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  1. Back at the planetary

    That is so cool, how they are getting sharper. Those last two deliver nicely. Give me image capture software, and image processing. I was doing some solar work last week, using Registax. But seeing as Jupe and Saturn are returning, I might have to dust off my planetary camera. Ray
  2. Beautiful little critters Greg. Not sure if it is the angle, but that bee's wing (in the second bee photo) has seen better days. The orange butterfly appears to have fur as well. Nice work. Ray
  3. Canis Minor

    Incredible amount of nuclear furnaces out there. Awesome photo Greg. Ray
  4. M33

    Wow, very jealous. Looks amazing Prof. Ray
  5. V1331

    Tim very interesting. My C14 would be able to zoom right in on that. Cygnus unfortunately is a tad low for me. I did shoot it once, but I drove out to the bush, and then up onto a monolith called Kokerbin Rock, which gave me super views of the Northern horizon. Ray
  6. V1331

    Very cool. Circumstellar disc (a mostly depleted accretion disc,,,posssibly). Ray
  7. Great Image Opportunity

    We all know that feeling. Winter is in full swing out West at the moment, but I'm hopeful for the next new moon. Fingers crossed. Ray
  8. Vixen Optics is shutting down

    Thanks for letting us know. Ray
  9. Great Image Opportunity

    Dammit, I missed this post Ken. Would have been awesome. Did you get any shots? Ray
  10. Removing Noise

    Thanks Prof. This is why I thought I'd ask, because its been a few years since I've done any research on noise removal and figured that there might be a new standard. If both you and Ken are both doing it, then it is most likely quite effective (and the results also speak for themselves). Ray
  11. Removing Noise

    Thanks Ken, I'll check that out. Ray
  12. I haven't been spending as much time as I should in my dome lately due to work and study commitments, but I certainly intend to soon as winter targets once again start to pop into view. I note that some of my latest work needs better noise reduction and being out the loop sometimes, I am wondering what software or techniques others here use for noise reduction? I used to use a program called Noise Ninja in PS, and it worked a charm, but the plugin stopped working with a PS update. In fact, why don't I whine a bit more by posting an image I feel is noisy. Feel free to experiment or recommend software- Tarantula by Raymond Palmer 50 Percent.tif Thanks and look forward to the feedback. Ray
  13. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol, i thought you may have had software that showed it was a galaxy behind his galaxy or something (and not a jet). Okay, now I understand. Woops! Ray
  14. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Ken, I imagine when Greg has made the background completely black (like in the expanded view), the jet becomes visible, but with the lighter background it is not, too faint. That's my thinking, but may be wrong. Ray
  15. Street Lights For and Against

    Ouch. Unfortunately most leaders are completely scientifically illiterate. The universe is governed by the laws of science, certainly not gods or prophets from the stone age, iron age or bronze age. I guarantee most leaders can recite paragraphs from religious texts from 1000's of years ago, but would struggle to quote most well known scientific principles. Ouch again. Ray