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  1. dead mount cable?

    Just stick a 1kW UPS in, they're only £100 in the UK and it will power mount, computer, monitor, the lot. I have 2 x 1kW UPSs in the MiniWASP observatory. Greg
  2. dead mount cable?

    Before they totally rewired the estate I live on there were a LOT of power outages. I didn't realise this until I built the first observatory. Didn't bother me much until the third outage took out a mount control board, the dehumidifier, and the PC RAM. Since that day I have had EVERYTHING on UPSs. Only thing gone wrong since then was a filter wheel control board blowing from a nearby lightning strike - but there's very little you can do about close strikes Greg
  3. M83

    Oooh - nice M83!!! Greg
  4. The NGC6914 region in Cygnus

    This is the NGC 6914 reflection nebula region, the only bit of blue in a sea of red, in Cygnus. 51 x 20-minute subs using the 3 x Sky 90s and M26C OSC CCDs on the MiniWASP array at the New Forest Observatory. This is a complete reprocess incorporating Noel Carboni's new AstroFlat plugin. Greg
  5. Cactus Flowers

    Canon 100mm macro - I have even done some astro work with it Greg
  6. Mandelbulb Pair

    I think it is the most beautiful object on the planet - but then my brain is wired differently to everyone else Greg
  7. The IC2087 region in Taurus

    No - that one's from last winter. I could only process it properly now thanks to Noel Carboni's AstroFlat plugin Greg
  8. The IC2087 region in Taurus

    Only been able to process this one properly recently thanks to Noel Carboni's new AstroFlat plugin. This is a 2-framer using the Canon 200mm prime lenses and Trius M26C OSC CCDs. Each frame is 12-hours total integration time using 20-minute subs. Greg
  9. Never had so many flowers on the Cactus before - so just in case it's thinking of pegging out - here's some piccies. Greg
  10. Another ISS pass

    Blimey - that will be a superb piece of photo history if you can find that!!!!!! Greg
  11. Just seen I got today's EPOD - please vote - http://epod.usra.edu/blog/ Greg
  12. Another ISS pass

    Another 6-minute pass of the ISS last night (27/05/2018) at 10:27 p.m. where as you can see it is still pretty light - and not helped at all by a nearly full Moon Greg
  13. A freshly opened Poppy, and a very tiny solitary Bee - those flowers are 4mm across for scale. Greg
  14. I have an old Canon 5D MkII - the latest one in this range is the one to get Greg