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wingeing Pom

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    I am never satisfied.
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    Anything to do with astronomical imaging - nothing else - I don't get out much.
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  1. Not possible AFAIK. Either they are not dust motes, or they have moved. Greg
  2. Getting some more 40 min subs on this one tonight - but not sure how long I have before it all mists up Greg
  3. I need another 10 hours on this but I haven't had clear skies since the last dataset Greg
  4. Noel Carboni added another 9 x 40-minutes to the previous data: Greg
  5. Cheers guys - it was on a card I gave her this morning and her first comment was "I suppose that's the willy nebula top right - are you trying to tell me something?" Sometimes you just can't win Greg
  6. Here's a piccie for tomorrow Greg
  7. As you put more and more data into this you will find that it iterates (itself) to the best version. Basically - if you have a ton of good data, you find that you have to do very little to it for the best result. Greg
  8. Afraid so Ray - it really is as nerdy as that It's to find BIG Prime Numbers, or the longest arithmetical series of Prime Numbers - basically anything new to do with Primes. But the BOINC software also allows you to do useful things like searching for new pharmaceuticals, or astronomy-related work like Galaxy recognition or General Relativity stuff. You can also mine Bitcoins for charities. Greg
  9. I'm looking for the ton before I peg out Shane Greg
  10. Hi all, Got today's (7th February 2017) EPOD with Taurus Molecular Clouds and Stellar Nursery - you saw it on here first That is number 86. Greg
  11. For mucking about - when I have nothing better to do - I run Prime Number hunting software on fast computers. I set up a DELL T610 server in December 2016 to do this and it has been great fun. But a few days ago I thought about trying something with a bit more grunt, just to see what happens. E-Bay is your friend and I bought a very basic quad node DELL C6100 for £300 (this thing was £20,000 new!!) - thank you E-Bay 4 nodes basically means there are 4 computers in the thing, you can see 2 of the nodes top right, the other 2 nodes are underneath these 2 as this is a 2U rack unit. These nodes have twin processors (Xeon 5500 or 5600 series) and EACH processor has 6 DIMM sockets for DDR3 1300MHz RAM. I tell you this thing is a beast. I put in 4 x 1Tb HDDs in the grey section you can see to the left in the image, and loaded up Windows 10 onto each of the 4 nodes. Works a treat. Remote desktop to the main study computer (which conveniently has 4 monitors) and I can see what's going on with the system. Loaded up the Prime Number hunting software and it all runs fine - but slowly! At present it only has 2.13GHz Quad core Xeons (8 off) in the 4 nodes, and even at 100% load - they just don't have it. So tomorrow I am getting delivered 4 x Hex core 2.93GHz Xeons to swap out the processors in 2 of the nodes. If it all works out o.k. I will buy the second set of 4 Xeon processors next month. I'll keep you posted on how things pan out Greg
  12. Nice work!! Download Rogelio's free HLVG (Hasta la Vista Green) - I use it all the time as part of my standard processing. Greg
  13. That is very nice with fairly short data! Greg
  14. Hi Ray - yes after focusing and checking it all looks o.k. with CCDInspector - I then look at each sub as it comes down with CCDInspector to make sure focus isn't drifting too much. Greg
  15. It does give you 3 readings as it focuses - but as the final reading is just the FWHM of the star you chose to focus on, it isn't much help (apart from seeing it is a reasonably small number). Greg