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  1. 10-hours and 40-minutes on IC410/IC405

    A few pillars in there. I might have to try that on my C14 one day. Ray
  2. 6-hours on IC410/IC405

    Wow, that's beautiful, well done. Ray
  3. The California nebula

    Love the spike touch Prof. Ray
  4. Very, VERY old data

    Be interesting to try some blink software on your old and new data to see if there are any minor changes in the nebula or stars. Ray
  5. Composite IC410/405 nebulae

    Great work Prof. Ray
  6. Composite Rosette nebula

    Lovely deep colours Prof. Ray
  7. Mars 2022

    Exact opposite down here. about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, great work. I'm going to have a look at this tonight. Ray
  8. Nice effort Professor. Fingers crossed for the Wolfram outfit. Ray
  9. Mars 2022

    Geesuz Tim, nice work. The geography is really clear to see (including the polar regions). Ray
  10. Star reduced (original) M31

    That's a very noiseless image Greg. The dust lanes and star burst regions are extremely well captured. Well done. And its up the right way as well! Ray
  11. I've never thought of these as furry, but now I do. Ray
  12. Wow Prof. That is quite stunning. Ray
  13. Wow, crazy shot! Very impressive. Ray
  14. Mars 2022

    Still a great effort mate. Features are easily discernable. Is that Olympus Mons at the top? Ray
  15. StarXTerminator as a processing tool

    Great effort Prof. Ray