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  1. Stunning mate. Quite majestic. Ray
  2. All very awesome buddy. Ray
  3. Wow mate, the skyris is better. When did you get this camera? I'm glad you have done a comparison. I'm in the market for one of these. Ray
  4. He should try different eyepieces to eliminate those first. Widefield eyepieces could cause that. Is he saying that the planets and DSO's look fine but the stars aren't round and have a fan shape? Then sounds like collimation. Its harder to see poor collimation on planets and DSO's than it in on stars, so those objects may appear okay, but in reality, they aren't sharp. Ray
  5. Awesome photo's mate. I love atmospheric stuff. But worth noting, mine are anticrepuscular rays. There is no sunlight to make them, which is what caught my eye immediately. I had to wrestle with how they formed without sunlight. Ray
  6. Visible with the naked eye Shane. I think Greg has solved my puzzle. Thanks. Anticrepuscular rays. Interesting. Ray
  7. What causes this line shooting up from the horizon? Before you start saying sunlight, the sun has already set on the opposite side. You are facing East in this photo, the sun is behind me, just set in the West. Note you can see there is no sunlight illuminating those big storm clouds on the Eastern Horizon as well, again demonstrating that the sun has already set behind me. So what is this long straight line emanating from the centre of the horizon up toward the upper right corner? Two things to note. The contrast of this line is heavier at the horizon, which also throws a spanner into the mix. And it is not an effect from the car window. I noticed this phenomena on Friday afternoon in Perth, Western Australia immediately as something unusual. I saw again, it is not the sun, its already set in the West behind me, and the lack of sunlight on those storm clouds proves this. Highly unusual. Ray
  8. Jesus Tim! Killing it mate. Great to see. Ray
  9. Good to see you back Gordon. I can't wait to get a DSLR and do some time lapse like this. Love the orange cloud that you've captured under the stars. Doing any deep space work? Ray
  10. Incredible mate. Looks like the creatures from District 9 movie. Ray
  11. You should show one of those 10" disks to a teenager or someone in their early 20's, they wouldn't have a clue. Ray
  12. lol, what happend to that mate? Did the wife get sick of you using the computer? Ray
  13. Can you believe they were only 1.5 meg. Ray
  14. So sad mate. So sorry to hear that news. Ray
  15. Wow mate, awesome. Ray