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  1. Leo Trio

    Wow, that a quasar? That's incredible. I figured it was another faint galaxy. Ray
  2. 90mm SW Refractor on order.

    Awesome Dave. Yeah I remember mine, it really was a fantiastic little scope. I was amazing at how much of a punch they packed (that's the only way I can exmplain it). I used my Mak as a Guidescope for a few years whilst I was still shooting film. I still have a ton of kodak elite chrome 200 in the freezer for a rainy day. Ray
  3. Maksutov Scopes

    500 metres, impressive. Imagine what people who live in high rise apartments look at. Ray
  4. Leo Trio

    Stunning work mate. Ray
  5. 90mm SW Refractor on order.

    Very nice Dave. I had a Skywatcher Maksutov once, was a great little scope, they pack a punch. Ray
  6. M101 in perspective

    Beautiful little target mate. That would look great through my C14 as well. Ray
  7. NGC 7822

    Epic mate. I'm a bit jealous. My PC in the obs died a few weeks back, and I have missed some great skies. Ray
  8. A decade of astrophotography

    Holy moly! That was amazing Gordon. Some great work there my friend. Ray
  9. satellites

    lol, plenty more of those to come mate. Are they trackable on via software? Ray
  10. All is good on my end. However we had a powercut about a month ago and that killed my motherboard in my observatory computer. So annoying. I imagine it is the motherboard because I cannot get video from either the motherboard or video card. I run four monitors in my observatory. I had just finished revamping the observatory as well. So I have missed some clear nights. I am time poor at the moment, so getting the PC fixed was one of the last things I thought I would have to do. I'll have to get some computer guy out I think. Ray
  11. How is everything going my mate? Ray
  12. NGC 3201

    Your collection on FB speaks volumes mate. You are doing great work. This glob is awesome, and globs come with their own set of challenges. Ray
  13. Yes, agree totally agree. I've completely rebuilt the outside of my observatory, and I'm almost finished shooting the tarantula (keeping in mind I haven't produced anything for some time), we had a powercut and my video card dies (this was about two weeks ago). Annoying to say the least. I have four monitors hooked up to it as well. Ray
  14. Dark Matter

    Prof I will PM you. Ray
  15. Crikey..!!!

    Shame about Kangaroo Island. Zoom in on this map of NSW https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/fires-near-me Satellite time lapse here - https://fbwat.ch/1WIJXFNdwlWpitsp Unbelievable stuff happening. Ray