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  1. Mizar & Alcor

    I can't argue with that. I'm looking at ways to bring down my noise. I also take a vast number of subs, and through my C14 at 4000mm at F11, the tolerances for focus, tracking and guiding can become difficult during dozens of 5 minute exposures ( I bin (throw away) at least half of my subs). I'm going to start using dither more during my imagining runs as well. Ray
  2. Mizar & Alcor

    Very noiseless and smooth Greg. May I ask how you process these to have what appears as zero grain. Ray
  3. Pelican

    Lovely work Prof. Ray
  4. Barnard's "E"

    Both epic work my friend. Ray
  5. New machine

    Love it Greg. What processing do you perform to bring out the dark neb? Ray
  6. Tarantula Narrowband

    Been a while since I posted a photo, but having some spare time has allowed me to process some data I have. This was processed mostly in PI and some minor adjustments in PS. Shot at 4000mm, Focal Ratio F11, and probably spent about 50 hours acquiring the correct subs. The total imaging time used is more like 10 hours, but this object sits over the city lights from my observatory and many subs were unusable. C/C's welcome. Ray
  7. Lovely work Tim. She looked quite amazing through the eyepiece as well. Naked eye was just as good IMO. Something pretty special about seeing both of those objects so close in the eyepiece. Have a great Xmas my friend. Ray
  8. New toy

    Very cool mate. We love camping. Great time to be selling with no international travel, it will sell extremely quickly. Ray
  9. Planetary Debacles

    lol, Probably not the only one. Tim I was using IC Capture. My monochrome camera would freeze after 30 or 40 frames. I tried using firecapture to no avail. I've reinstalled the camera and IC Capture but same problem. I've updated my PC a few months back to Windows 10 on a quad core PC. It is lightning fast, but I have a feeling the camera (which is about 10 years old) is at fault. It is the first time I've tried planetary with this new PC and I really need to update the camera to do the faster PC justice. My 7 position filter wheel which is a nautilus is also rendered useless with Windows 10. Great filter wheel but no drivers seem to work on Windows 10. Interestingly for lurkers that visit here (about 500 per month), I did the get nautilus filter wheel working in The SkyX for about 30 minutes until it crashed TSX and wouldn't go back to a functional state. I still had a good time under the stars. Welcome to AP. Ray
  10. Mars, not wasted time...

    Lovely result mate. Quite jealous. Ray
  11. Planetary Debacles

    Did anyone purchase anything new recently? I imagine that is probably the cause. Ray
  12. Had everything setup tonight to finally shoot some Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Once I started my first sequence on Jupiter, the frame capture would freeze. After wrangling for half an hour (uninstalling, reinstalling capture programs and drivers, I decided to use my OSC camera instead of the mono and filter wheel, but even that had major issues. I couldn't seem to get colour from this camera either. I won't bore you with the other problems that hit me, but here is my effort from equipment that obviously doesn't like me. Mars0002.tif Saturn0001.tif Jupiter0001.tif
  13. Over population means more land clearing for housing and crops. If you look at maps of England, most of it used to be forest, now its pretty much farmland. At what point do governments cap the population / human breeding? Can they? Should they? How would you police those that keep breeding? What size population can the planet safely handle? Ray
  14. I hope you can eat those mushrooms mate. And the moon looks really cool. There are a few streets here in Perth which put a huge effort into Halloween. My kids love it. Hope you had a few decent trick of treaters. Ray
  15. Wasted time.

    I am using ToupSky software. The software recognizes the camera is plugged in, but I cannot get a live view somehow. Windows devices also see the camera. I'll try and use another program and see what happens. Ray