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  1. quick n dirty ngc 1365

    Jeesuz! Nice work mate. Great dust lanes. Ray
  2. Gomeisa

    Neat mate. Ray
  3. Bubble nebula from 09/02/2018

    Interesting. Could be a faint region but your equipment usually captures quick vivid stars. Which Bubble nebula is it? Ray
  4. M57

    Nice little catch that mate. Ray
  5. Near Earth Object

    By the way it was apparently an ArtSat. Ray
  6. Amazing. I wonder if you could still see individual cells if you went in closer. Ray
  7. Dark Lanes

    Smatterings of dust. Looks awesome. Ray
  8. Vic's Pics

    Nice work Astrovic!
  9. Eclipse January 31 201

    Better than my shots mate. I had an instant camera to take some shots, but my telescope camera just doesn't get out far enough, plus it is monochrome. Was a great sight though. Tell her I said good effort. Ray
  10. FTDI and USB/Ser port issues.

    Can you believe this weather for Perth? And maybe try this program, its free - https://www.ap-i.net/skychart/en/start Ray
  11. FTDI and USB/Ser port issues.

    That's awesome Dave. It's a good feeling slewing around under the stars again. Ray
  12. FTDI and USB/Ser port issues.

    I use Windows 7. Works a treat mate. Ray
  13. FTDI and USB/Ser port issues.

    Just confirming your laptop is a 32 bit and not 64 bit? Ray
  14. Wow, this is amazing mate. Great setup. Ray
  15. I got one good night three nights ago. The night of 26th of Jan was cloudy, and last night became gusty. Annoying weather. Clear days, horrible nights. Ray