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  1. Flaming Star

    7 hours of 30-minute subs on the Flaming Star nebula region in Auriga. Need at least another 7 hours on this one. Greg
  2. Flaming Star

    Cheers Shane - sounds great from the cooling alone!! Greg
  3. Flaming Star

    Which camera Shane?? Greg
  4. Flaming Star

    Yes on cold nights -25C is no problem - but during the summer -15C is the best I can do. Greg
  5. M44 region

    I got 18 x 15-minute subs with the 200mm lenses on this region last night and combined it with some earlier 200mm data. Greg
  6. M44 region

    Combining with the other data reduced a lot of the muck, but also I took a load off the left hand side in the first one that I didn't have to do in the second one Greg
  7. M81 region

    A quick process of last night's data. This is 8 x 30-min subs on the M81 region with the 200mm lenses. Nothing special about the galaxies - but look how well the Integrated Flux Nebula (galactic cirrus) shows up. Might well get some more hours on this region with the 200mm lenses Greg
  8. M44 region

    Here's the reprocessed image using up to date calibration files. The two bright red stars over to the left are both Carbon Stars. Greg
  9. M44 region

    Just realised that last night's data was actually buggered because the calibration files weren't right for one of the cameras. End of last year one of the cameras went back for repair - I didn't redo the BIAS and FLAT frames, and a close look at last night's image shows artefacts. So right now I'm making up new sets of BIAS and FLAT frames for both cameras, and then I'll redo the last 3 sets of data. Greg
  10. Flaming Star

    Yes it was -5C when I took that image - but it seems to be warming up again now - back into double figures Greg
  11. Flaming Star

    And here's the Noel Carboni process of same. Greg
  12. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    After a day of pouring rain it decided to clear tonight so I managed to grab the comet with a Canon 5D MkII and Canon 15mm fisheye lens. Greg
  13. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    I've felt 50 degrees in Crete and Arizona - it feels life threatening walking down the street. Greg
  14. A couple of days before Christmas I found a new Prime Number with just over 454,000 digits https://primes.utm.edu/primes/page.php?id=125878 Greg
  15. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    Good grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greg
  16. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    I see Gold Coast and Sydney got hail the size of golf balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. M45 superdeep

    15 hours worth of 40-minute subs using the Sky 90 array Greg
  18. Virgo/Coma galaxy supercluster

    This is a composite negative B&W image of the Virgo/Coma galaxy supercluster region. There are 13 Messier objects in the frame. Can you find them all?? Greg
  19. Alpha & Beta Canis Minoris

    Star spikes rotated a bit for obvious reasons (if you look at the original). Greg
  20. Alpha & Beta Canis Minoris

    Procyon & Gomeisa with the Canon 200mm lenses - a 2-frame mosaic. Greg
  21. SAO76540

    I wanted to put a reprocess of this dusty region in Taurus on here - but it looked rubbish So here's the original. Greg
  22. Definitive M31

    Noel pulled out all the stops in processing this one. I think he is trying to encourage me to get the frames off the top and bottom of M31 I need no encouragement - next clear sky - I'm out there Greg
  23. M31 in perspective

    Just for a laugh I combined some old Canon 200mm lens on Canon 5D MkII data with the recent Sky 90 data to see M31 in perspective Greg
  24. M31 with the Sky 90 array

    With a full Moon (red circle) for size comparison. Greg
  25. M31 with the Sky 90 array

    Here's a quick process of last night's M31 data taken with the Sky 90 array. This is 9-hours worth of 20-minute subs. Weather permitting I will go for a LOT more data on this one and may start off with 30-minute subs Greg