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    Much harder than I imagined, mainly due to my disgraceful filing...or rather things getting out of hand over time. I'll just load what I found although I think that there are only 1 or 2 missing at most from the ones I originally posted...
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    Over 25-hours of total imaging time using 10, 20 and 30-minute subs on the Sky 90s and M26C OSC CCDs Greg
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    As a true "unstable" Victorian I will be going for the Tigers but I believe the crows will be way too good for them. We are heading off in the camper trailer tomorrow for a weekend away and will be watching the footy and downing a few (read lots) of beverages with some friends at the little town of Yackandandah. Shane
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    You shouldn't have any issues now. Everything is very stable here except for Shane. I'll be watching with my low carb beers, thats for sure. I need a van for super dark sky travel as well I think. Ray
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    Thanks fellas...I don't know what it is about me but the passwords keep on getting "lost" after sometimes only a single re-visit - happens here & on CN also & I have to re-load/save them...& it might hold it for a while, but then it happens again... Enough whining...Ray, we were very satisfied with the cloud definition last year in our Mars images - we're really hoping with next year's "super-Mars" at 24 arc-secs that some special nights might pop up: atm trying to do a few jobs around the house so we can leave straight after the Grand Final this Saturday (C'arn the Crows!!! :lol:) because there "might" be a couple of nice nights after that... We'll head off for some fishing R&R also after any imaging we manage to get, because a by-product of not having many decent imaging opportunities in the last few months means we don't get to be out in the van as much as we like...& we get a bit toey staying at home too much!
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    Simply Spectacular! Eric
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    Looks like everything went ok except I didn't bother too much about the order...
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    Zoom-In - Single frame original Hyperstar on a C11 with an H9C OSC CCD. Zoom-Out - Single frame Sky 90 with an M25C OSC CCD.
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    Object: NGC 6769 Object Info: NGC 6769 (upper), NGC 6770 (lower) and NGC 6771 (right), Interacting galaxy trio, Located towards the far southern constellation of Pavo (the Peacock), this cosmic tango is happening 190 million lightyears away. While NGC 6769 seems pretty intact, its neighbour shows heavily disturbed spiral arms. All three galaxies display a similarly bright central bulge. Number of Subs: L 30 , R 30 , G 30 , B 30 Sub Length: 10 min Total Integration Time: 20hrs Imaging Camera: Moravian G2 2000 Imaging Telescope: GSO RC8 CF Focal Length: 1233 Image Scale: 1.24 arcsec/pixel Field of View: 25 x 33 arcmin Mount: SW NEQ6 Pro, belt modded Guide Scope: Orion ST80 Guide Camera: Prostar LP colour (toupcam) Capture Software: APT Astrophotography Tool Guide Software: PHD Guiding 2 Processing Software: PixInsight Shane
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    The brightest star in the sky together with the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere Greg