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    I got into astronomy in an odd way back in the early 70's. I was a Minuteman II Missile technician during the cold war era. We used Polaris and 2 optically flat 8" mirrors and a theodolite to help establish the missiles position on Earth. I began carrying a small 60mm (an old Jason refractor) telescope with me out to the very dark sites the missiles were on. The views were amazing. I have been hooked ever since. I now have many instruments ranging from 60mm up to 508mm and enjoy them all. In the last 5 years astro-phography has become a passion of mine.
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    Astronomy, Photography, High End Audio, Electronics
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    CNC Robotics Technician
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    508mm F5 Reflector, 254mm F4.7 Reflector, 150mm F5 Reflector, 152mm F5 Schmidt Newtonian, 120mm F7.5 ED Refractor.

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    : South Dakota
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    Audio HiFi, Electronics, Metal working, Machining.

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  1. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    Very nice Shane. Makes me realize that I did get heavy handed with the noise reduction and saturation! Wish I could have salvaged more of the images. Micro SD card took a dump or I would have had 30 dithered of these images. Eric
  2. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    BTW here are the kits. Eric
  3. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    Here is the light pollution chart for the NSP. Eric
  4. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    Thanks guys. I know it is hard to believe that is just one frame so I made a link to to the original CR2 file it came from. I would like to see if you all can get even more from the data than I did with my limited tools. Looking forward to seeing your results. Drop Box CR2 Eric
  5. Hi all! After a very long hiatus from anything astronomy I took a vacation and went to the Nebraska Star Party. My main goals there were to do some visual observing with my 20" Obsession Classic telescope from a pristine dark site. The goals were achieved in spades! I took one night there to set up the AT72ED and do some imaging. Well things went wrong all over the place and needless to say due to blue screens and a portable storage device failure I thought I was left with nothing. I did find 1 image that somehow was saved. It was a single raw frame of 180 seconds at ISO 800 with an unmodified Canon T3i. I shot this with the AT72ED on a guided Sky Watcher EQ-6. Image was processed with Digital Photo Professional, Photo Shop Elements 2018, and Astronomy Tools for Elements. After many iterations, I am satisfied that I have pulled as much information out of one frame of data as I am capable of with the tools I have. I tried very hard not to over cook or use to much noise reduction. I was lucky to be at such of a dark site that just one frame held so much information. Eric
  6. Australia's New Space Agency?

    I heard they were going to launch a Probe called "Heliospheric Observational Limits Experiment", or HOLE. Eric
  7. So It Begins!

    Whoa Ray! Sarah Connor indeed! Skynet Eric
  8. I noticed an uncanny resemblance and thought to myself...Have we created the beginning of our end as these things get smarter and smarter? Could it be Lexons? Eric
  9. Today's EPOD

    Love them Red stars myself! Eric
  10. Happy Birthday Eric

    Thank you. As far as astro presents, none so far. I would gladly be satisfied with a good night of seeing! Have to work all week long and my astronomy adventures are limited to Saturday nights...weather permitting. Thanks again and clear skies to you all. Eric One year closer to the big dirt nap!
  11. Mega-Deep M45 image

    Simply Spectacular! Eric
  12. Fractal Broccoli

    Broccoli makes me Fractal a lot after ingestion! Wonderful image! Eric
  13. A balance problem solved

    Completed project used all Stainless steel hardware and counter weight and block painted. Now everything balances great! Eric
  14. A balance problem solved

    I now worked on the ADM dovetail. I through drill it for 1/4-20 SS socket head screws and tapped the bottom of the block. The finished assembly. Eric