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  1. Just pack bubble wrap around the gap where the dome rotates so you don't dehumidy the surrounding neighbourhood. When it is hot with little water vapour in the air the dehumidifier is off anyway, so it is hardly on during the summer. Greg
  2. I run de-humidifiers in the observatories 24/7. Greg
  3. Orchid over the New Forest this morning. Greg
  4. Beauty

    Just been told by Chris Packham that it is what we call a Rosechafer Greg
  5. Just rescued this beauty from the greenhouse. Greg
  6. As I had the macro out for the Bee - I also took some flower pics. Greg
  7. Spotted this one bringing her prize back to the flowerpot this morning. Greg
  8. Pearl Cluster

    Nice work Shane Greg
  9. Yesterday's EPOD

    Got the EPOD yesterday: https://epod.usra.edu/blog/2020/05/m51-and-group.html Greg
  10. You've seen plenty of macros of our red poppies - but here's the first white one Greg
  11. So I just fired up the north dome computers after a long break and what happens? One of the Win10 computers decides it is going to access the HDD 100% of the time, right out of the blue. O.K. I sorted it by searching online, but WTAF are Microsoft playing at with this crap??? Greg
  12. Filter Config - Lazy Man's Guide

    Bite the bullet and open up the filter wheel Ray - and this time write down in your astro notebook the order of the filters so you won't have this issue again. Greg P.S. Obviously I have been through the same exercise
  13. Bloody Hell!! My worst nightmare. Sorry to hear that Ray Greg
  14. M51 from last night

    And here is double the data processed entirely in PhotoShop CC (2020). Greg
  15. Supernova

    It is a supernova in NGC4568. But it was dimming at this point Greg