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  1. Last night I caught USA229 and associated debris giving a double flare at around 10:25 p.m. Then it was onto a massive long 6-minute ISS pass at 11:04 p.m. The ISS moved from right to left in the image and I stopped when I thought it was moving too far left, swung the camera around to face the East, and then caught the end of the trail. Greg
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anticrepuscular_rays Greg
  3. And here's a 15-frame x20 magnification image of a Bee Head. Full image is 1Gb. Greg
  4. Rain all day today so fired up the microscope. This is a 10-frame mosaic at x20 magnification of a Thyroid Gland. Greg
  5. Having carefully checked the images this morning I see the chip was not accurately flattened. So I brought the camera indoors today and spent a couple of hours accurately flattening the chip. Now have to put it back on the Hyperstar III and go through the collimation and focusing routine again. Always have a period of "tuning in" with a new piece of kit. But once the initial pain is out of the way it is then good to go for years Greg
  6. Awful. I haven't the words Stay strong. Greg
  7. Well I was lucky enough to have sufficient clear skies tonight to get the Hyperstar set up. All ready to go now. Greg
  8. I have just completed painting the decking of the South (Hyperstar) Dome which means that the Spring cleaning of the New Forest Observatories is done for another year. The Hyperstar III in the South Dome now has a new SX Trius 814C 9 Megapixel OSC CCD as the main imaging camera, and a Lodestar X2 as the guide camera. Just need a clear night now to get everything focused up, aligned and collimated and then I'm ready to go with the Hyperstar once again
  9. Yep - both observatories are fibreglass Greg
  10. Here's the pics Greg
  11. Good point!! Will do tomorrow Greg
  12. Cameras have arrived, been fitted and tested. All looks fine. Expect a very long period of bad weather Greg
  13. I put it into Mathematica to check if it was Prime and then turned it off after an hour and a bit as it hadn't come back with an answer. Greg
  14. The same morning I took this it was completely clouded over preventing me from getting an ISS solar transit - so there's plenty of swings and roundabouts here too Greg
  15. Jupiter came pretty close to a 12-day old Moon last night Main image is a fisheye lens view over the New Forest Observatories, and the inset top/left is the telescope view. I was amazed to see the Moons of Jupiter when I hit the curves on the telescope view, didn't realise I would pick those up as well - live & learn Greg