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  1. (Nearly) all images reloaded...

    Those pictures are the best I have seen in solar system photos. The type of thread you scroll up and down on for a good few minutes. Dave
  2. I can't see anything but they sound brilliant. Dave
  3. Pavo Trio

    Amazing. And the distance makes it even more amazing. Dave
  4. Working for real

    Great project and idea Greg. Dave
  5. Hergest Ridge in the moonlight

    Amazing effect. Had to watch it a few times. Well done. Dave
  6. Are you in a dry area? They are good at keeping the insects down. Dave
  7. PixInsight

    I downloaded the demo about 2 weeks ago. I am not sure if I can bite this off for my simple purposes. Dave
  8. Inside the Lagoon

    I have been away for too long. Very nice work mate. Dave
  9. Not bad Ray (considering the factors you mentioned). Eric your version removed the haze that was over it. Dave
  10. Lunar V Vino 2017

    Nothing like a drop of wine under the stars. Dave
  11. We were looking through a phosphorescent microscope yesterday. Really cool piece of equipment. Makes me want to buy one. Dave
  12. Gabriela Mistral

    Very impressive shot mate! Well done. I have never heard of or viewed that object before. Dave
  13. My Newt (Klaus Helmerich Tube)

    Nice equipment mate. Cleanly setup. Not familiar with that brand of tube though. What's the FOV like? Dave
  14. Tarantula

    Great looking shot on my screen mate. Dave
  15. M78 The Witches Cauldron

    Strange looking part of the galaxy though. Primordial looking. Dave