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    Anything to do with astronomical imaging - nothing else - I don't get out much.
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  1. As all the pics of my kit have disappeared as I closed the Flickr account - here's an attempt to link to my NFO website piccy Greg
  2. Saw this a few days ago on Blu-Ray. The twist in the tale is very good indeed Greg
  3. While I was processing last night's Procyon data I saw there was some Gomeisa data on the hard drive from my last imaging session on 23rd Feb 2017. Gomeisa is the bright star above Procyon. This was 15 x 15-minute subs using the Sky 90 array and M26C OSC CCDs. Greg
  4. Cheers Shane Greg
  5. From last night using the mini-WASP array plus some earlier data - the Procyon region. Greg
  6. WOW!!! That is excellent!!!! Greg
  7. Got this last night (09/03/2017) around 8:20 p.m. at the New Forest Observatory. Photobombed by a military helicopter which was tailing another military helicopter that had NO LIGHTS showing!! Greg
  8. Noel's actions will remove star halos. Greg
  9. Bringing out the Trapezium in what looked like a totally blown out core is some great processing Eric Greg
  10. For only 3 x 15-min subs that is pretty impressive!! Greg
  11. Check today's EPOD - you saw it here first Greg
  12. Really sorry to hear that Shane I smelt burning one night in the old observatory but the smell seemed to go and the camera still seemed to work. It wasn't until about 2 weeks later that I realised there were a lot more hot pixels than I remembered. The Peltier (high current) part of the supply had burned out - but the electronics driving part was working o.k. New power supply sent through gratis and all been o.k. since. Greg
  13. Not possible AFAIK. Either they are not dust motes, or they have moved. Greg
  14. Getting some more 40 min subs on this one tonight - but not sure how long I have before it all mists up Greg
  15. I need another 10 hours on this but I haven't had clear skies since the last dataset Greg