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  1. Solargraph - the image

    That's incredible Prof! Ray
  2. The Eye of the Bull

    I love that ring around it Prof. Ray
  3. The Eye of the Bull

    Your optics are fantastically aligned. But would we expect anything else from you? Beautiful capture of an awesome looking star. Ray
  4. Mighty Merak in Ursa Major

    Awesome Prof. Nice little galaxy lower left, and is that a planetary nebula even lower left? Ray
  5. Heart nebula

    Wow! Some great detail in that. I'd love to get my C14 onto some of those pillars! Great work as always Prof. Ray
  6. M45 - the whole damn lot!!

    Wow, awesome progression. Ray
  7. NGC6914

    Will you please save some ionized hydrogen and stars for me! Beautiful real estate Prof! Well done as always! Ray
  8. Amazing pics. Interesting garden you have there. Ray
  9. SN2022hrs

    I only saw this on my phone earlier, but seeing it on a larger PC screen, what a whopper SN that is. Ray
  10. Omega Centauri.jpg

    Good core resolution!
  11. Markarian's Chain

    No one purchase anything new! Ray
  12. Markarian's Chain

    Noel has some good skills Prof. That's for sure. Only when I did a deep comparison I could see the subtle differences. Ray
  13. Wow, incredible effect with that fisheye lens. Almost made me think it was high up on a drone. Ray
  14. Markarian's Chain

    Pretty incredible photos when you see those galaxies lined up like that. Well done Prof. Ray