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  1. Televue eyepiece for sale.

    Jim, if you would like give me a call at 229-425-4853 anytime 9:00 am -8:00pm eastern time or send me a message with your phone and I will call you. thanks, Gordon
  2. Televue eyepiece for sale.

    Jim, I'm not set up for pay-pal, but I would be willing to send you the eyepiece and if you were satisfied with it you could send me a check or money order. Several items or a telescope I might want to try to meet somewhere if possible. We'll work it out. Gordon While I'm on I'll add a few more items. 1-Nagler 31 Type 5--$580.00 1-Nagler 20 Type 5--$315.00 1-Nagler 13 Type 6--$200.00 1-Nagler 11 Type 6--$200.00 1-Nagler 9 Type 6--$200.00 1-Nagler 7 Type 6--$200.00 1- Panoptic 27mm---$345.00 1-Panoptic 19mm---$245.00 1-Radian 18mm------$160.00 2-Radian 8mm-------$160.00 each 2-Radian 10mm-----$160.00 each
  3. Televue eyepiece for sale.

    Ray, I'm located in Abbeville, Ga. about 75 miles south of Macon. My zip code is 31001.
  4. Televue eyepiece for sale.

    Hey folks, I have closed my astronomy store I owned in Ga. and have some inventory I would like to try to sell. My current work schedule keeps me from attending any Star Parties and I thought Astro Trader would be a good place to start. Everything I offer will be new in the box unless noted. I'll start with a couple of eyepieces and see how it goes. I looked around at current prices and will sell my inventory at about 75% of other stores, please understand some of this inventory may be 4 to 5 years old but I guarantee it to be new and unused. For sale: 1 nagler 20mm type 5--$310.00 For sale: 1 nagler 13mm type 6--$200.00 I'll pay the shipping. Thanks for looking. Please call me with any questions-- 229-425-4853