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  1. At least NOW I know how I will react when the real SETI news arrives. :crazy: Thanks again Ray, it was the best April Fools story I heard.
  2. So... April 1st ... will go down in history as the day the world was convinced of Aliens. Seems, April 1st will be famous for two reasons now. LOL. The next time I gaze into the Eastern Celestial Sphere, I will fell less alone, as I know a few of you will have worked out the significance of this event. :woot:
  3. Well deserved. :welldone: You photo is truely special. :thumbsupmate:
  4. twice as cold as what? zero. 2x0=0 LOL, it's a cute puzzle
  5. New Flight SIM Game

    43.884 m which gives me a global rank of 493066 with the paper plane Edit: this is an addictive game .... plane got to 62.549m Global rank 336674 .....49,626,971 planes have been thrown so far. I feel sorry for the penguin...but had to hit him till I got 315.7m I did finish level 15 of the telescopes but did not follow the link to the Dyson site for the next 30 new levels! LOL www.dyson.co.uk/game
  6. I think has something to do with your down load speed. If you have fast speed it doesn't happen. I sometimes let the whole clip load then play it again without interruption.
  7. Lunar Eclipse for August

    Thanks for the heads up. I must remember August 28th and hope for clear skies. Is there any advantage to looking at the moon through a telescope during the eclipse over normal viewing?
  8. Astronomy Quiz

    2. More light gathering power If I understood the question correctly, as compared to a 'smaller Dobsonian telescope', which by it's very nature of being smaller would be lighter and easier to transport. "Dobsonian telescope" is refering to the telescopes mount, and if you are comparing the 'mounts' to a similiar size telescope with a different mount than the answer of 1 & 3 would be applicable.
  9. Galaxy Zoo

    It does sound exciting... " you'll view parts of the Universe that literally no-one has ever seen before". Sounds good to me.
  10. Astronomy Quiz

    I guess False. 85% seems far too high a level. There would have to be a larger amounts of Hydrogen than just 15%. Methane gives the planet it's blue colour, but I believe it's a rather small percentage of it's atmosphere.
  11. "In search of the Truth"

    "In search of the Truth" You'll fit in just fine. Enjoy your stay. Tell me, if 'in the search of Truth', you have found any that your willing to share?
  12. A.S.I.G.N. Movie on U-Tube

    WOW! What a project. I never imagined the amount of work that is required to build of an Observatory. Now I don't have to imagine, I can see it on youtube. You didn't take any shortcuts. The result is so good, you have done a mighty job. How long did the whole project take, from planning to observing? It looks like it will stand the test of time. Well Done.
  13. Astronomy Quiz

    Phobos. It is said that Mars moon's are actually captured asteroids, being that they are very small. Deimos is said to be between only 6 to 8 km in Radius (not being round), compare that to Our Moon which is 1,738 km in Radius. There are about 26 asteroids over 100km in radius, so these moons of Mars are quite small even by asteroid standards.
  14. 1. I believe that it is true as all the other galaxies we can see have a higher density of star near their central core. 2. Brighter nights, very much so. There can be planets in a star system that has two, three and sometimes four star connected by gravity. The orbits would be complex and the distances would be large between the stars. 3. A Higher level of Radiation would almost certainly be around a planet with closer stars. But consider this, the Sun bombards us with radiation and life formed on this planet before the Ozone layer formed that protects us from this Radiation. The early forms of life produced oxygen and the abundance of oxygen produced the ozone layer that protects us from the radiation. So life might find conditions harder on a planet with radiation from nearby stars but life seems to find a way of flourishing in all types of conditions.
  15. The sun appears dimmer the futher you go out into the solar system. A bright sunny day on Mars would take some adjusting of our eyes to the dim conditions, but I believe our eyes would still see color on Mars. Our eyes need a certain amount of light to see color and with greater distances from the sun we get dimmer light. Our eye cones would only be seeing in Black and White and shades of grey in very dim light similiar in brightness to the light of a full moon. By the time we get all the way out to Saturn it would be very dark. The photo's we see from Nasa are enhanced to bring out the colour and detail. I'm sure our spaceship would have some headlights to light our way.