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    Orchid over the New Forest this morning. Greg
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    I found a product called circuit board lacquer. Also called circuit board varnish or clear coat. Dries super fast, does not conduct electricity. For anyone considering this, make sure not to spray it inside any open plugs for obvious reasons. Keep away from fans as well. Moisture proof your observatory electronics people. Ray
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    Not the type of orchid I’m used to seeing. Shane
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    So far mate I’ve not had moisture issues with pc in obs that I’m aware of anyway. In the years I’ve had the obs the first pc died but it was nearly a decade old when it went in. These days I have a desiccant type stuff in there just as insurance. I think the Prof has a dehumidifier in each of his obs. He’ll chime in when he sees the post. Shane
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    Beautiful colours on it either way. Ray
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    Received my new filter today. First NB filter for me. Got the Baader 1.25” 7Nm Ha. Should add some good stuff to galaxy shots. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I should have gotten the 7 position external filter wheel instead of the 5 pos internal when I got my camera. Shane
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    I think you will love NB mate. Its quite a craft. Over the last new moon, I managed to get a few hours on The Swan in Ha. Bad weather since, but the first clear night I get I'll get the SII and OIII data. However the monochrome Ha data is great to look already. I really enjoy NB. Ray
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    Looks like what we call a Christmas beetle.