon 5D MkII DSLR. The results were absolutely superb, and as the 5D MkII is now an "old" model you can pick them up cheap. Greg
  2. NGC7331 massive crop

    I took 14 x 10-minute subs of the NGC7331/Stephan's Quintet region with the Sky90 array. This is a massive crop of the region. Greg
  3. NGC7331 massive crop

    The above data combined with some very old original Hyperstar data - came out well Greg
  4. Pleiades ultradeep - with colour

    There is a loss of colour in my ultradeep Pleaides image (the one with several 1-hour long subs) due to color bleaching from effective over exposure. So I mixed the ultradeep image with an intermediate exposure image (that had better colour) to get the result below. Greg
  5. A little conjunction action.

    Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greg
  6. Ruchbah region

    Just starting to get bloody cold here Greg
  7. Ruchbah region

    Got out for my first imaging session of the season last night (16/09/2020) and fired up the MiniWASP array to test out the Sky90s and the Canon 200mm lenses. Decided on the Ruchbah region as it was well placed, and here is a 5 x 10-minute test shot using the 200mm lens. Out again tonight imaging the Schedar/Gamma Cass region again using the 200mm lenses but this time using 15-minute subs.
  8. Pelican

    Blimey - film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really are an expert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greg
  9. Pelican

    After a long battle I managed to get all 3 Sky90s up and running and grabbed this one last night with 12 x 10-minute subs. Greg
  10. Got today's EPOD

    M31 with the tips missing. https://epod.usra.edu/ Greg P.S. If you look at EPOD on the wrong day (i.e. not today the 24th) then you will see a different image. Here it is from now on https://epod.usra.edu/blog/2020/09/epod-20th-the-splendid-andromeda-spiral-galaxy.html
  11. Deeper Gamma Cass

    I combined the recent Gamma Cass data from the 200mm lenses with some earlier deeper data and got this result. A lot more of the Ghost Nebula is visible in this one. Greg
  12. Pelican

    That's interesting - Michael Sidonio (another Aussie) used to be pissed off with all the North America nebula pics from the Poms as he said he couldn't image it. But then again I don't know where in Oz he imaged. Greg
  13. From Gamma Cass to Schedar

    Last night's effort with the 200mm lenses and Trius M26C OSC CCDs, 20 x 15-minute subs. Greg
  14. From Gamma Cass to Schedar

    Yes - the C14 would do them justice. Ghost nebula near Gamma Cass and Pacman next to Schedar - I guess these are too far North for you guys to see. Greg
  15. Just pack bubble wrap around the gap where the dome rotates so you don't dehumidy the surrounding neighbourhood. When it is hot with little water vapour in the air the dehumidifier is off anyway, so it is hardly on during the summer. Greg
  16. I run de-humidifiers in the observatories 24/7. Greg
  17. Orchid over the New Forest this morning. Greg
  18. Just rescued this beauty from the greenhouse. Greg
  19. Beauty

    Just been told by Chris Packham that it is what we call a Rosechafer Greg
  20. Spotted this one bringing her prize back to the flowerpot this morning. Greg
  21. As I had the macro out for the Bee - I also took some flower pics. Greg
  22. Pearl Cluster

    Nice work Shane Greg
  23. Yesterday's EPOD

    Got the EPOD yesterday: https://epod.usra.edu/blog/2020/05/m51-and-group.html Greg
  24. You've seen plenty of macros of our red poppies - but here's the first white one Greg
  25. So I just fired up the north dome computers after a long break and what happens? One of the Win10 computers decides it is going to access the HDD 100% of the time, right out of the blue. O.K. I sorted it by searching online, but WTAF are Microsoft playing at with this crap??? Greg