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  1. Love the fireworks. Ray

    Cat Alzheimers? Poor thing. It is bad enough for a human that knows what is happening to them, let alone a poor cat waking up and not having a clue where it is or who it is. Shame. These types of diseases (side effects of aging) are beginning to be prevented, but certainly not cured once they take hold. Ray

    She sounds very spoilt mate. I suppose she sleeps on your bed? Ray

    Not sure how that cat doesn't have more grey hair. Its doing well for a 17 year old. Ray
  5. image licencing

    Great to see your images being used mate. We wanna see the gaming mats once they are finished. I think they will look super cool. Ray
  6. M20 RGB 2 pane Mosaic

    No mate, I'll watch some videos on youtube and possibly download the demo. Thanks for the tip. Ray
  7. M20 RGB 2 pane Mosaic

    No worries on the PI jargon, PI is jargon. I got a ton of stuff on my observatory PC that requires processing. When I bought PI I went through it with a fine tooth comb and performed some great processing with it. However I found that if I had a two month hiatus from it, I would need to rehash the learning curve, and being so time poor, images are left unprocessed. I love PI but I find it is not intuitive. I think it needs to be used regularly in order to harness all its great features. For example, some noise reduction algorithms are better for galaxies or nebula, but instead of calling them that, they give them highly mathematical names that really mean little to the average person. From a business perspective, the easier they make it, the more subscriptions they'll maintain. AP processing for me at the moment has to be point and click (for me that makes it more enjoyable). I love the image acquisition side, but I find myself looking for software that can deliver fast results. I used to spend hours processing, which I didn't mind, however at the moment I can't afford that kind of time. That is awesome about the gaming mats. You are doing well my mate. Ray
  8. M20 RGB 2 pane Mosaic

    Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesuuuzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow mate! You are killing it. I love the dark nebulae sitting in front of the emission. What is your image processing software / flow? Ray
  9. Voyager

    That is actually a very clever feature. When I think back to all the issues I had with Teamveiwer, using the same program is a great idea. I currently use AnyDesk which I found was 10 times easier, 10 times more reliable and more intuitive than teamviewer. My software needs upgrading badly, I'll give this a look. Thanks for the heads up. Ray
  10. pulled the trigger

    Wow mate, great to hear. Buying a new mount is no easy feat, the learning curve alone can make it daunting, so when it is delivering the right vibes and reciprocating, then that is exactly the right path. I'm really glad it has enriched your AP my friend. Ray
  11. recent Triad images

    The pillars and lagoon. Well done Tone. Pretty incredible when you factor in the light pollution. I'll be up that way next week, but unfortunately won't be able to do any observing anywhere. Ray
  12. M20 RGB 2 pane Mosaic

    Great effort my mate. And yes, PI is a mind bending experience. Some crazy looking dust lanes as well, wow! Ray
  13. obs out of action

    My observatory is always delivering surprises this like. Mostly it behaves itself, but yeah, the temperature drops and moisture outside can wreak havoc on certain facets. I keep tools in the observatory now for instant repair work. This sport of AP teaches you a lot, especially patience. Ray
  14. My New Toys.

    Very nice mate. Hopefully you'll get some good action from this unit. We have some sun here today, I might open up the observatory and spy on the sun. Ray
  15. My New Toys.

    I agree, I have never seen a white one before. Looks awesome. Dave that is a nice little camera rig you have there. Got any moon or Jupiter shots from it yet? Ray