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    23 years old i have a fiance shes amazing, we have a 3 1/2 year old son together hes the best thing that's ever happened to me and oh yea i love anything to do with astronomy and string theory (and or quantum mechanics but i suck at math hahaha)
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    System Administrator
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    Scope: Celestron C-6 XLT
    Mount: Meade LXD55 GOTO
    Camera: Nikon D40 (UN modified)
    Software: Maxim DL 5, Photoshop CS5, Registax
  1. off axis guide scope

    thanks for the reply i just ordered the orion mini autoguider scope its a 50mm scope ive heard great things about it and it is for scopes with up to 1500mm focal length which is what my celestron c6 is.. the other option i have is tube rings and an even heavier scope like the 80mm short tube refractor
  2. off axis guide scope

    does anyone have any experience with a off axis guider instead of using a guide scope? pros cons??
  3. Meade LXD55 Autoguide?

    hey radar i found a solution to my auto guiding problems... a LVI Smartguider 2 it is compatible with my mount!!
  4. Lunar halo over the New Forest Observatory

    i do believe that north west of the moon is pleiades
  5. IC 405 Flaming Star from Pasadena

    the 2nd one i like more alot more "blacker" looks good!!
  6. Eta Carinae with my new NB filters

    beautiful!! very nice
  7. Help with choosing a DSLR

    i have a nikon d40 that i love the d40 is a dslr 6 megapixel, it is designed and marketed towards beginners in dslr photography very easy to use and learn on
  8. M45 second try

    looks good!! by alot of info that's good right haha sorry noob at actually doing photos, and on my original image all the lil red blotches i see are those hot pixels and should i have used a dark frame for that?
  9. M45 second try

    Hahaha wooops that's what I get for being tired, I shall correct it lol and thanks, I think this year tax season I'm gonna invest in a Orion sirius mount...
  10. M45 second try

    second try on m42, 30 sec exposure...nikon d40...need a new mount lol here it is
  11. first light nikon d40...

    Thanks poppasmurf, and yes it's un modified, I need to clean the sensor..
  12. first light nikon d40...

    the dark spots u see is from my sensor being dirty..what would be best to clean it?
  13. first light nikon d40...

    Thanks I'm hooked now Haha, and the drift alignment is that the hex bolts on the mount head, cuse when I would center the object I guess it would "slip" and fall a few degrees I think this mount was abused by the previous owner... Oh well it'll have to do....thanks for the tip and the info
  14. first attempt at a dso m42. i just found out my mount (meade lxd55 does not support autoguiding......soooooo i need to invest in another mount... anyways this is one single 30 sec exposure. its a bit out of focus and i can see it trailed a little bit.
  15. Yep - it's yellow alright

    thank you both!!