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  1. DIY Binoviewers?

    Thanks for that Clayton, you've saved me a fare amount of hassle and frustration their mate, cheers:thumbsupmate: All the best...... Tony.....
  2. Hi Guys, just a thought here. Can binoculars be taken apart and converted into a binoviewer? I have a pair of binoculars that i don't use and have been thinking what i could do with them. Thanks ....Tony.
  3. Hubble has scored another one. Whilst looking for rings around the dwarf planet, a fourth moon was discovered.:welldone: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2011/20jul_p4/
  4. Yum yum

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this. However this is a new, rather expensive, but altogether beautiful piece of kit.:eartoear: http://www.bisque.com/sc/pages/ParamountMX.aspx
  5. building new pier

    Well, i had a bit of a think about this dimensions of this pier and ended up with an overall height of just under 1100mm I had to use the steel i had to hand, so the base plate is a 400mm diameter, 12mm thick disc. The top plate and leveling plate are 10mm thick. I still have enough tube to build an extension, if the height proves to be a little small. or even to build another pier entirely (anyone need a pier??:Chessy_Smile:) Just need to get the home gym out of the garage and start ripping off the roof :lmao: My EQ5 mount head looks very weedy when bolted on :hmm: Thanks for looking all.... Tony..... conv_4292.bmp
  6. building new pier

    Thanks a lot guys, will have a bit of a think before i start cutting.
  7. building new pier

    Thanks Shane 1200mm sounds good to me. The tube i have is 2.5m long, so i have plenty to play with. All the best mate.... tony....
  8. Hi everyone, just a quick question. I am in the process of piecing together materials for an observatory. It will be a roll-off conversion of my garage when finished. I have been able to get my hands on a length of steel tube (for free:woot:) It is 175mm in diameter, with a wall thickness of 8mm. My first question, is this big enough to take a fully loaded eq6 pro for astro-photography and second, what is a good height for the pier ,not including the mount/scope etc? any help here would be very welcome. cheers........... Tony.....
  9. 19/9 - Solar observation

    Lovely images Theo. Loads of detail....:biggrin: Tony....
  10. Need focusser

    Focusser found now, thanks for your help Asimov:biggrin: Tony....
  11. Need focusser

    IIS ???? Whats thats. Thanks for the reply by the way Tony......
  12. Need focusser

    I need a new focusser for the 8inch newtonian scope. Can anyone help. Idealy a 2inch crayford with micro focus. A low profile would be cool, as i want to use the Canon 300D on it. Their is a delay with a few companies i have contacted. Can anyone help with this :Chessy_Smile: Cheers Tony
  13. As the title says 'An interesting website'. It has descriptions for the lay person and the advanced. http://www.superstringtheory.com/ All the best.......... Tony..........
  14. Im new, university student

    Hi Matt, welcome to the gang:biggrin: You will find lots of interesting and informative posts and people here. As to software, their are many excellent freeware astro programs out there that will help you along.:woot: You will find the astro community in general all to happy to help. All the best mate......... Tony......... Oh and keep us posted as to how the studies are going too...:pipethinker:
  15. Barlows or Powermates?

    Congratulaions Ray on the excellent news, another budding astronomer on the way eh!! :noob: I will watch this post with interest as i would like to get an upgrade from my x2 barlow. Also could anyone give advice as to the best magnification, ie x2, x2.5,x5 etc or if the 2inch is the better size? Cheers..... Tony.....