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    Walked outside last night about 11pm, and noticed this action going on. It was cloudy earlier, so I didn't bother trying to do any imaging. But anyway just a quick snapshot a Mars and the Moon hangin together. Tim.
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    Been a while since I posted a photo, but having some spare time has allowed me to process some data I have. This was processed mostly in PI and some minor adjustments in PS. Shot at 4000mm, Focal Ratio F11, and probably spent about 50 hours acquiring the correct subs. The total imaging time used is more like 10 hours, but this object sits over the city lights from my observatory and many subs were unusable. C/C's welcome. Ray
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    I hope it sells quick mate. Need to get some cash back in the bank after paying for the van. Lol. Shane
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    Tim I know you’re right it needs a fridge and bar but it already has a man cave sign. Shane
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    Haven't seen one of these little fellas in a while. Hung out a bit then went his own way. Tim.
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    I took this a few months ago, but I need to add luminance to it. The weather hasn't been cooperating on my nights off. First image in a while, but figured I should post it to prove I am still alive. The image is grainy and needs star reduction and a few other things done to it, but it is headed in the right direction. Ray
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    Found an SD card with a few shots from the 10" / EOS 500D. And went thru them in PS. I think this one is worthy of pasting here. A rare occasion where the focus is reasonable and terminator clean. Currently its very hit and miss to find a break in the perishing cloud over W.A. Plus the temperature is not conducive to elevating myself off the electric blanket ! Cheers Dave.
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    Orchid over the New Forest this morning. Greg
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    Hi For those that have been interested in my astroimages and time lapse videos, I had a website called "Imaging the heavens" Unfortunately the hosting site has announced that they are "pulling the plug" on June 30th and will no longer be hosting any websites so I've been having a go over the last 4 days at building a new website using Wordpress and Elementor and have managed to get something up and running, it will have a new name but the theme is largely the same ie night and astrophotography. It is called "In the still of the night". It is largely finished now apart from a few tweaks or possibility of extra pages in the future. If you'd like to have a look at how far I've got so far it can be found at the link below. There was no ".com" available but I did get a ".space" which I thought was very apt https://www.inthestillofthenight.space Best wishes Gordon
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    As I had the macro out for the Bee - I also took some flower pics. Greg
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    Great work guys! An inspiration to those of us in the city to aspire towards!
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    lol, I know, I'm just looking for the easy way out, but its time to clean them anyway. I have had a long hiatus from AP (work, study, family, broken observatory computer). So I am looking forward to getting some photos right after this full moon goes away. I am thinking Sombrero is well positioned at the moment. Ray
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    Well out of practice with both capture and processing but better than the last few months of nothing. Object:NGC 3201 Object Info: NGC 3201 (also known as Caldwell 79) is a low galactic latitude globular cluster in the southern constellation of Vela. It has a very low central concentration of stars. This cluster was discovered by James Dunlop on May 28, 1826 and listed it in his 1827 catalogue. He described it as "a pretty large pretty bright round nebula, 4′ or 5′ diameter, very gradually condensed towards the centre, easily resolved into stars; the figure is rather irregular, and the stars are considerably scattered on the south". The radial velocity of this cluster is unusually high at 490 km/s, larger than any other cluster known. This corresponds to a peculiar velocity of 240 km/s. While high, this is lower than the escape velocity of the Milky Way galaxy.[10] It is located at a distance of 16,300 light years from the Sun and has an estimated 254,000 times the mass of the Sun. This cluster is about 10.24 billion years old. The stellar population of this cluster is inhomogeneous, varying with distance from the core. The effective temperature of the stars shows an increase with greater distance, with the redder and cooler stars tending to be located closer to the core. As of 2010, is one of only two clusters (including Messier 4) that shows a definite inhomogeneous population. Number of Subs: L 50 , R 50 , G 50 , B 50 Sub Length: 30sec Total Integration Time: 120min Date Captured: 04/02/2020 Imaging Camera: Moravian G2 2000 Imaging Telescope: GSO RC8 CF Reducer: no Focal Length: 1625 Image Scale: 0.94 arcsec/pixel Field of View: 19 x 25 arcmin Mount: Ioptron CEM60 Guide Scope: Orion ST80 Guide Camera: Prostar LP colour (toupcam) Capture Software: Voyager Guide Software: PHD Guiding 2 Processing Software: PixInsight Shane
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    Glad you got it sorted out Greg. My own CGE Pro mount is currently only good for manually choosing targets. I guess if I was old school, I would learn to use those R/A and declination guides. Nah, I'm a wuss. A new mount will be in order soon. Should have a lottery for these bloody things as much as they cost Tim.
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    Mizar & Alcor in Ursa Major taken with the Sky90 array. Greg
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    Both epic work my friend. Ray
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    That is very nice. Dave.
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    And here's a Noel Carboni process of JUST the Sky90 data. Greg
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    Just curves plus Noel's "Enhance DSOs and reduce stars" Greg
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    Very cool mate. We love camping. Great time to be selling with no international travel, it will sell extremely quickly. Ray
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    Not too bad of a night last night. I thinks it's time to search for a bigger OTA though...16"or maybe 20". Yeah right!
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    This is last nights effort. Hope to get some better images as it's beginning to get colder at night. Might steady things up a bit. Tim.
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    Yep, that worked very well! Tim
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    The above data combined with some very old original Hyperstar data - came out well Greg
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    Made a little tool caddy this arvo. Still need to paint it but came out better than expected, only needs a minor fix for a couple of pairs of tweezers. Shane
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    At someone is getting some action. Nice Tim. Shane
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    Today’s quick update. Computer desk done, computer back in and working. Will probably move the top monitor so it sits directly over the other one but we shall see. Also put in a small shelf for model display. Abrams and millennium falcon paper models, type 59 and tiger plastic models. Unfortunately I still have to find a small leak. After several hours of rain a couple of days ago I checked just to make sure and there is a small area still getting water in. It’s obviously not a huge leak but I still need to fix it. Shane
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    Gday Ray, paint is for my other hobby, modelling of the plastic kind. Also do paper variety. Shane.
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    Wow, now that's a Pleiades! Ray
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    Observatories are great toys once they are all setup. Ray
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    At last I have a ceiling again, I had some 6mm mdf sitting around so decided to use that on the ceiling. Hoping I got the leaking repaired or I’ll be redoing it again. Now as soon as I get some plywood panels I’ll get the walls done and add some workspaces. Really miss being able to get out to the man cave and do something, whether it’s Astro or models. Shane
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    I've finally gotten familiar with my new CEM 70. I'm thinking it's going to be just fine. Any-who, a few assorted pics. From the 20th. Smoke from the California fires came into play on this one. Sky had cleared a few days later, jet stream sent the smoke northward. Mars a little smoky as well. A Jupe from a few days ago, (still smokin.) And last night's venture. Not too pleased with any of the above, but under the current circumstances with the weather, I will just quietly grumble under my breath. I'm probably done with Jupiter and Saturn this apparition as they're easing toward the west. Could be worse, after buying a new mount, and, building an obs, I could be totally clouded out for months! Tim
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    Awesome Prof. That neb extends so far out of frame as well. That is an object that I can shoot on my northern horizon, I need to be elevated though. The Pelican is as far north as I can shoot. Ray
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    I'd love to put my C14 @ prime on those nebs Greg. Love your work buddy. Ray
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    Not the type of orchid I’m used to seeing. Shane
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    Beautiful colours on it either way. Ray
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    Great work and well presented. So good to see images like these. Dave
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    The faint fuzzies capture the coldness and vastness. Ray
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    Probably Shane - likely to be next season now though, not getting dark till past my bed time now Greg
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    Hi Ken - good to hear from you...haven't been travelling regularly to Melbourne for a long time, not since Pat's Mum died around the time of the last Venus transit, except when we visited our eldest son the year before last... We did have a great week of imaging at Natimuk just out of Horsham last year & I remember coming back from Ballarat not that long ago & looking out for the Snake Gully turn-off on the road that heads S-W of Ballarat - can't remember when that was but probably the visit to our son - nobody doing much moving around atm though! Hi also Ray - everyone please take care!
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    And here's a similar amount of original Hyperstar data added plus some star spikes. Greg
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    Got this one last night, 200mm lenses again and M26C OSC CCDs - Double Cluster for the umpteenth time. 20 subs x 10-minutes per sub. Greg
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    Well as I always say Greg, you can’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. Shane
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    Be interesting to see how this plays out. Political correctness, isn't always; correct. Tim.
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    All is good in the world once more, after a trim all looks good with round stars. I tried slightly different temperature settings as well and all still looks good, now I have to wait for our Lunar friend to bugger off so I can get back to imaging. Shane
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    There seem's to be no limit to what that Paramount ME can carry! You must name it "Hercules" . Eric
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    When you start adding support technicians let me know. Quite a handful of equipment to be monitoring. j\k, you're there, I'm here, etc. But still quite a handful/ Cheers, Tim.