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  1. Yeah they 'were' amazing Darryl, until GoDaddy moved my database and lost them. What scope are you using for those? And you would have to have some incredibly stable skies, so I take it you travelled for these? That's amazing buddy. Ray
  2. Wow mate. I saw an incredible documentary which had a high focus on diabetes and how the food industry lies to us to make money. Its called "What the Health". http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com/ A great watch at the very least. Ray
  3. Nothing serious I hope mate. Time flies buddy. I have a 7 and 9 year old now. Love kids, would be awesome to have more but I doubt it. Look forward to seeing your images. Ray
  4. No one can forget Kokatha man. Hope you are well buddy. Ray
  5. Cheers mate. I'll check it out. Ray
  6. I want one please! How much? Ray
  7. Epic mate. Ray
  8. Pretty awesome mate. Ray
  9. Beautiful rendition Greg. Ray
  10. A very clever solution Eric. I wouldn't have thought of that front counter weight like that. Ray
  11. Awesome mate. Great cluster. Ray
  12. Agree, zoomed out on this object frames it better, but it all depends on the object. I'll have to look at some hyperstar equipment as we come into spring. Ray
  13. I might have to do a hyperstar this summer and see what I can get. My C14 has the capability. Ray
  14. Incredible amount of dust and gas in there Greg. Don't usually see those wispy bits between Orion and The Running Man. Ray
  15. Anyone want to own a piece of the first space station NASA even launched? This 25 kilo chunk of space debris crashed down in Western Australia back in 1979 (with the rest of the space station). You can clearly see where this piece of debris was located on Skylab by clicking here If you are new to Skylab click here My friend has owned this for many years and now wants to sell it. He has built it into a coffee table with a removable glass lid. You can also see in the newspaper article from 1979 that exact same piece of debris. The titanium is twisted, ripped and torn. A clear indication of the rigors of reentry and hitting the ground, which I personally think adds character to the piece. And yes, NASA are aware of this piece and don't want it (hence the newspaper article from 1979). Ray