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  1. Crikey..!!!

    Shame about Kangaroo Island. Zoom in on this map of NSW https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/fires-near-me Satellite time lapse here - https://fbwat.ch/1WIJXFNdwlWpitsp Unbelievable stuff happening. Ray
  2. Crikey..!!!

    Daryl I heard it was getting up to 45 and 46 in S.A and got to 48.9 in Gippsland earlier today. Just crazy. Ray
  3. Crikey..!!!

    I had a PM from a member on Ancestry. At first I thought it was some type of scam, but there was a DNA alert flashing on my account saying something like "father, exact match" or something similar. So it was pretty cool. We made contact and sure enough, a whole new family. Crazy. Ray
  4. Yeah its crazy, new moon and hazy cloud everywhere. Just when I had some time to shoot. Ray
  5. Almost complete. Just tweaks and finishing touches remain to be done. Ray
  6. Same to you Dave. Love the photo mate. Hopefully you'll take a couple of the hatchling. Ray
  7. Crikey..!!!

    Greg my sister lives in East Sussex (Preston). I only found out I had a sister about 18 months ago thanks to an ancestry test. Ray
  8. Crikey..!!!

    I'm blown away by those images. I stared at them for ages taking that data in. I didn't much time this year to shoot the stars or planets. I'm back into it now though. Just finished overhauling the observatory and about to service my AP1600's gear boxes (just greasing them really). Then I'll be back in business. And yes, C14 is a great scope. I love mine, I'm shooting DSO's @ prime with it. Gets right up close and personal. Few issues with mirror flop etc, but nothing that cannot be overcome with some critical thinking. Merry Xmas to you to buddy. Ray
  9. Ribblehead Viaduct Nightscapes

    We have to rashon them out these days mate. Ray
  10. Crikey..!!!

    Geesuz mate! Some crazy intricate detail captured there. Well done. What scope if that through? And happy Xmas to you to buddy. Ray
  11. New door, just waiting on some garnish for it.
  12. The night of Mercury's transit

    No Geminids out our way mate. Maybe the moon washed them out. I have pretty bad light pollution where I am as well. However my neighbours are perfect, they are all aligned and keep their lights off for me (at the expense of a red wine and box of chocolates around Xmas and Easter). Ray
  13. Ribblehead Viaduct Nightscapes

    Beautiful mate. Ray
  14. Some text on the outside. Some other minor tweaks coming. Far cry from where it was. Finally back in there at nights as well. I've almost finished a tarantula (which has taken about twelve months). Ray
  15. It's made by james hardie, outdoor cladding sheets. Its a slightly flexible thin board, about 7mm. It's quite handy. I've painted it white, still have a few tweaks to do, but its certainly looking more like an observatory now. I still need to trim the fibreglass and replace door. No longer an eyesore though. Ray