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  1. Awesome Dave, great news mate. Ray
  2. 4 Planets 2 Nights

    That's always a great option mate. Ray
  3. Finally had some clear weather. I was so out of practice when I started these (and a few glasses of wine in) I completely forget to take notice of my histogram on my first run of Jupiter, so rather than embarrass myself, I will only post Saturn, Mars and Venus (and not in that order). Hopefully tomorrow night will be clear and I'll do some more. Each image is approximately 500 frames per RGB channel (I should take more notice of that). Regards Ray
  4. Sierpinski

    That is amazing mate. Ray
  5. Three in one night!

    Still a good effort for one night. I'm hanging to shoot these, we have so much cloud though. Ray
  6. Another ISS pass and Summer sky

    I gotta get myself a digital camera sometime. I love shooting stormy weather. Regards Ray
  7. Keep hanging in there my friend. You are a fighter. And yes, we had hail 5 time yesterday, which is the first time I have ever seen it more than once in the same day. This shows how cold the atmosphere must be in this region. It is colder than usual (of course, our English friends would laugh at my comment about it being cold, just like I probably smile at their heatwave). Ray
  8. ISS transit

    Great shot again mate. Multiple exposures obviously. Ray
  9. Another ISS pass and Summer sky

    Stunning mate. How come the constellations are upside down though? Nice vibrant colour in those stars. Ray
  10. Ribblehead Viaduct Time Lapse

    That was pretty cool Gordon. I like the flare in your star trails shot. The drone following you around was also very cool. Ray
  11. It is an awesome use of camouflage. But that is one violent garden you have there Greg. Ray
  12. Some macro work

    Stunning stuff Prof. Ray
  13. Trifid Nebula

    Ditto brother. I still have my old planetary camera. I might have a play with that, but I'm certainly hanging for something a little better these days. I got some Ha for this tonight and just added it. Much more detail with the Ha. I'm not a big fan of adding luminance compared to Ha. Ray
  14. 10" Skywatcher and me.

    Awesome idea mate. Love to see a photo of that. Otherwise maybe a scope trolley (or similar) could be useful. And yes, Facebook killed a lot of specialty forums. I'm resilient, we'll weather Zuckerberg's storm. Ray
  15. 10" Skywatcher and me.

    Geesuz mate. That scope is next level. Great planetary. Do you still have this? Ray