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  1. anyone see this on the news yesterday? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMYu3Dg9-Os http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA9jzZwYBLc&NR=1
  2. 3D Moon Crater

    very cool effect. need the 3d glasses though.
  3. New Image: Ngc 2997

    wow! :bow::bow::bow::bow: man that's good!
  4. welcome to the site guys. Del
  5. beautiful mate. where abouts is cantebury?
  6. The world still turns while you sleep

    wow! great job mate.
  7. UFO Wind Turbine Report

    thats what i thought but one of the blades seems to be bent from heat. it looks melted. Del
  8. Small and Nice near Eta C

    very cool mate. i like how you put a full description in there. when i know what i'm looking at its even better. Del
  9. Comet Lulin

    thanks for the comtip mate.
  10. Venus Jupiter Moon

    I saw these two planets tonight. was a great site. looking forward to when the moon gets up there with them as well. Del
  11. Another Elvis is Alive Story.

    i love elvis. he was such a guru for his time. he was banned from doing concerts because of the way he moved his hips. :crazy:
  12. Most important thing for us on earth?

    the moon used to be much closer to earth, which means it used to be much bigger in the sky. a full moon 100 million years ago would have been incredibly bright.
  13. Celestron Sky Scout

    seen one, they are brilliant mate.
  14. Phoenix Lander Goes Offline

    well done to the pheonix team. shame this machine is offline.
  15. Rebuilding old scope.

  16. Autoguiding

    really silly question, but what does ED stand for again?
  17. New mount from Celestron

    satellite tracking? how does that work? the scope would need to know where everything is all the time.
  18. these guys got a little video of it http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-105942
  19. Cassini Within 25km's of Enceladus

    try this on for size -
  20. Hubble suffers serious failure!

    i think they may have found a remote fix for hubble. http://dsc.discovery.com/news/2008/10/14/hubble-repair.html
  21. NGC2070 The Tarantula in Oxygen-III

    wow, the detail is amazing, well done mate. :bow::bow::bow:
  22. Jupiter - 18 Oct - Brisbane

    top work mate. amazing how close you guys get.
  23. Hyperstar III does the Heart nebula in Ha

    great work mate.