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  1. I am looking into getting a new imaging camera and guide camera for the Hyperstar III/C11 to breath some new life into what is still a pretty amazing optical system. Will keep you informed of any developments. Greg
  2. I went onto some Ephemeris site for asteroids in the morning and downloaded the RA and DEC co-ordinates for the whole evening. At least they seem to have got their numbers right Greg
  3. Missing sub 11 was due to cloud Greg
  4. I also took images of the asteroid with the 200mm lenses. My processing however wasn't up to the job. Luckily I know someone who IS up to the job - Noel Carboni of Florida USA - and this is what he came back with Greg
  5. An improved annotated version Greg
  6. Cheers Ray - if only it was 50 Good luck on catching up. Somebody up there knew it was my Birthday and kept a clear patch over the New Forest Observatory when the rest of the UK was under cloud cover. As my brother used to say to me "Devil looks after his own" Greg
  7. I think B&W shots look more "scientific" Greg
  8. And here's a very quick and very nasty bolt together of all 9 x 5-minute subs with a 1-minute gap between each. I haven't even had a chance to look at the 200mm lens data yet Greg
  9. Got a pile of data on this from last night on a single Sky 90 and on the 2 x 200mm lenses. All 5-minute subs - but as today is my Birthday I won't have time to process all the data today So here, just to prove I really did image the asteroid and I'm not just making it up, is a single 5-minute sub (that's why it is so noisy) taken on the Sky 90. There was also continuous thin high cloud passing through which didn't help the noise much. But there was no Moon
  10. A nearly full Moon made it look like this 3-minute pass took place in daylight Greg
  11. That came out really well - the integration time paid off Greg
  12. Another nice long 6-minute ISS pass, this time with a little less cloud. Greg
  13. A 5-minute ISS pass tonight - and just like last night it was mostly clear as I was setting up and then clouded over as the ISS came over the horizon. Still got the little blighter though Greg
  14. It's called a Menger sponge Ray http://epod.usra.edu/blog/ Greg
  15. Spotted some unwanted visitors on their way to Regulus. You might find this published elsewhere tomorrow - but you saw it here first. Greg