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  1. Star reduced California nebula

    Wow mate, that almost looks 3D. Great work! Ray
  2. StarXTerminator as a processing tool

    Love it Prof. I will be using this software in due course. Ray
  3. Star reduced Horsehead and Belt Stars of Orion

    Wow, that is some serious nebulosity! Ray
  4. Star reduced IC410/405

    Love your work Prof. Ray
  5. Star reduced Great Orion Nebula

    That's some serious nebulosity. Ray
  6. Star reduced Jellyfish nebula

    Great little target. Ray
  7. Star reduced Veil nebula

    Awesome Prof. Ray
  8. Processing DSS images

    Great floating dust lanes. So much detail, great work from the DSS data Prof. Ray
  9. Very cool, certainly works when I go cross eyed from a few feet away. Ray
  10. What does this mean Prof? Is this like a 3D image if wearing special glasses? Ray
  11. Russ Croman's Star XTerminator

    Geesuz! Ray
  12. Russ Croman's Star XTerminator

    That's quite impressive. Ray
  13. I'm jealous, I want one! Ray
  14. Some Recent Solar Work

    Astronomy is an expensive hobby. I'm glad I kind of reached a point where I had a decent mount, scope, solar scope and observatory. Took over a decade to acquire. And this hobby is certainly not for the faint hearted. The learning curve is steep and the costs are high. However that said, it has taught me so much and is well worth the experience. Ray
  15. The sun has been incredibly active over the last few months. And the weather on the surface has been incredibly energetic with various features. I took these through my Coronado SolasrMax90 on Sunday morning. I might have to make a gif at some stage, Sol is practically begging for it. Cheers Ray
  16. The 2012 transit of Venus

    Awesome Prof. Ray
  17. Fermi Paradox

    Another great point Prof. I think there is an automatic onboarding of some scientific concepts without rigorous scrutiny. I can't see how some of these ideas made it into mainstream thinking with so many holes in. Ray
  18. Fermi Paradox

    Aliens will be either millions to billions of years ahead of us or behind us. If they are behind us, they haven't invented radio or other technologies. If they are ahead of us, they are most likely using something we couldn't dream of yet (as opposed to the radio spectrum). The chances of an alien civilization being at the same or even close technological point as we are is infinitesimal. Also intelligence is genetic, and some people, just like some species have more brains than others. This also means that aliens could be hundreds of times more intelligent than us, meaning, they wouldn't blow themselves up or see a need to reach out to emerging species like ours. I agree with you that the Fermi Paradox is limited in thinking and scope. It assumes that aliens are like us, and use simplistic technologies. We already have technologies like quantum computing and quantum entanglement that can entangle particles, which, if the science permits, may interact with particles over vast distances without having to wait decades for a response. It is highly likely ET is using tech like that, than the radio spectrum. Radio signals through space also suffer from scatter and red-shifting as they travel long distances. I don't see the Fermi Paradox as a strong abstract, so I am glad you are pulling it to pieces. Even the Drake Equation is limited in scope and unworkable (not sure how that got so much traction to be honest). I agree with you that the Fermi Paradox is flawed in multiple ways. Ray
  19. I love the fact you are dissecting stuff Jeff, I mean, Mr Dahmer, woops, what I meant was, Professor Parker Just jokes Prof. Do you have a micro slicer? Or are you purchasing these samples? Ray
  20. Chasing Saturn

    That last image is very cool mate. What you have done is awesome. Ray
  21. Last Jupes for this season

    Great moon catch Tim. I'm going to try Jupiter this Friday night. First planetary work in a couple of years. Really looking forward to it. Ray
  22. Synchronicity

    That is nuts! Love it! Ray
  23. EPOD

    Lovely work as always Prof. Ray