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  1. P.S: Price drop: $240 each, $440 for the 2!
  2. Gday Ray, In the US they retail under the TMB (TMB100) and Zhumell (Z100) Brands. - TMB100: http://www.astronomics.com/main/product.asp/catalog_name/Astronomics/category_name/4LTTSBRXCV069JKSSJ74CS9K41/product_id/TMB209 - Zhumell z100: http://www.zhumell.com/eyepiecesfilters/eyepieces/z100-2-inch-eyepieces/ They are not quite as good as the Ethos, but for the price I reckon they're good value for money! Have a look at some of the reviews here: - http://www.telescopes.com/telescope-eyepieces/2-inch-eyepieces/zhumellz10016mmeyepiece.cfm#ReviewHeader - http://telescopes.toptenreviews.com/telescope-eyepiece-review/tmb-100-16-review.html Let me know if you're interested Cheers and thanks!
  3. Hi all, For sale I have new 100° super wide angle eyepieces. I have a 9mm which has both a 1.25" and 2" barrels and a 16mm which is 2" only. Both are new and never used. They are of great quality and sell under a number of reputable brands in the US. See the pictures attached. Asking AU$240 each or AU$440 for both + postage (about $10 depending on where you live). Please PM if interested. Cheers.