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  1. Never used either mate. Very interested to hear your feedback though. Ray
  2. 30 seconds per channel it is Tim. I'll have another crack tonight. I'll also use the colour camera and compare (for no reason except curiosity). I got to clean those dust motes off. Ray
  3. That would make a good name for a band, "Jupiter and the Dust Motes". I pulled out my old monochrome 21au04 imaging source camera. Its only 640 by 640. I did 60 seconds per channel. Got about 1000 frames stacked for this image in each channel. Was going to upscale with my televue 2.5 powermate but when doing that dust motes appeared. I pulled out the isopropyl alcohol but cleaning the camera and powermate didn't really remove them. I'll have to do a proper clean tomorrow and have another crack. I was going to do a comparison tonight with the monochrome against the one shot colour camera. She's a bit blurry, probably because I let too much time elapse between frames. Just need some practice. Ray
  4. Fast little sucker that asteroid. I had it on TSX on my office computer, but when I went inside my obs to shoot it I couldn't get TSX to locate it, even after updating the asteroid database. Really frustrating. Ray
  5. Happy 50th birthday mate. She is sure is moving fast. Great catch. I'm seeing if I can catch it down here. Ray
  6. Sorry to hear that Shane. Wish I could do something. I guess she has some of the best doctors in the world to look after her, I'm sure she'll be fine. Ray
  7. Whoa! That is tiny Shane. I'm sure she is strong though. Life is amazing. Ray
  8. Holy moly! Congrats Grandad. Twins? Excellent addition. Really happy for you mate. Ray
  9. Those junk sheds are gold in times of necessity. I have a shed full of stuff, from electronics to hydraulics. I have friends that are totally helpless with the most basic engineering task. Ray
  10. I used Autostakkert and a barlow for this. Seeing was atrocious though, but I kept on because I wanted to practice with Autostakkert. Stack is 700 frames. Can't wait for the seeing to stabilize to try this again. Ray
  11. You are one resourceful sausage Dave. Nice mod. Be good to see the Mak on it. Ray
  12. Awesome buddy. What software are you using for the animation? Ray
  13. Beautiful buddy. Ray
  14. I did download this ages ago but I haven't experimented with it. I'll have a crack though, thanks for the tip mate. No barlow yet mate. I was more interested in just seeing the result. Its pretty good for a $200 OSC. It's certainly reinvigorated my will to do planetary. I might look at some monochrome cameras as well now. I'll try a barlow out tonight. Ray
  15. Th Northern Belt looks like it has a darker shade swirling off to the left. Not sure what that could be but its been a while since I shot this object. The OSC seems okay. This is only a stack of 130 frames. I've got more AVI's but Registax doesn't want to process anything larger than a Gig so I'll process those inside me thinks. Jpeg compression has caused some pixelation, I'll re-upload this shortly. Ray