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  1. Nexistar5

    Hey Doug You sure made it look a lot better,, I was having to hand guide scope and take pic at same time, having some scope issues grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. I was able to get it into Gimp and rotate it like you did but thats all. Free time is an issue right now but will play more with it. The camera really seems to do well, is first one ever used (CCD) so nothing to compare it to but from what I have read people seem pretty happy with it and results they get as am I. The set up on it is really simple and installed great with Vista 64 Bit, and now with Windows 7, 64 Bit that I upgraded to. Thanks again for making it look good and if you get the camera hope your as happy as I am with it.
  2. Nexistar5

    thanks Tim, I know need to work on it.. My wife commented on the green color, told her moon is green cheeze and it rubbed off on it,, she didn't buy it... Am going to try to see what I can do with Gimp, will be a learning curve with that program as well.. Is a pretty impressive looking app and the price is great "free".. Cheers kasey
  3. Nexistar5

    Greetings Brain Trust,, My wife bought me a Nexistar 5 and was finally able to try it, is a planetary CCD. There was a lot of wind and GPS on mount having problems so hand guiding it,, But was able to get a pic and try registax 6,, the registax 6 walkthru that come with Camera are very very very Dummy no fault approved (my kind of instructions LOL).. Anyway will try to attatch, know is nothing like what you guys do,, but my feet are wet. Cheers Kase[ATTACH=CONFIG]4873[/ATTACH]y
  4. ASIGN II intro to image stacking.

    My apologies Baz You wrote the DSS guide that I used and I just used the DSLR RAW pics for that;; The Autostaker was concerning AVI. I mixed two subjects, sorry for confusion Kasey
  5. ASIGN II intro to image stacking.

    autostakert Greetings All in the Brain Trust Autostaker I tried to use it a few times, the images are AVI but everytime I try to open then it won't open with Invalid Code DVSO 1685288548, then gives pathway to it with ending (framecount 0)??? yet they will open and work with registax 6,,, ?? Any one come across this problem? Cheers Kasey PS. DSS worked for me Ray, it kept saying only one frame was good (out of about 10) but pressed ahead and changed settings as required your from tutorial and it worked... Thank you
  6. Follow up to refractor experiment

    Hey Tony, Hope to get to try the Meade camera tonight.. Having never used a CCD before, is the first image what you can expect to see on the computer as your shooting the pic? Or should you see with the clarity of a DSLR or eyepiece?
  7. ASIGN II intro to image stacking.

    thank you very much, can't wait to try it now... Everytime before never worked, would just keep one frame.. Thank you for info Cheers Kasey
  8. Follow up to refractor experiment

    can't comment on halo but finished pic really looks good,,I have just experimented with my F/R 6.3 and can't believe the difference it makes, is like have to have focuser all the way maxed out if just extend diagonal a bit,,, Hopefully will get to use camera this weekend here but again, great picture Cheers Kasey
  9. Jose Your telescope tracks really well for 60 sec shots, mine would not do that well.. I just purchased an autoguider and have tried it once, not had time to use for A/P application yet.. Good luck Cheers Kasey
  10. CCD camera purchase

    Tony Was checking out Nebulosity and application of it (do not think will work with a Nikon) but I found a thread on use of it. I will copy & post it as most that read thread seemed to use it but were unaware of this app.. Here goes "" I have just read about one fantastic feature of Nebulosity that helps those facing challenges of multisession photography. This regards framing and alignment with previously taken subs and comes from Yahoo Stark-Labs forum. Here is an explanation of the alignment process: 1. You can right-click in Nebulosity to create colored crosshairs. So, bring up a previous night's image, point precisely on a star that you want to use for alignment and right click on it. A crosshair will show up exactly at the place where you clicked. There are 3 crosshairs that you may place, each colored differently. 2. Next click on Frame and Focus and your current target will show up, however crosshairs remain on the screen in the places where you put them. 3. Line up the new image fitting the same stars into the crosshairs and off you go! I really don't understand what that all means but users of the program seemed really happy with the info.. Cheers Kasey
  11. thats really a good shot Jose, your stars are really good and not blurred.. How long was your exposure time? Am trying to learn A/P like you and using a DSLR also, mine is a Nikon tho,,, good picture Cheers Kasey
  12. CCD camera purchase

    WOW Tony. Am overwhelmed at your offer, was showing my wife because am always bragging on you guys and this site and saying how helpful and just nice everyone is and she was really amazed. We both concluded that it was just a very kind offer and thank you very very very much.. They would be treated well and always cared for and would be received with open arms at that price.).. Was doing a quick read on Autostar, thats a Mead product? will it work with a CPC? As stated, the more I read on DSLR A/P it seems Nikon sure could learn from Canon on making friendly user options easier and just available.. Not sure how Nebulosity interacts with D5000 but will investigate it.. Let me know how you want to do this shipping and all,,, Thank you so much again.. Cheers Kasey
  13. CCD camera purchase

    Hey Tony,, Not sure which way to go here, was looking for real time viewing for my Nikon to laptop and need new windows version to do it.. Last night finally got to try my Orion SSAG, think I have it figured out, had it locked in and went to try my Nikon Prime mount and computer battery went dead,, neighbor came by and wanted verbalize and view while battery was depleting LOL.. A lot of the frustration am having with A/P is some camera issues but also my lack of computer use skills and knowledge. Just really wanted to get good with DSLR before made CCD plunge.. I know I am really lacking in the finishing end and at this point feel like my lack of skills would make a diamond look like a lump of coal LOL.. Tims web page was kind of a gold std for me when first started out with A/P.. I see some of his early pics were with the DSI equip. Just not wanting to get too much money into CCD on start up and when do its the nickle and dime stuff that gets you as am sure all you well know.. Then comes the compatibility with puter issues, found out my vista version has wrong bits for real time viewing with camera program,, AAARRRGHHH.. Does that camera come with own finishing program (like DSS and color finish)? You have a total of 3 cameras? Do they work with Celestron and a Orion SSAG? Just feel like surrendering by going to a CCD... Even if I buy a CCD I would still want to get all possible from the DSLR.. Let me know what your price is and will ponder it and discuss with other half.. Cheers Kasey
  14. CCD camera purchase

    kind of thought that, was looking around and found a camera compare site,, not sure how accurate it is but is really awesome how it shows difference when you just plug in scope and camera info, heres the site http://www.12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm
  15. HDR Rosette

    let me get a hold of it you really want it to look bad LOL, you should see my work