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    Been a while since I posted a photo, but having some spare time has allowed me to process some data I have. This was processed mostly in PI and some minor adjustments in PS. Shot at 4000mm, Focal Ratio F11, and probably spent about 50 hours acquiring the correct subs. The total imaging time used is more like 10 hours, but this object sits over the city lights from my observatory and many subs were unusable. C/C's welcome. Ray
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    Mizar & Alcor in Ursa Major taken with the Sky90 array. Greg
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    Playing about on Photoshop 2020 I put together everything I had on the Pelican nebula and then also added DSS data from the same region. Everything stitched together using REGISTAR. Greg
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    Lovely work Prof. Ray
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    I combined all my Sky90 data of this object together with the DSS data from the same region. Barnard's "E" is a dark nebula lying close to the star Tarazed. How many stars do you think are in this image?? Registar says there are 165,000 Greg
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    Both epic work my friend. Ray
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    That is very nice. Dave.
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    And here's a Noel Carboni process of JUST the Sky90 data. Greg
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    Just curves plus Noel's "Enhance DSOs and reduce stars" Greg
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    This is a single frame with the Sky90 array.
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    Time has come to upgrade from the camper trailer to a caravan. Got the new (to us) caravan last Friday, now to sell the camper. Shane