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    Here's the reprocessed image using up to date calibration files. The two bright red stars over to the left are both Carbon Stars. Greg
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    Thanks Shane and Ray Here's 2 more from last night. These two were taken with the 6" f5 Achromat Focal reduced 0.7x Who says fast Achromats are crap? Cheers, Ken
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    I have been very impressed with absolutely every facet of the Moravian cameras. I would certainly get another if the need arose. Shane
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    I got 18 x 15-minute subs with the 200mm lenses on this region last night and combined it with some earlier 200mm data. Greg
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    This is an image taken from suburban Pasadena Ca. under light polluted skies, using OPT Corp's TRIAD filter. Lets ionized H alpha, Beta and Oxygen wavelengths only through so it pretty well cleans up light pollution. This was 10, 15 minute exposures, with a QHY8L camera and Stellarvue 102SV Refractor on an iOptron CEM60 mount.
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    Tracking with PHD guiding is really superb
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    Awesome mate. I'll keep an eye out for him. Ray
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    Not me mate. In fact the fast scope are quite handy for a bunch of stuff. I like M83. I'll have to revisit that one later this year (once the cloud moves away). Ray
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    Dragon Man! Where have you been hiding! Good to see you are getting some photons my friend. 19 cameras is a bit steep, my missus would kill me. Welcome back. Ray
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    I have a water cooler for it but I have never used it. I sometimes put the aircon on inside the obs to cool it down from the day time heat, but that's about it. Ray
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    Nice work Captain Slack. Glad to see you back Ken. Shane
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    Alright, procrastination is over. Mount has been removed from pier and ready for a service and check up. There is something not quite right inside and it's time to find out what. Tomorrow I will start the disassembly. Hopefully I find an easy to fix problem that will reinstate decent guiding, and allow me to get back to imaging. I have missed quite a few good nights trying to solve the guiding issue and then procrastinating over stripping the mount and servicing it. I'll report back any findings. Ideally I would like to upgrade the NEQ6 but alas funds (read Minister of Finance and War) wont allow it at this time. Shane
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    Yep clouds here as well. super annoying, still have to polar align and calibrate the guiding before doing a test run. Shane
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    The EC must be phenomenal as it reportedly can take images without guiding, however as you can see on this map of the graph, with minimal guiding the CEM60 is really the best I've ever used by a long shot. I am used to seeing some sawtoothed motions recorded on the lines of both axes on the graph, but this mount seems to be able to track superbly, and for the price its hard to beat. I've used the smaller CEM25P with this same 4" refractor with similar guiding results. That is why I bought its bigger brother for my 9.25" SCT and 80mm guide scope. Its load capacity is listed I think at 60 pounds which is a lot, so i'm using only about half of that on my pier. Erratic guiding messed up some much time and effort in the past, that having this thing just perform so smoothly with no hassles, makes the tediousness of imaging go away. I'm using an OPT TRIAD filter that eliminates a lot of light so exposures here run 12-20 minutes per frame. In each session I've had not bad frames due to tracking errors. Even on its flip at the meridian, the target is dead center in the field of view... have to re-calibrate the guiding for the opposite hand, but it works flawlessly. If I sound enthusiastic about it, its because I've spent 8 years fighting all manner of mount deficiencies! cheers, I think the minister would approve of this purchase and hopefully you'd have similar good fortune using it!
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    Looking good to me!
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    lol, me neither. Ray
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    That is pretty impressive Greg. Ray
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    Just realised that last night's data was actually buggered because the calibration files weren't right for one of the cameras. End of last year one of the cameras went back for repair - I didn't redo the BIAS and FLAT frames, and a close look at last night's image shows artefacts. So right now I'm making up new sets of BIAS and FLAT frames for both cameras, and then I'll redo the last 3 sets of data. Greg
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    Excellent Prof. Shane
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    FWIW... Here is a sample of the txt file that accompanies each frame of photos taken. [ZWO ASI120MC] Auto Exp Max Exp = 30ms Auto Exp Max Gain = 50 Auto Exp Target Brightness = 100 Bin = 1 Brightness = 0 Capture Area Size = 1280 * 960 Colour Format = RAW8 Debayer Preview = ON Exposure = 193us Flip = None Gain = 44 Hardware Bin = OFF High Speed Mode = OFF Mono Bin = OFF Output Format = *.PNG OverClock = % Raw Foramt = OFF StartX = 0 StartY = 0 Temperature = 29.0 C Timestamp Frames = OFF Turbo USB = 40 White Balance (B) = 95 White Balance (R) = 52 Spot the spelling mistake ?? RAW Foramt (Format?) Dave PS. 0400WAST 23/02 WX 95% cloud. Will it never end.
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    No defocusing, that is animated star trails effect using starstax and Premier Pro. I only use my Sony cameras now. I sold all my telescope kit as I had nowhere to set it up to use it Best wishes Gordon
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    Wow, Noel pulled some good stuff out of your data mate. Beautiful shot. I believe you have some seriously cold skies there at the moment. Ray
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    Cheers Ray - as you can see - it is right in the Milky Way Greg
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    A complete reprocess of the central Lyra image. A 4-frame mosaic using the Canon 200mm prime lenses and Trius M26C OSC CCDs. Greg
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    Took the Canon 5D MkII and 15mm fisheye lens out last night at 10:30 p.m. (still pretty light) to grab these two Greg