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    I got into astronomy in an odd way back in the early 70's. I was a Minuteman II Missile technician during the cold war era. We used Polaris and 2 optically flat 8" mirrors and a theodolite to help establish the missiles position on Earth. I began carrying a small 60mm (an old Jason refractor) telescope with me out to the very dark sites the missiles were on. The views were amazing. I have been hooked ever since. I now have many instruments ranging from 60mm up to 508mm and enjoy them all. In the last 5 years astro-phography has become a passion of mine.
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    Astronomy, Photography, High End Audio, Electronics
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    CNC Robotics Technician
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    508mm F5 Reflector, 254mm F4.7 Reflector, 150mm F5 Reflector, 152mm F5 Schmidt Newtonian, 120mm F7.5 ED Refractor.

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    : South Dakota
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    Audio HiFi, Electronics, Metal working, Machining.

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  1. Today's EPOD

    Love them Red stars myself! Eric
  2. Happy Birthday Eric

    Thank you. As far as astro presents, none so far. I would gladly be satisfied with a good night of seeing! Have to work all week long and my astronomy adventures are limited to Saturday nights...weather permitting. Thanks again and clear skies to you all. Eric One year closer to the big dirt nap!
  3. Mega-Deep M45 image

    Simply Spectacular! Eric
  4. Fractal Broccoli

    Broccoli makes me Fractal a lot after ingestion! Wonderful image! Eric
  5. A balance problem solved

    Completed project used all Stainless steel hardware and counter weight and block painted. Now everything balances great! Eric
  6. A balance problem solved

    I now worked on the ADM dovetail. I through drill it for 1/4-20 SS socket head screws and tapped the bottom of the block. The finished assembly. Eric
  7. A balance problem solved

    I then drilled and tapped the block for the SS 10-32 screws to hold the finder bracket. I through drill the holes for 10-32 then drilled the bottom for 1/4 20 bolts that would come in through the bottom of the dovetail. Eric
  8. A balance problem solved

    I wanted to make a counter weight bracket that would mount the counter weight shaft and the bracket for the finder scope and keep then center mounted. This raised the bracket for the finder a bit but that was a good thing. I started with machining the block to accept the counter weight shaft. I through drilled the block for 1/4-20 bolt and counter bored the pocket for the shaft. Eric
  9. This is a post I should have made a long time ago but just now getting around to it. Back in Dec. of 2015 I picked up a new telescope (New AT72ED). I had mounted it on a ADM side by side dove tail. As you can see in the link this set up was very tail heavy when all the gear was mounted and focused. Although the scopes are fairly lite in weight and my SWEQ-6 would surely handle the balance problem, I had 2 other mounts that would not, a Celestron CG5-ASGT and an old Vixen GP modified for AP. A counter weight was in order to get this setup to balance. I had some parts laying around. A couple of 3lb counter weights and shaft from an old telescope. A block of aluminum and some time to do it. I was lacking real estate as I wanted to keep my RACI finder scope mounted in the center between the imaging scope (AT72ED) and the guide scope (Celestron 70). Here are the parts for the project. Eric
  10. The Coma galaxy cluster

    That HyperStar is a fantastic instrument. Eric
  11. Rosette nebula Zoom-In Zoom-Out

    I like the Sky 90 image for this object....frames better. Eric
  12. Markarian Chain - Zoom In/Zoom Out

    Very much like the HyperStar image! Eric
  13. 08-21-2017 Total Solar Eclipse Time Lapse Eric
  14. I packed up the camper and traveled about 300 miles from home to a remote spot in Nebraska. A farmer there had opened up some of his land for observers to view the eclipse. We were about a mile and a half off the center line of the shadows track. We got a 2 minute 35 second Eclipse! I just cannot describe the experience with words. I caught some images of the most special moments. First is when it first reached totality, then seconds later as the limb of the Moon broke and shot through crater rims, and then the "Diamond Ring"! Hope you enjoy! Eric
  15. Inside the Lagoon

    Ray I had to run some more processing on your wonderful image. Original image: I just felt there was some more detail and contrast that could be squeezed out. This first one was just doing some unsharp masking and local contrast enhancement with a bit of color noise reduction. This next one I applied Hasta La Vista Green. to the processed image. Eric