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  1. M87 region from last night

    Lower?? Greg
  2. M87 region from last night

    Another clear night Moved the Hyperstar III and SX 814C down a little in the Virgo Cluster to grab the M87 region. No sign of the jet with 14 x 5-minute subs. Greg
  3. M100 region from last night

    Clear night and non-intrusive Moon for some M100 (leo) imaging. 12 x 5-minute subs using the Hyperstar III and Trius 814C OSC CCD. The negative B&W image (averaged data, hence all the hot pixels) is to show the single solitary asteroid just to the left, and just below M100. Greg
  4. Orion's Belt 200mm

    And needless to say I didn't manage to get any more hours on this one this year - ho hum Greg
  5. It's snowing!!

    What climate change?? Greg
  6. Orion's Belt 200mm

    Cheers Sara - it only took me 10 years to work out this is the focal length I wanted to work at from the beginning (as this is the FOV I like the most). When you put two frames together to get an almost square frame overall - that is my idea of a perfect FOV. Greg
  7. It's snowing!!

    As we had snow again just a couple of days back then yes seasons have shifted around 3-4 weeks later in the year. This has bad effects on the wildlife (bird-nesting in particular). Greg
  8. It's snowing!!

    My Dad was in the Metropolitan Mounted Police (K division) for about 30 years. Greg
  9. IC2944 Palmers Cosmic Clumps

    Good work near the Pole Ray!! Greg
  10. It's snowing!!

    That's an Oak tree way over the back that got hit by lightning. Great for me as you can see it used to take up a lot of my lower southern horizon Greg
  11. The New Forest Observatory at 5:30 p.m. after a day of snow - and it's still snowing!!!
  12. Ceres

    2017 was the worst year for imaging since I started in winter 2004. I got out less than half a dozen times THE WHOLE YEAR!! So believe me, it is not better here Dave Greg
  13. Ceres

    When I got the first subs down and I was checking against the planetarium program I couldn't work out what the "unknown star" was on the subs. Took a full 10-minutes before I realised it was Ceres Greg
  14. Ceres

    Clear from 7:30 until 9:00 p.m. last night, intrusive Moon, so went for Ceres. 18 x 15-minute subs from the Sky 90 array. Will go for this again tonight if it is clear even though the Moon will be even worse. Greg
  15. Alcor & Mizar

    From last night, 21 x 10-minute subs on the Sky 90 array. Blazing half Moon causing trouble but imaged anyway as it was a beautiful clear night. Couldn't be bothered processing out the plane trail Greg