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  1. Cheers Eric Greg P.S. At some point this will be an EPOD - you saw it here first!!!
  2. The missus brought these home for dinner. But as they are such a beautiful example of fractals in Nature they had to get macro'd first Here we have the wonderful Romanesco Broccoli. Greg
  3. Not my idea unfortunately - I am nowhere near bright enough for this sort of thing. This is all down to a Czech guy called Mojoptik Greg
  4. And here's the 3D print collection so far Greg
  5. And here's the Digital Sundial working for real out in the garden this morning. Compass to point North and protractor to set up latitude Greg
  6. Yes I see on the Thingiverse site that there is a box for "Order this printed". Looks like the way to go Greg
  7. I can't do these things to within most people's pockets Ray. BUT - you can find the thing on Thingiverse (Digital Sundial) and I think they also give sites which will commercially print these things out for you at very reasonable prices. If not you can look up sites that will print out 3D objects for you (bound to be some in Oz). If you do get one printed - make sure you choose the southern hemisphere version!! Greg
  8. Joke right? No such thing as a digital sundial, or is there? Just 3D printed out this little beauty. Shows 10:20 when it was actually 10:23 and shows mid-day when it was spot-on mid-day. Resolution of the sundial is 20-minutes with the printer at its highest resolution of 0.1mm. Greg
  9. Zoom-In - Original Hyperstar on a C11 with an H9C OSC CCD. Zoom-Out - Single frame Sky 90 array with M26C OSC CCDs. Greg
  10. Zoom-In - Original Hyperstar on a C11 with an H9C OSC CCD. Zoom-Out - Single frame Sky 90 with M25C OSC CCD plus H-alpha and SII narrowband data. Greg
  11. Zoom-In: Single frame original Hyperstar on a C11 with an H9C OSC CCD. Zoom-Out: 4-frame mosaic using the Sky 90 array and M26C OSC CCDs. Greg
  12. Zoom-In original Hyperstar on a C11 with an H9C OSC CCD. Zoom-Out Sky 90 with an M25C OSC CCD. Greg
  13. The Zoomed-Out with Altair, Tarazed and Talshain (?), really puts Barnard's "E" into perspective. The Zoomed-In shot shows how it sits in the Milky Way. Greg
  14. Zoom-In is original Hyperstar on C11 with an H9C OSC CCD. Zoom-Out is a single frame Sky 90 with an M26C OSC CCD. Greg
  15. Zoom In Sky 90 with M26C CCD Zoom Out Canon 200mm lens with Canon 5D MkII DSLR Greg