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    I have been an amateur astronomer since 1990. I used to take pictures of the sky with film while guiding by eye! but for the last decade or so I've been a visual guy mostly. Now I'm getting the bug for digital imaging. I am 51 in good health and humor
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    7mi. east of Nevada City Ca.( Cascade Shores)
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    Most sports,camping, fishing,astronomy,golfing, meeting new people with similar interests
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    Greens keeper
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    My equipment includes: Meade 10in. F-6.3 SCT(cir.'89),SV80mm F-7 Nighthawk, C-90, Canon EOS Rebel xt, Canon PowerShot 560 w/steadypix(eyepiece clamp)

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  1. 10x50s? And which brand?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and saw your post about a set of 10x50 bino's. I have a new set of Celestron Nature series 10x50's(fog&waterproof) that are now my favorites! Your post is old so this may be of no help but I didn't see( or can't find any replies?) I also have a set of Stellarvue 12x60's and an old set of Vivitar 7x50's. For the $ the Nature series cannot be beat. I got them on sale for (approx) $64 US !