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  1. Ioptron mounts

    Endorse away buddy. If something is well built and good value for money, then share it around I say. Its handy to know because I'll be in the market mid next year for a portable mount or a wide field tracker to place a DSLR on. Ray
  2. Virgo/Coma galaxy supercluster

    Impressive photo Prof. Ray
  3. western veil

    lol, geesuz Tony! That is crazy. Can you believe how much energy is wasted by light going straight up. Anyway what about an East / West Veil mosaic? Ray
  4. Alpha & Beta Canis Minoris

    Nice work Prof. Ray
  5. western veil

    Its amazing with that light pollution you can capture those filaments. Nice work mate. Incidentally, what are your LP levels there? Ray
  6. Eastern Veil

    That looks awesome mate. Have you opened up the starlight express? Those types of plugs may come with fusable resistors which pop if connected to power. Worth opening up and having a fiddle if you are handy with some electronics. Sometimes it is just a visual inspection to locate a burnt out component. Ray
  7. Eastern Veil

    I know this feeling. When I bought my C14 my Losmandy G11 couldn't guide. Took a year or two improving the gear boxes, motors, etc, until I finally took the plunge (a big plunge) and picked up an AP1600GTO. A good mount makes imaging enjoyable. Ray
  8. SAO76540

    Geezuz! I'm not sweeping that up. Great capture of dark neb, which is actually quite a hard thing to resolve. Nice work Prof. Ray
  9. Great video and the location looked very cool (Brimham Rocks). Ray
  10. Eastern Veil

    Nice colour and filaments Tony. Are the fires anywhere near you? Ray
  11. Definitive M31

    Epic mate. I almost got some photons tonight but just as I was doing my PA cloud rolled in. At least one of us is getting some telescope time. Ray
  12. M31 in perspective

    Very nice mate. Ray
  13. M31 with the Sky 90 array

    Not fair, jealous, envious, quite upset. All I have is lingering altostratus this week. Some spatterings of blue sky but mostly wispy high altitude cloud. Now that I have vented about my problems, I'll exercise some self control and move on. Great data for such a short run Prof. Awesome little rig you have there. However it looks upside down from Perth, Australia. Can you flip it? My necks hurting. Ray
  14. M31

    Incredible Prof. Well done. Ray
  15. M31

    Epic effort Prof. Man that focus must have been sharp for the detail in those dust lanes. How often do you need to refocus? Ray