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  1. Gabriela Mistral

    It was shot in one night, from my backyard, Ha Sii and Oiii, 6 subs each of 600 seconds.... left the thing working and went to sleep, phone alarm woke me up at the estimated finishing time and the images where there...... Mi guiding is not good now since i started to use EQMOD.... i am not liking it.... i used to connect everything using the skywatcher ascom driver and i think it was way better....
  2. Gabriela Mistral

    NGC 3324 is a open cluster in the southern constellation Carina, located northwest of the Carina Nebula (NGC 3372)[4][5] at a distance of 7,560 ly (2,317 pc) from Earth.[2] It is closely associated with the emission nebula IC 2599, also known as Gum 31.[6] The two are often confused as a single object, and together have been nicknamed the "Gabriela Mistral Nebula" due to its resemblance to the Chilean poet.[3][7][8] NGC 3324 was first catalogued by James Dunlop in 1826.[4]
  3. My Newt (Klaus Helmerich Tube)

    I love my Telescope.... Saxon velocity 2001 Klauss Helmerich Tube Rear blowing Fan Bob Knobs Eq6 Mount, second hand self tuned... Pole Master Arduino stepper focuser control. TemprHum Mount extension Custom control box QHY9m QHYOAG QHYFW2-M QHY5LII .... I love it...
  4. Gabriela Mistral

    Narrowband image shot with QHY9M.
  5. Primary mirror cooling.

    Hi guys, thanks for the feedback, i have got the parts from Jaycar, The fan is a case fan spinning on bearings, the mounting plate is a fiberglass blank pcb board that i painted black. the PWM speed control was modified so the wires with the black mesh join the cirtuit inside the small box. i have crimped new terminal connectors like the one i use on my model airplanes. this way i can remove the Speed control (velcro) and disconnect the OTA from the base. The telescope is a SAXON Velocity 2001 EQ5 with a GOTO upgrade (i need to adjust the backslash) , i use NIKON for pictures and a ASI CMOS camera for Guiding.
  6. Hi guys, i am posting today because i would like some feedback on this setup, after looking at lots of photos from internet (and reading about it) i decided to install a fan in order to cool down faster the primary mirror. At the moment is blowing air to the mirror and into the tube, i am also using a filter on the intake to keep dust out, added a PWM speed controller to control the fan... To avoid vibrations from the fan i installed it using rubber fixings, i can't feel any vibrations on the tube, what seems to be awesome.... Also noted that a soft air current comes out from the other side of the tube, this tells me that maybe the air is moving along the tube and getting any undesired temperature difference away from it. The fan only uses 80 mA i think is ok is i need to use a battery in the future and save some energy. The fan assembly is lighter that the original plate that came with the telescope, so i feel it is better for the mount... Please let me know if this setup should help me or if i should do the opposite and suck air from the tube instead. Thanks so much.