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  1. Now that I think about it maybe the reason nobody post on here is cause most people consider whats on here to be things they already know nothing's a brand new idea or theory. In my opinion theories are one of the best parts of this site because its interesting to see other peoples ideas and to debate them if you don't agree and from those theories branch new ones. But what's on the forum's right now is mostly just things that have been confirmed already. There's no fun! :l33t:
  2. Well lookie here a bunch of working guys who know eachother talking on the site rather than in real life a little odd don't you think. Either way I think you should cleanup the site and get rid of the "drivel" though I must admit I might have been contributing to the "drivel" a little bit. But that doesn't matter I'm trying to post important stuff now but I seem to be defending myself which isn't the purpose but I was just giving my opinion. :l33t: