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  1. I live on a mainroad and each car that passes makes my 4 metre scope shake like a mother. The shake effect seems to be worse on my planetary (this camera) than when I shoot on my large format QSI. I really need better dampening technology in the ground for my pier to prevent those vibrations travelling upward. Anyone know what the straight gully's are caused by in the first photo? Below - Ray's X-wing fighter is clearly shown on the right handside here. I managed to snap its shadow as it was chasing an imperial tie-fighter smuggling the data of a rebel stronghold. The shaky-ness of my pier causes my histogram to spill over and cause the excessive white point. Ray
  2. Above Caph

    Incredible work Prof. Ray
  3. NGC 300 WIP

    Stunning mate. Well done. Ray
  4. Kemble's Cascade

    Very nice Professor. Ray
  5. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    Yeah totally agree with Shane. That light pollution map is good. Ray
  6. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    Wow, one sub! The question begs, why do we need an hours worth if you are getting results like that with one sub? I was in the U.S recently. I was in San Fran, San Diego and then Tuscon. Tuscon has the dark sky laws for Kitt Peak Observatory, the skies were amazing. Regards Ray
  7. Astro Images by Eric

    Some great shots there mate. Ray
  8. Caph

    Geesuz Prof,. that's some serious stars! Great shots. Ray
  9. Yeah that is a good shot buddy, well done. Ray
  10. NGC7209

    Wow mate, 2 laminectomies and a fusion, ouch. Ray
  11. Smoky moon

    Hi Dave, Check this study out on the National Library of Medicine. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4554252/ Regards Ray
  12. NGC7209

    Lovely shot my friend. Ray
  13. UPS for obs

    Interesting. One thing my AP mount does it appear to remember where it is all the time. Admittedly I paid for the privilege of that though. The biggest draw card (apart from everything else) with the AP mounts is running the cables through the mount. I really find that useful. Ray
  14. UPS for obs

    Good idea mate. I have to agree, power loss can cause some serious issues. For example, my rotator wants to do a 360 turn every time it is turned on which is really dangerous for plugs and cables that don't have enough slack in them (the rotator is strong enough to snap plugs), so I always keep it unplugged in the event of a power loss. Ray
  15. "Holy Grail" time lapse

    Beautiful mate. Ray