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    Got the pier plate home today, now waiting for the paint to dry. And guess what, the bloody rain is coming down and looks like it will be cloudy for the next week at least. I should have known all new astro gear comes with cloud, just been a while since I've made any new purchases.LOL. Will post more pics later as I get it all commissioned. Shane
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    ja, ja, ja, geesuz! for some strange reason only known to the Universe I share your enjoyment. Send us some pics once it is setup on Monday or Tuesday my friend. Enjoyment in AP comes from a good mount, everything else is just trinkets (to an extent). Ray
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    Hurry up driver! Deliver the mount! Ray
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    1. Power Unit Amp and foot Pedals 2. Power Unit 3. Foot pedals removed - Coated in muck 4. Pedal Frame cleaned and restored 5. Cleaning of Pedal boards and Volume control unit 6. This beast weighs a ton. Solid timber housing. Note the home made dolly to shift it around ! 7. Partially restored Roller and top of housing. 8. Roller and part panels removed to access switches 9. Restored stool. Had been used as a "coffee table" 10. Quick shot of the Yamaha HC3W Fully restored to 100% working condition.
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    Open that beer and prep that gear! First light is coming. I have no idea why I get excited when I see others buying nice kit. Ray
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    Meet my latest grand child, Isabelle Rose Crabb. Shane
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    Holy moly! What a great family addition. Congrats buddy. Ray
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    Last week I went to a place called Thornwick Bay in Flamborough on the East Yorkshire Coast to shoot some time lapse and star trails. It wasn't the perfect night for it although the sky was clear as the moon was quite bright and high in the sky for the whole night. I set up two cameras, my Sony A7Sii and Samyang 24mm f1.4 lens to do a Holy Grail Time lapse and my Sony A7iii and Samyang 12mm f2.8 fisheye lens to do an ordinary time lapse and some star trails. I set both tripods up about 15 yards further in than the tide would go (worked out by deposited seaweed on the shore). I had a few people who showed interest and asked about what I was doing and there was also a couple of families out of camera shot on the right of the beach having a BBQ, they packed up just as the sun was sinking behind the cliff tops when it got quite chilly. Due to the moon being quite bright I had to use a much lower ISO than normal and even with this it looked as though the beach was bathed in sunlight even though it was midnight. Out of all the data I have done a selfie, a star trail image an animated star trail video, a normal time lapse and a holy grail time lapse so I still managed to get a fair bit done in the 4 hours of darkness. I have incorporated all this in the video clip below which can be seen in HD and 4K https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEqUYNyVVmg
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    I sent my Losmandy G11 to the U.S and imported my AP1600GTO from the U.S to Perth. Yeah shipping isn't cheap but there are good deals out there for slower air freight, just steer clear of the overnight express methods. Ray
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    Awesome effort either way Prof. Ray