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  1. Some text on the outside. Some other minor tweaks coming. Far cry from where it was. Finally back in there at nights as well. I've almost finished a tarantula (which has taken about twelve months). Ray
  2. It's made by james hardie, outdoor cladding sheets. Its a slightly flexible thin board, about 7mm. It's quite handy. I've painted it white, still have a few tweaks to do, but its certainly looking more like an observatory now. I still need to trim the fibreglass and replace door. No longer an eyesore though. Ray
  3. The night of Mercury's transit

    Lucky you are handy though Dave, you can most likely fix it. But a pain either way. Ray
  4. Observatory is looking old and haggard. So spent all Sunday pulling the wood off the observatory. The job was bigger than I expected as everything was nailed in. I was expecting three hours, it was more like 9 hours. Paint and touch ups coming. Ray
  5. The night of Mercury's transit

    Holy crap! It was a 104f here on Saturday. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Ray
  6. Pier number deux!

    Very nice mate. Looks like you have some half decent skies with those big blocks as well. Can't wait to see the obs. rayu
  7. Whole Transit of Mercury

    lol, they are aren't they. How things Greg? Good to see you. Ray
  8. Nothing to see here

    Tim! What's been going on my mate? Good to see you are still on the optics. I missed this transit, just got back from overseas (last night). So you had some cloud, but at least you got a half decent gif. What type of solar filter are you using these days? Ray
  9. Love the fireworks. Ray

    Cat Alzheimers? Poor thing. It is bad enough for a human that knows what is happening to them, let alone a poor cat waking up and not having a clue where it is or who it is. Shame. These types of diseases (side effects of aging) are beginning to be prevented, but certainly not cured once they take hold. Ray

    She sounds very spoilt mate. I suppose she sleeps on your bed? Ray

    Not sure how that cat doesn't have more grey hair. Its doing well for a 17 year old. Ray
  13. image licencing

    Great to see your images being used mate. We wanna see the gaming mats once they are finished. I think they will look super cool. Ray
  14. M20 RGB 2 pane Mosaic

    No mate, I'll watch some videos on youtube and possibly download the demo. Thanks for the tip. Ray