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  1. Leafcutter Bee

    Great timing mate. Ray
  2. Yesterday's EPOD

    Well done Prof. Ray
  3. White one

    Wow Prof, that is quite incredible. Ray
  4. They are over engineering their software. Programmers needs to justify their jobs I guess, and by creating new features all the time gives them the work they need. I recently had to fill out my address on a website contact form, and as you start to type, the AI on the site tries to predict your address (anywhere in the world) and inputs your address incorrectly and prevents me from writing it in. Great example of over-engineering and programmers coming up with software that is not necessary and just makes things more annoying to use. Could give you ten other examples. Frustrating, ahh! Ray
  5. Pearl Cluster

    Beautiful work mate. Ray
  6. M51 from last night

    How are things in Pasadena Tony? Hope you are well mate. Ray
  7. Yes, really takes the joy out of it. Work perfectly now though. So all good. Ray
  8. lol, I know, I'm just looking for the easy way out, but its time to clean them anyway. I have had a long hiatus from AP (work, study, family, broken observatory computer). So I am looking forward to getting some photos right after this full moon goes away. I am thinking Sombrero is well positioned at the moment. Ray
  9. After reinstalling a new hard drive with software, Maxim has forgotten the position of my eight filters. RGB, LUM and narrowband. The filters are mounted as well; not with a steel rim with their name on (just round glass). They were originally installed at QSI before shipping. The software automatically knew what was where. However I can't get the software to recognize them anymore. Rather than open the camera up to access the filter wheel, is there a sneaky way to ascertain which filter is what by looking at a star or nebula? I am using a monochrome camera. Cheers Ray
  10. Hi Dave, Thanks for the offer to borrow a camera. I would only be using a camera like this for star trails, wide-field (piggybacking) and lightning shots (and meteor showers). I can't see myself connecting it to a telescope (have a dedicated CCD for that), but who knows, maybe one day I might. I love the chip size on the 750D. I'm down at Curtin a lot, so maybe I'll swing past when the isolation tapers off. Otherwise you can pop up this way and checkout my observatory (whichever works for you mate). Ray
  11. Is there a limit to exposure time? Could you do a two hour exposure with it? Ray
  12. Wow, I really need a DSLR. I love that viewfinder configuration. What is that camera worth if you don't mind me asking? Ray
  13. Supernova

    I missed this one. Amazing. Ray
  14. That said though Dave, it is much easier looking down at the camera screen than crawling on the floor trying to look up at the camera viewfinder. I used to do a lot of neck cranking manoeuvres when I was shooting film. I remember trying to get under the camera and scope so I could see through the viewfinder. Film was a massive learning curve. There are no checking sub frames every few minutes, I had to make sure polar alignment was tack sharp, focus, collimation, framing etc, and then guide for half hour to two hours depending on the object's brightness. Then a few days later I would get the result after developing the film. The good ole days. Ray
  15. I would always remove the diagonal as well. Not so much for the CCD distance, but mostly to remove anything that can interfere with the photo (flexure, dust, not reflecting all the possible light, scratches on mirror, etc). Your photos will be that tiny bit sharper with the diagonal gone. Ray