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  1. I have never taken a close look at the RASA or how it differs from the Hyperstar. I'll have to take a close look at that option though. You have actually triggered me to start looking at fast optics again. Ray
  2. Actually that is a great idea. The C14 does have Hyperstar. I'll have to take a close look at that option. Ray
  3. I probably should have kept that scope. However I am mesmerized by getting up close and personal with various objects. For example, take a look at this pillar inside the Rosette - http://thecosmicartgallery.com/TwistingPillarsRosette.php The next is the Rosette through the Tak. http://thecosmicartgallery.com/The Rosette Nebula.php The C14 captures only a tiny section of the Rosette and reveals intricate structures, which for me, I personally find very rewarding (but it is a mission to shoot this close up). However in the near future I will pick up another Tak or fast scope because I do miss capturing some of the widefield objects out there. Lower FL's are more relaxing to shoot with, the tolerances at F11 (4000mm FL) are extremely temperamental to the conditions, but it was a great learning curve. Long focal length AP pushed me to learn a lot more about AP than I would have otherwise experienced. Ray
  4. Great write up Professor. However I am surprised that people are thinking along these lines. I had a Takahashi Epsilon which was F3.3, and it was like a Ferrari compared to my F11 C14. In fact for years I have been eyeballing the Tak F2.2 for this reason. That would give me two rigs, an F11 for super close up work and an F2.2 for widefield super fast imaging. I went up to Payne's Find over the weekend with some amateur astronomers from Perth Observatory. We had some incredibly dark skies. First time I've been into the outback for a few years. One day I will have to setup a permanent observatory out there, the dark skies are quite addictive. Ray
  5. Latest NGC7789 data

    Typical Sony chip Greg. Noiseless. Are you taking any darks? Lovely two tone shot BTW. Ray
  6. Pelican with new kit

    I can't believe how many satellites Elon has up there already. He currently has 1700 satellites up there, with 30,000 planned. This could mean the end of satellite streak free images / clear skies for astrophotographers (it is already bad enough). Ray
  7. Pelican with new kit

    Move to outback Western Australia. I can't wait to get an abandoned farm out there somewhere. Great shot as always of course. And was that StarLink trailing all over your image? Ray
  8. New kit

    Wow, that's some serious real estate Prof. Well done. Ray
  9. Back at the planetary

    That is so cool, how they are getting sharper. Those last two deliver nicely. Give me image capture software, and image processing. I was doing some solar work last week, using Registax. But seeing as Jupe and Saturn are returning, I might have to dust off my planetary camera. Ray
  10. Beautiful little critters Greg. Not sure if it is the angle, but that bee's wing (in the second bee photo) has seen better days. The orange butterfly appears to have fur as well. Nice work. Ray
  11. Canis Minor

    Incredible amount of nuclear furnaces out there. Awesome photo Greg. Ray
  12. M33

    Wow, very jealous. Looks amazing Prof. Ray
  13. V1331

    Tim very interesting. My C14 would be able to zoom right in on that. Cygnus unfortunately is a tad low for me. I did shoot it once, but I drove out to the bush, and then up onto a monolith called Kokerbin Rock, which gave me super views of the Northern horizon. Ray
  14. V1331

    Very cool. Circumstellar disc (a mostly depleted accretion disc,,,posssibly). Ray
  15. Great Image Opportunity

    We all know that feeling. Winter is in full swing out West at the moment, but I'm hopeful for the next new moon. Fingers crossed. Ray