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  1. A night under the arches

    Stunning stunning work my friend. Are you defocusing it at 27 seconds? And again at 120 seconds? Looks epic Gordon. And where is the C14 these days? Ray
  2. T7 Astronomical Camera

    Geesuz Dave, that's actually quite good. I'd like to know what processing they did. Ray
  3. Greetings

    Thanks mate. I was on a boat (not my boat unfortunately) and then in Sydney for the last week. Ray
  4. Flaming Star

    Wow, Noel pulled some good stuff out of your data mate. Beautiful shot. I believe you have some seriously cold skies there at the moment. Ray
  5. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    Awesome mate. And showing your age. Ray
  6. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    Crazy. Got any pictures of those or the rigs back then? Would have been vastly different times and technology. Ray
  7. I knew someone was responsible, at least you are honest about it. That crazy that you can purchase that camera like that and its giving you similar readouts as the ZWO. I wonder how the images will look? I would consider purchasing one of those if it fits the bill. Keep me posted of your results please. Good news my friend. You are a tough bugger. Onwards and upwards. Ray
  8. Holy moly! Most people only know what a prime number is from watching Contact. Ray
  9. How is this Perth weather Dave? Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. I have never seen summers so clouded out. Ray
  10. Orion Nebula

    Still pulling good data from the light pollution. It must be frustrating being so washed out in Pasadena. Ray
  11. Rosette nebula

    Nice job Tony. Amazing what sits behind that light pollution. Ray
  12. playing with PixInsight

    Cheers Shano. I am hoping tonight will be clear for some imaging. I've had back luck with the weather on nights where I was free to image. I bought Warren Keller's 400 page manual a few years back when I first bought PI, I read it with great interest, practised the techniques and discovered PI. But the way the PI platform is designed means that if you are not using it all the time (like me), you will forget all your hard efforts of studying it. I find PI is not intuitive, there are too many back doors or hidden techniques. For example, their functions for noise reduction are mostly not named noise reduction but other fancy mathematical names. I constantly found myself having to try and remember stuff that should have been straight forward. The software is incredibly powerful, but from a commercial resale perspective, they have made some massive mistakes by not making it as simple as possible to use. I get very limited time at the moment, I need straight in and out software solutions, but (for example) I found very simple processes like stacking three master files of different sizes would become headache material; I then bought a software program called registar and without even looking at an instruction manual stacked my images within 60 seconds of opening the program for the first time (this is how software should be designed IMHO). I do love PI though and it certainly has its place in my processing regime. I've highlighted all pertinent information in Warren Keller's book so I can get it quickly when using PI, I found that has helped me streamline the process of using PI. Hopefully I can break in the new year with some astroimaging. Ray
  13. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    Marble Bar was 49 degrees. Its crazy. If it is clear over the next few nights, I've actually got time for the observatory. Fingers crossed. Ray
  14. NGC 1466

    Welcome to my world (sky). That's an old cluster my friend. Not an easy nut to crack under a bright moon. Ray
  15. Good news on diagnosis my friend. Have a great Xmas. Ray
  16. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    Hi Dave, Yes, we went down to the coast to see this and the geminids, and of course, cloud rolls in. Annoying considering the time of year. Regards Ray
  17. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    Very nice mate. Good little comet that. Looked like a faint fuzzy patch in my binoculars. Ray
  18. Ioptron mounts

    I am looking at the Vixen Polarie or the iOptron Sky Tracker. I really need a digital camera before Christmas. Regards Ray
  19. A night at Fewston Reservoir

    Time lapse star trails, interesting effect. Ray
  20. M45 superdeep

    Who said there was no hydrogen left? Lovely deep work my friend. Ray
  21. Ioptron mounts

    Endorse away buddy. If something is well built and good value for money, then share it around I say. Its handy to know because I'll be in the market mid next year for a portable mount or a wide field tracker to place a DSLR on. Ray
  22. Virgo/Coma galaxy supercluster

    Impressive photo Prof. Ray
  23. western veil

    lol, geesuz Tony! That is crazy. Can you believe how much energy is wasted by light going straight up. Anyway what about an East / West Veil mosaic? Ray
  24. Alpha & Beta Canis Minoris

    Nice work Prof. Ray
  25. western veil

    Its amazing with that light pollution you can capture those filaments. Nice work mate. Incidentally, what are your LP levels there? Ray