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  1. The NGC6914 region in Cygnus

    Wow, stunning mate. Incredible how much hydrogen is still up there. Ray
  2. Sorry to hear that buddy. Each as much cruciferous as possible to slow it down. Ray
  3. Cactus Flowers

    Great lens you have there. Ray
  4. The IC2087 region in Taurus

    Geesuz, you lucky bugger! Great shot Prof. Ray
  5. Another ISS pass

    Yeah you have to pull that one out Dave. Ray
  6. More macro work

    Beautiful work Prof. Ray
  7. Another ISS pass

    Awesome mate. Always enjoyable watching that fly through the sky. Ray
  8. What camera do you use for this mate? And checkout the flies messing with death and landing on the spider and bee. Its almost like the spider is mistaken for a flower or something. Ray
  9. Mandelbulb Pair

    Unbelievable. It is almost like when 3D printers were invented, someone said "lets make the most difficult intricate objects ever conceived". Amazing work mate. Ray
  10. ISS pass

    Stunning mate. I haven't seen it for ages. I'll buy a DSLR next I think. I miss doing this type of stuff. Ray
  11. M83

    So does your focuser analyse via software the sharpness of stars on each sub that comes in and adjust automatically for it? Ray
  12. M83

    That's a weird problem mate. Must be a setting in the calibration run. Your tracking and focus looks good. Ray
  13. Spring clean

    Awesome mate. My obs needs a clean I think. I'm going to remove the wooden outside walls and put some type of white cladding / sheeting around it instead (its starting to get weathered). Ray
  14. My Bat Cave

    Lots of lovely man toys to play with in there mate. Good to see you have some exercise equipment as well. Is that the 3d printer lower right corner of second photo? If so I thought it would have been bigger. Ray
  15. Auto focusser

    Awesome mate, I bet you can't wait to use it. Ray