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  1. Orion Nebula in 3D

    That was actually pretty impressive Dave. Ray
  2. M87 region from last night

    Still a great shot mate. You may need to focus on lower wavelengths for the jets. Ray
  3. M100 region from last night

    Lovely catch mate. Ray
  4. Auto focusser

    Wow mate, 3D printing brackets? How good is this getting. Let us know how it goes. Ray
  5. Prism 10

    Thanks mate, I'll check it out. It is a planetarium program I take it? I'm still not entirely convinced with TheSkyX Pro. Some of the features feel like they should be one click options, but you have to go into menu's, create paths or objects. I've used software where all that fluff was one right click away (other than those few types of minor gripes, TheSkyX is okay). Ray
  6. G'day Chip, Please PM me your details (phone and email). Ray
  7. Auto focusser

    Yeah ditto mate. Please give us a review on how it performs. At 4000mm, keeping focus throughout the night is my biggest challenge. Ray
  8. Auto focusser

    Awesome mate. Makes a huge difference IMO. I don't have a stepper that can be pulled back to any particular position, it just goes forwards and back via hand controller or computer, but I couldn't do AP without it really. Ray
  9. Its almost like a runaway greenhouse effect. The more people, the more deforestation and land clearing for crops to not feed humans, but feed animals so we can eat meat. More humans, more energy and greenhouse gases, less trees, means less carbon removed from the air, etc, etc. I will agree that things cannot continue into the distant future like this. Population control will have to come at some point. Its a can of worms really. Do you have Netflix? Watch Cowspiracy, great doco. Ray
  10. IC2944 Palmers Cosmic Clumps

    Thanks Tony, I need some luminance for it. I'll grab it over the next new moon. Ray
  11. lol, Marcus certainly blew in over Perth but was much ado about nothing thankfully. I've been doing some work in the back garden, so the cloud cover has been great for keeping me cool and safe from UV. Is it feasible for low lying countries to build sea walls to keep out rising oceans? Or would the water table underground put that option to rest? Remember China built a wall thousands of years ago for thousands of miles with no machinery. If countries know about rising sea levels, why don't they prep for it? Ray
  12. It's snowing!!

    Same in Perth. Summers start later and finish later. Today was 38 celsius which is at the upper end for this time of year. Humidity is 74%. Your telescope will dew up from humidity, not dew. Lucky its cloudy (which is also extremely rare for this time of year). Ray
  13. It's snowing!!

    Hey Greg it is spring there I imagine. Are you finding the winters and summers are starting later? That is what I think we are seeing in Australia. Ray
  14. NGC 1365

    Thanks for the link. I'm very near the blue circle, which means I'm in the pink. You are in the green. I just need to move a couple of suburbs away for darker skies. Ray
  15. Film and slide conversion

    I've got a similar one sitting in my cupboard mate. They were very handy to digitize film with. I had a Nikon one and it would scan my slides into super high resolution digital which allowed me to print very large posters and put them up through the house (much to my wife's disgust). Ray