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  1. Above Caph

    Caph is in the lower left. This is another 200mm lens image, 18 subs, 15-minutes per sub. Processing for this one by Noel Carboni who screwed the pants off it trying to bring out CTB1 which you can barely make out bang in the centre of the image. Greg
  2. Kemble's Cascade

    A reprocess of the Kemble's Cascade data sans spikes Greg
  3. Caph

    Cheers Ray - as you can see - it is right in the Milky Way Greg
  4. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    Holy Moly - just a single (short!!) sub - that is an amazing place to image Greg
  5. Caph

    The above Caph data combined with some earlier (2-frame) data. Greg
  6. Caph

    As I finished this imaging session it fogged right over - I was extremely lucky to only lose the last pair of subs!! One of my favourite areas, the Caph region of Cassiopeia with NGC7789 in the bottom right hand corner. 200mm lenses with Trius M26C OSC CCDs. 14 subs at 15-minutes per sub. Greg
  7. NGC7209

    I know it's very hard to harden up to back pain - had it a couple of times when I've done something stupid (easy to do stupid things to your back when you're 6 foot 2). My son is 6 foot 4 and I hope I have lectured him long and hard enough about looking after his back (although he did have a car hit him at the back at 50 mph which didn't do his neck much good ). Greg
  8. NGC7209

    Sorry to hear that Shane - what is the cause of the back trouble? My missus has back trouble but a trip to the chiro once a month manages to keep her on her feet. Greg
  9. NGC7209

    First "proper" image of the new season. Open Cluster NGC7209 in Lacerta. 3 x Sky 90 array with M26C OSC CCDs. 18 x 10-minute subs. Milky Way background. Greg
  10. UPS for obs

    Any questions you have like this in future Shane - just ask me on FB - it was pure luck I saw it on here Greg
  11. UPS for obs

    The main point of a UPS is not to keep your whole system going during a power cut - but only to let you close things down in an orderly fashion when the power goes off. So you don't put things like the dew straps and any heaters (dome rotators, aperture openers) or anything else on the UPS. So with a PC, 2 monitors and the mount (plus camera) as the only thing on the UPS, something around 1500W capability should be more than enough. Greg
  12. Got today's EPOD with a non-astro picture http://epod.usra.edu/blog/ Greg
  13. 110 hours and 38 minutes later out came a Sierpinski pyramid in Rigid.Ink black PLA, 162mm along a base edge and 0.2mm resolution. Greg
  14. Trifid Nebula

    That is already a belter - so when it's finished - WOW!!! Greg
  15. Another ISS pass and Summer sky

    I think it has something to do with the Moon being upside down at your place Greg