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  1. Alcor & Mizar

    From last night, 21 x 10-minute subs on the Sky 90 array. Blazing half Moon causing trouble but imaged anyway as it was a beautiful clear night. Couldn't be bothered processing out the plane trail Greg
  2. quick n dirty ngc 1365

    That's coming along very nicely!!! Greg
  3. Gomeisa

    From 15/02/2018 here are 36 x 10-minute subs on the Sky 90 array of beautiful blue star Gomeisa (Beta Canis Majoris). The averaged data shows a nice bright asteroid near centre (not visible in this SDMask stacked image which is used to get rid of the hot pixels). Greg
  4. Bubble nebula from 09/02/2018

    The one next door to open cluster M52. Greg
  5. Bubble nebula from 09/02/2018

    Got 14 x 30-minute subs on the Bubble nebula region with the 200mm lenses last night. "Claws" is disappointingly faint and I think is a sign of my rapidly disintegrating sky conditions Greg
  6. It's a BIGGY!!!

    Well as the Menger sponge has an infinite surface area - the big party trick you can play with this is to put it into a bucket of water and watch how it empties the bucket!! Greg
  7. The data and resolution is all there! So if you zoom in electronically you will see individual cells. Greg
  8. Dark Lanes

    Uni astronomy people have confirmed that the dark lanes I see in dense star fields are due to non-emitting dust/gas clouds. Greg
  9. Cross-section, no idea what it's from. Greg
  10. Grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greg
  11. The Seeing and Meade FR on Celestron C14

    Only the 6.3 reducer is worth using Ray - the 3.3 is useless (coma). Greg
  12. I thought you only used hydroponics for growing Marijuana?? Greg
  13. 8 Flora

    Yes - it is 1210 Morosovia Greg
  14. 8 Flora

    On the night of the 18th Jan I managed to get 30 x 10-minute subs on asteroid 8 Flora. Also caught 1210 Morosovia lower right of Flora (unknown in the image). Greg