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  1. obs out of action

    My observatory is always delivering surprises this like. Mostly it behaves itself, but yeah, the temperature drops and moisture outside can wreak havoc on certain facets. I keep tools in the observatory now for instant repair work. This sport of AP teaches you a lot, especially patience. Ray
  2. My New Toys.

    Very nice mate. Hopefully you'll get some good action from this unit. We have some sun here today, I might open up the observatory and spy on the sun. Ray
  3. My New Toys.

    I agree, I have never seen a white one before. Looks awesome. Dave that is a nice little camera rig you have there. Got any moon or Jupiter shots from it yet? Ray
  4. Voyager

    Awesome mate. When I get back there I will definitely pop in. It is always dangerous for me to visit telescope shops. Ray
  5. NGC 5128

    Wow, excellent work mate. Great image scale and tack sharp tracking. Ray
  6. Voyager

    No mate, all business unfortunately. I will be back there in about 5 weeks I imagine. I'll definitely check if there is an astro shop. To be honest I completely forgot (11 meetings three days). Ray
  7. Voyager

    Sorry, been in Hong Kong mate. That is epic. I'm glad you are getting the buzz out of it. That's how AP is supposed to be. Ray
  8. Voyager

    Noted my friend, you've sold me. I might have to try it out, I'm still using Maxim DL from 2012. Sometimes I don't have the headspace to take on new software. Ray
  9. pulled the trigger

    Mate I did manage to get some solar observing done last Sunday whilst we had a quick bit of blue sky, but the clear sky did not hang around for long. And as luck would have it, I woke up extra early the other day and then remembered we had a lunar eclipse on, so walked outside and got an eye full before the cold morning walked me back inside. The weather is quite nasty at the moment., that's for sure. Ray
  10. New home for the old girl

    Very nice mate. I so need a terrestrial digital camera for AP. I still have over 20 rolls of kodak elite chrome 200 and three film bodies, which I will certainly use. when I upgraded my mount from a Losmandy G11 to an AP, the new owner of the G11 also loved it, as I did when I first bought it. AP is a journey of technical, scientific and cosmic knowledge. It is an incredibly rewarding and sophisticated pastime. Ray
  11. pulled the trigger

    Wow mate, that's good news. That's how equipment is supposed to make us feel. Test shot is awesome. Can't wait to see how your first serious imaging run goes. Are you only using voyager for image acquisition? If so, what were you using and is voyager better? Ray
  12. pulled the trigger

  13. pulled the trigger

  14. pulled the trigger

    Looks great mate. Can't wait to see how the first imaging run goes. Ray
  15. pulled the trigger

    Interesting. Hopefully it is all setup though and ready to roll once the weather permits. We've had poor weather down here for the last 6 weeks. Let me know how that software goes. Ray