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  1. Very impressive shot mate! Well done. I have never heard of or viewed that object before. Dave
  2. Nice equipment mate. Cleanly setup. Not familiar with that brand of tube though. What's the FOV like? Dave
  3. Great looking shot on my screen mate. Dave
  4. Strange looking part of the galaxy though. Primordial looking. Dave
  5. Nice eerie looking image. Looks better from a distance (not sure why). Dave
  6. If the background was a bit darker, it would make the galaxy pop. Dave
  7. Beautiful. Dave
  8. Very interesting feature to catch Ray. Very nice work. Dave
  9. Beautiful alright. Xmas in the hot sun. Dave
  10. Maks are underrated. They are used by the military and police surveillance aircraft for the stability of the mirrors. Well done on your purchase. Dave
  11. That is amazing work! Very interesting region, lots going on. Dave
  12. Nicely framed with the tree mate. I like how it is blurred in front of the moon. Dave
  13. Still a good shot. I know how the glare can really make this a hard one. Dave
  14. Amazing dark nebula image. Very well done. Dave
  15. Spot on. As ray says, sharp stars. Dave