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  1. Pelican

    Certainly can be imaged from Perth. Here is a film image from around 2006. http://www.thecosmicartgallery.com/NorthAmerican.php Ray
  2. Got today's EPOD

    Great shot Professor. Ray
  3. I think I'll have a crack at these tonight. Three good targets, and yeah, if you have smoke or bad seeing, all bets are off. Ray
  4. Pelican

    Awesome Prof. That neb extends so far out of frame as well. That is an object that I can shoot on my northern horizon, I need to be elevated though. The Pelican is as far north as I can shoot. Ray
  5. From Gamma Cass to Schedar

    They sure are. However I'm pretty spoilt with the Southern Hemisphere. I'll never run out of objects, however I have serious light pollution here. My next home will be out woop woop. Ray
  6. Deeper Gamma Cass

    Even better! Ray
  7. From Gamma Cass to Schedar

    I'd love to put my C14 @ prime on those nebs Greg. Love your work buddy. Ray
  8. Ruchbah region

    Good to see you Professor. Great shot. Just starting to warm up here, hopefully get some nice starfields like yours soon. Ray
  9. lol, the joys of astrophotography. Nice shot mate. We missed it down here. Ray
  10. At least you are getting some photons mate. What planteary camera are you using? Ray
  11. Wow mate, how cool. You obviously control it from elsewhere. Ray
  12. Obs refurbish/repair

    Looking aweosme mate. Well done. Ray
  13. I took this a few months ago, but I need to add luminance to it. The weather hasn't been cooperating on my nights off. First image in a while, but figured I should post it to prove I am still alive. The image is grainy and needs star reduction and a few other things done to it, but it is headed in the right direction. Ray
  14. Moon

    That's a great idea. Ray
  15. I hadn't thought about that. Last thing I want is to evaporate my neighbour pool. Okay, I'll have to give this some serious thought. Ray