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  1. That's a ton of stars. How many stars have you captured in all your photos? Be easy software to write where it just looks at all your image files without even opening and counts them. There is already software that counts stars in open images, and similar software is used in biotech to count cells. Ray
  2. Chasing Saturn

    Even though the C14 has been surpassed by other optical systems, I think if you can find one for a good cost, they are well worth the investment. They seem to smash through light pollution as well. Ray
  3. Aldebaran, part of the Hyades, and NGC1647

    And the award of perfectly aligned optics goes to,,,,,, Lovely image! Ray
  4. The Cygnus Wall

    Some beautiful structures in there! Ray
  5. North America & Pelican nebulae

    Geesuz Prof, that's a lot of stars!
  6. Chasing Saturn

    G'day Guru, Great work. I know what you mean about getting some shut eye. What's your aperture these days? Ray
  7. Cocoon nebula & associated dark nebula

    Incredible. I'd love to get my C14 onto that nebula lower centre. Ray
  8. The whole of central Lyra featuring Vega

    Its quite mind blowing when I see all these stars in your pics Prof. Kind of hits home what must be out there. Ray
  9. Sadr region in Cygnus

  10. DC single framer with the 200mm lenses

    Incredible star field!
  11. Composite M31

    Very nice Prof. But it is upside down from Australia. Ray
  12. EPOD

    Excellent work Prof. The only pods I get are my morning coffee pods, and they aren't even that tasty! Ray
  13. Solargraph - the image

    That's incredible Prof! Ray
  14. The Eye of the Bull

    I love that ring around it Prof. Ray