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    Thanks Shane and Ray Here's 2 more from last night. These two were taken with the 6" f5 Achromat Focal reduced 0.7x Who says fast Achromats are crap? Cheers, Ken
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    I have been very impressed with absolutely every facet of the Moravian cameras. I would certainly get another if the need arose. Shane
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    Awesome mate. I'll keep an eye out for him. Ray
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    Not me mate. In fact the fast scope are quite handy for a bunch of stuff. I like M83. I'll have to revisit that one later this year (once the cloud moves away). Ray
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    Dragon Man! Where have you been hiding! Good to see you are getting some photons my friend. 19 cameras is a bit steep, my missus would kill me. Welcome back. Ray
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    I have a water cooler for it but I have never used it. I sometimes put the aircon on inside the obs to cool it down from the day time heat, but that's about it. Ray
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    Nice work Captain Slack. Glad to see you back Ken. Shane