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  1. Got out the macro a couple of days back and managed to grab these guys in the garden. Greg
  2. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think they wanted it to be more like APOD to get hits by association Greg
  3. M33

    Threw together everything I had on M33 and ended up with this. Greg
  4. Canis Minor

    The whole of the constellation Canis Minor (effectively Procyon & Gomeisa). Image taken using 2 x Canon 200mm prime lenses with 2 x Trius M26C OSC CCDs. A 2-frame mosaic with each frame approximately 2-hours of 10-minute subs. Greg
  5. V1331

    Yes - that is the DSS image and it is flipped top to bottom, so if you want the same area on one of my images, it's around 7:00 towards the bottom. Greg
  6. V1331

    And here is V1331 as a magnified insert on the main image. Greg
  7. V1331

    How did I find out I picked the wrong star? Because I decided to take a look at the DSS data and put V1331 in the centre of the field - this is what I got. Greg
  8. V1331

    I actually picked the wrong star. V1331 is correctly labelled below.
  9. V1331

    V1331 is a young star in Cygnus that sits in the dark nebula LDN981. Image is a total of seven and a half hours of exposure using 15-minute subs. Equipment was the Sky90 array and M26C OSC CCDs. Greg
  10. Removing Noise

    Noel Carboni as you may know works for Adobe so has inside information on Photoshop. The noise reduction packages were tested and optimised on deep-sky images (as well as others) which is why they work so well on DSOs. Greg
  11. Removing Noise

    I do the same as Ken Greg
  12. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is today's (21/05/2021) EPOD - but you saw it on here first Greg
  14. Street Lights For and Against

    I was at a Council meeting where they were discussing changing all the Sodium street lights over to LED. And the only question that came from one of the local councillors was "Would the new lamp posts be the same colour as the old ones". That was the depth of their understanding. Greg
  15. Street Lights For and Against

    As someone who is up all night and sees what's going on - the only thing the street lights help at 1 in the morning are the foxes to find their way home. I have never seen anyone walking around at that time. Greg