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  1. Pelican

    Certainly can be imaged from Perth. Here is a film image from around 2006. http://www.thecosmicartgallery.com/NorthAmerican.php Ray
  2. Got today's EPOD

    Great shot Professor. Ray
  3. I think I'll have a crack at these tonight. Three good targets, and yeah, if you have smoke or bad seeing, all bets are off. Ray
  4. Pelican

    Awesome Prof. That neb extends so far out of frame as well. That is an object that I can shoot on my northern horizon, I need to be elevated though. The Pelican is as far north as I can shoot. Ray
  5. From Gamma Cass to Schedar

    They sure are. However I'm pretty spoilt with the Southern Hemisphere. I'll never run out of objects, however I have serious light pollution here. My next home will be out woop woop. Ray
  6. Deeper Gamma Cass

    Even better! Ray
  7. From Gamma Cass to Schedar

    I'd love to put my C14 @ prime on those nebs Greg. Love your work buddy. Ray
  8. Ruchbah region

    Good to see you Professor. Great shot. Just starting to warm up here, hopefully get some nice starfields like yours soon. Ray
  9. lol, the joys of astrophotography. Nice shot mate. We missed it down here. Ray
  10. At least you are getting some photons mate. What planteary camera are you using? Ray
  11. Wow mate, how cool. You obviously control it from elsewhere. Ray
  12. Obs refurbish/repair

    Looking aweosme mate. Well done. Ray
  13. I took this a few months ago, but I need to add luminance to it. The weather hasn't been cooperating on my nights off. First image in a while, but figured I should post it to prove I am still alive. The image is grainy and needs star reduction and a few other things done to it, but it is headed in the right direction. Ray
  14. Moon

    That's a great idea. Ray
  15. I hadn't thought about that. Last thing I want is to evaporate my neighbour pool. Okay, I'll have to give this some serious thought. Ray
  16. Just got my observatory PC out of the computer repair shop again, new motherboard, new processor, power supply, tower, etc. Computer guy showed me traces of moisture that had wreaked havoc on my previous PC for years. How do others here keep there computers, laptops, PC or other configs immune from dew / moisture / frost / dampness / etc. It is easy to ensure things don't get moist damaged when you are using them, but for PC's inside observatories permanently, there are challenges. I am thinking something like a dew heater on a thermostat that kicks in once it gets to eight degrees or similar could word. Desiccant would not really work because of the air flow that must happen for a PC tower pulling air in from outside the tower. Otherwise spraying the motherboard (front and back) with a lacquer to waterproof it could also work (but this could interfere with plugs etc). The challenge is certainly not beyond me, but I imagine others in colder climates must have already pioneered various paths. Please share. Regards Ray
  17. Moon

    lol, creature of comfrot I see. Good shot guru. Ray
  18. Nice work mate. No Neowise down here yet. Ray
  19. Greg even though I have sealed the motherboard and cards with circuit board lacquer, I am still thinking about doing something. Most of the year it is quite dry. Only three months a year I need to worry about. I found an easy to use thermostat that outputs twelve volts once a temperature (I set) is reach. This thermostat can also come with a moisture detector to detect dew. So I was thinking of using something like a simple dew heater or nichrome wire that kicks in once conditions near the PC become dangerous. It would be a pretty simple project and the PC I recently had built is 6 core and is the fastest thing I've ever seen, so I really want to look after it. I think this project would be worth the small amount of time and money. I'll checkout the dehumidifier option, could be even easier. Ray
  20. I found a product called circuit board lacquer. Also called circuit board varnish or clear coat. Dries super fast, does not conduct electricity. For anyone considering this, make sure not to spray it inside any open plugs for obvious reasons. Keep away from fans as well. Moisture proof your observatory electronics people. Ray
  21. Beauty

    Beautiful colours on it either way. Ray
  22. New filter

    I think you will love NB mate. Its quite a craft. Over the last new moon, I managed to get a few hours on The Swan in Ha. Bad weather since, but the first clear night I get I'll get the SII and OIII data. However the monochrome Ha data is great to look already. I really enjoy NB. Ray
  23. Leafcutter Bee

    Great timing mate. Ray
  24. Yesterday's EPOD

    Well done Prof. Ray
  25. White one

    Wow Prof, that is quite incredible. Ray