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  1. How annoying. Even more annoying over the new moon. If you need help let me know (I'm handy with electronics). Ray
  2. I've noticed that there are a couple of dust motes that are not going away after flat fielding. I've retaken my flats as well. The motes come up in the same place no matter what filter I'm using telling me it is not the filters that hold the dust. Any ideas what would cause dust motes like this? Ultimately I'll just clean everything before my next imaging run but it would be good to know what type of dust particles can out smart flat frames. Regards Ray
  3. Apart from the noise through there its looking pretty good mate. Ray
  4. Beautiful wispy detail Greg. Incredible how much stuff lurks in the interstellar medium. Ray
  5. lol, fair enough. I found stick welding annoyingly hard to learn, but mig welding easy. I can machine stuff but never learned how to do threads. I have a mate higher up the food chain for that. He also thinks that the astronomy thing is cool and is happy to help when I bring him all my bits and pieces. I think he likes hearing about it. Ray
  6. Beautiful work Prof. Ray
  7. There is much more dust filaments and bok globule type structure in the PI renditions. Ray
  8. At least the bad weather is during the full moon Dave. But yeah, shocking weather for February. Can't believe it. If that tropical storm up North heads down our way I'll be hopping in the car and chasing it for an hour or two, should be some good photo ops. Mount mod is looking good. Well done. Ray
  9. And don't say to hunt prime numbers.
  10. Awesome computer. But what is the purpose of prime number hunting software? Ray
  11. I'll get both of these. I get windows of ten minutes here, 15 minutes there to process. Wish I had a week off to absorb it all at once. I believe that getting very literate with the processing is one of the final major hurdles. Ray
  12. Omega Centauri at 4000mm FL. Only 140 minutes spread through RGB eveningly. Processing in PI, PS and Maxim DL. I'm over coming my pier / lifting column flexure issues which is beginning to give me nice point like stars. I'm also using CCD Inspector during capture to monitor focus which is also keeping things tack sharp. Getting there, hopefully (still a long way to go). Background sky around the edges could do with some darkening. I need to read some tuts on PI for the best way to do this. C & C's welcome Ray
  13. I tried removing it with HLVG to no avail. I haven't tried using SCNR yet. I'm using the default settings on DBE. I think it could have been coming from the combine method. I'll have another attempt with different stacking options in Maxim and see what happens. Ray
  14. Just 2.5 hours of RGB. A quick and nasty process in PI (background extraction, histogram transformation, etc). I don't think my flats are working as well as they should. I'm seeing two round hues of green in some of my latest work. I've tried taking new flats to no avail. This image also suffers from the rings of greenish hue. Its hard to see, it circles the neb. Top left corner you can clearly see it. C & C's welcome as always. Ray
  15. Very interested to hear how this script goes for you mate. And jump in the deep end with the mount. You won't be sorry. Ray