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  1. Got today's EPOD with a non-astro picture http://epod.usra.edu/blog/ Greg
  2. 110 hours and 38 minutes later out came a Sierpinski pyramid in Rigid.Ink black PLA, 162mm along a base edge and 0.2mm resolution. Greg
  3. Trifid Nebula

    That is already a belter - so when it's finished - WOW!!! Greg
  4. Another ISS pass and Summer sky

    I think it has something to do with the Moon being upside down at your place Greg
  5. ISS transit

    Yep - the sky was too light for a single 6-minute exposure. Greg
  6. Another 6-minute ISS pass plus a quick shot of the Summer Triangle (and Mars) Greg
  7. ISS transit

    Last night's 6-minute ISS pass - bright light behind tree is the Moon Greg
  8. I think anyone would be horrified if they knew what went on in their garden down at the macro-scale Greg Should I be putting "Warning - Graphic Images" next to these??
  9. Some more macro work

    Last set for today. Bee, unopened Sunflower and some other plant Greg
  10. MiniWASP article

    https://astronomytechnologytoday.com/2018/06/28/multi-imager-systems-development-of-the-miniwasp-parallel-imaging-telescope-array-at-the-new-forest-observatories/ Greg
  11. We have had unusually hot weather recently and I have had to go out most nights with the hose to prevent the Missus' plants from dying. Noticed Superhydrophobicity at work on the Bulrush leaves, so I went out today to macro the effect. Wasn't expecting my little mate to be there as well - I'm always amazed at the antenna length of these beauties!! Greg
  12. Cocoon nebula region

    I added some extra data to the north of this one and reprocessed the whole thing. Taken with the Canon 200mm lenses and Trius M26C OSC CCDs - a horizontal 2-frame mosaic. Greg
  13. dead mount cable?

    Just stick a 1kW UPS in, they're only £100 in the UK and it will power mount, computer, monitor, the lot. I have 2 x 1kW UPSs in the MiniWASP observatory. Greg