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  1. The Trapezium

    What is this secret ingredient? Ray
  2. Struve's Lost Nebula

    Wow, that's pretty special Prof. Any particular processing to bring out the dark nebulas? Ray
  3. Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard)

    Wow Ken, that is amazing. I'll have to take a look at that tonight. Ray
  4. Published, finally...

    Lovely little Neb Tim. Well done. Ray
  5. Carbon star

    Awesome Prof. Ray
  6. After the CTB1 debacle - this.

    Great result for 30 minutes. Ray
  7. My Nemesis CTB1

    What about trying an Ha filter? Ray
  8. Another 7-minute ISS pass

    Still looks very cool! Ray
  9. Composite M31

    Awesome Prof. Ray
  10. Space station tonight

    Always a buzz watching that craft. Good work Prof. Ray
  11. California nebula

    Wow, that resolution (fine detail) is incredible. Ray
  12. Veil and Pickering

    Geeeeesuuuuzzz!!!! Lovely remnant Professor. You really catch some faint wispy detail that lingers out there. Ray
  13. The stars like dust

    As I stare at that, it reminds me of a birds eye view of a phospholipid bilayer (don't ask, science is a rabbit hole). Ray
  14. The stars like dust

    Incredible Prof. To think we only see a small amount of our galaxy's stars. Astronomy is pretty cool Ray
  15. Out until 3 a.m.

    The spikes look epic. I love the idea of two domes running at the same time. Ray