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  1. Our SOLARACTIVITY PICTURE OF THE DAY for August 10th, 2016 is this fantastic prominence image by Randy Shivak from Prescott Valley, Arizona!Congratulations Randy and thank you for sharing your solar work with our group.Randy writes: "Image captured with the Astro-Physics 152mm F8 refractor and Daystar Quantum PE .5 angstrom filter and ZWO 174mm camera."
  2. Join us at Solarfest USA 2016 in Missouri! I'll be there as the Emcee to introduce a great lineup of speakers and solar and astro imagers! Daystar Filters is proud to announce our inaugural SolarFest USA!!!August 22-27th, 2016 at the Daystar Ranch in Warrensburg, Missouri! This is going to be the biggest gathering of solar enthusiasts, pro and amateur alike anywhere in the USA!Watch for links and info to guest speakers, presentations by world renowned solar experts, factory tours, product demos, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse discussion and presentations, a field of solar dreams with solar equipment on display, planned local tours, day and night time star parties and so so much more! This is going to be BIG folks! Mark your calendars, pack your bags and plan on attending! The website is a work in progress and we expect the guest speaker list and presentation to double! http://www.solarfestusa.com/About.shtml What does it cost to attend SolarFest? There is currently NO COST ($0.00) for admission to SolarFest 2016 for pre-registered guests. Keep checking for registration to open and get in on the biggest Solarfest in the USA! http://www.solarfestusa.com/register.php At-the-door entry will have a fee of $20.00 per adult per day. What is SolarFest? SolarFest is an astronomical event for Solar Observers, Solar Researchers and generally curious people to come and learn more about solar astronomy and safe solar observation. - Professional solar researchers will discuss current efforts and goals.- Amateur observers will share ideas on equipment, imaging and telescopes.- Astronomers will demonstrate solar observing with hands-on activities for all levels.- Daystar Filters will host visitors at their facility with special equipment demonstrations and facility tours.- Equipment vendors will be present to talk about current offerings. http://www.solarfestusa.com/index.html https://www.facebook.com/SolarFest-USA-166839633685492/?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/DaystarFilters/?fref=ts
  3. As the newly appointed Coordinator of the Solar Division of the Sidewalk Astronomers Worldwide Organization, I thought it fitting to organize and promote a SOLAR SIDEWALK SUN-DAY! Join Sidewalk Astronomers around the world in this celebration of the sun by taking to the sidewalks, street corners, parks, libraries or any public place and setup solar scopes. Celebrate SOLAR Sidewalk Astronomers SUN-day on September 11th, 2016! Future Solar Sidewalk SUN-days will be 9/17/2017. SSA-SUN-day is just one part of John Dobson's Month long celebration of his life and legacy! On Sept. 14th, 2015 he would have been 100 years old! Post your intentions to participate. Share a link of your club, share this event on your page, plan your event, post pictures here! SAVE THE DATE! Sincerely, Pamela S. Shivak SOLAR Sidewalk Astronomers Coordinator https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlobalSUNday/ https://www.facebook.com/events/1470553706589092/ https://www.facebook.com/solarsidewalkastronomers
  4. Thank you for the welcome! I would also like to invite those interested in Solar Astronomy to visit and post on our New SOLARACTIVITY SECTION right here on the MASA Forum! For those on Facebook, feel free to ask to join our SOLARACTIVITY Group! Home to solar imagers, pro-am collaborations and all things solar astronomy! Thank you!! Pamela Shivak NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador Co-Founder of Solaractivity https://www.facebook.com/groups/solaractivity/
  5. Yes Brent, from a ground based telescope. It's amazing what backyard solar astronomers can do these days! https://www.facebook.com/groups/solaractivity/
  6. Sol 04-16-16

    Nice job Tim! I'll share to our SOLARACTIVITY facebook group!
  7. Feel free to JOIN our SOLARACTIVITY GROUP on Facebook! Solaractivity is home to solar imagers, solar observers, pro-am collaborations, worldwide outreach events and all things solar astronomy! We're happy to welcome solar imagers to this forum and to our facebook page! Thank you! Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/solaractivity/
  8. Rare LOOP prominence captured by Randy Shivak with a 6" AP scope and .5 angstrom Quantum PE Grade H-Alpha filter.
  9. The comet did not survive.