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  1. Latest 3D printed creation. 20 4th order Menger Sponges were stuck together to create this monster 5th order Menger Sponge 180mm on a side. 346 hours of printing and 1.25kg of filament went into this one. And no I am not going to print out another 19 of these to make a 6th order Menger Sponge 540mm on an edge Greg
  2. The Pier Expansion

    I was joking Ray - Invar costs a fortune Greg
  3. The Pier Expansion

    Make the pier out of Invar Greg
  4. The Impossible Image

    Yes - that too is a possible. I know one guy used a bit of bungee chord attached to the counterweights to make sure there was always a bit of resistance (in one direction) for the gears to work on. Greg
  5. The Impossible Image

    Ahh - just thought of another issue I worked all this stuff out about 10 years ago which is why I have forgotten it. You might actually be guiding on a star, but if you are close to the pole only RA adjustments are necessary, so if your guider is also doing DEC adjustments, it'll all go haywire. This is why I don't guide AT ALL when ever I am anywhere near the Pole - and keep the subs to 5-minutes or less. You could find (as I did) that the star drift is WORSE with guiding on than with it off completely. Greg
  6. The Impossible Image

    In fact I will go so far as to say there is nothing you can do about that. All you can do is get the best PA possible, and then take 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ... minute subs and see where things become unacceptable. Greg
  7. The Impossible Image

    Ahh - I didn't know the Tarantula was right on top of the SCP - that's completely different. You cannot guide at all when at the poles as you don't get any appreciable movement in the axes up to the 2 minute limit of Maxim DL (or possibly whatever guide package you use). So basically when at the pole you have no guidance. Now I even have this problem when imaging Polaris, so I turn off the guiding altogether and I am limited to 5 minute subs at 450mm FL with my polar alignment. So if you are at a much longer FL then it is no surprise that you have virtually no time before you see polar drift. Not sure there is anything you can do about that
  8. The Impossible Image

    OK - so I am guessing you have a separate guide scope that you are doing the drift measurements with? In which case you are probably not seeing drift in your image but differential flexure. If you DON'T have a separate guide scope but are using an OAG on the main imaging scope - then this makes no sense at all. Greg
  9. Red Sun

    The sky was incredible - very eerie and actually a bit scary. Looked like a scene out of Blade Runner. The birds were behaving like they do in a total eclipse. It was really weird. Greg
  10. Red Sun

    This is what the Sun looked like at mid-day today. Apparently Saharan dust and smoke from Iberian forest fires dragged up to us by hurricane Ophelia. Greg
  11. The Coma galaxy cluster

    Cheers guys. The Hyperstar image is my most ripped-off image as this is the galaxy cluster where Zwicky first worked out there must be dark matter. Greg
  12. Today's EPOD

    Cheers Ray Greg
  13. Please check out today's (10/10/2017) EPOD and vote http://epod.usra.edu/blog/ All the best, Greg
  14. Happy Birthday Eric

    Happy Birthday Eric Greg
  15. Half a Klein

    It's probably going to be a LONG project lasting several months. I think I might have a go at putting the Curta Calculator together Greg