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    These two images were taken with a TRIAD filter from urban site in Pasadena California. Both were ten minute exposures. Used Stellarvue 102sv Refractor with a field flattener, iOpron CEM60 mount.
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    Man that is a "lot" of work. i collected around 15 hours worth of RGB and around 8 hours processing my first mosaic. Works out to 4.5 hours integration time for each RGB pane. I don't think I'll try for mor than 2 panes at this point. Trying to get my head around building a mosaic in PI from individual R, G, & B subs and merge them is a bit of a mind blower. Shane
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    Incredible ... That is mind blowing. Well done. Dave
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    Great effort my mate. And yes, PI is a mind bending experience. Some crazy looking dust lanes as well, wow! Ray
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    Yep. If you have none or can't learn patience your in trouble in the AP game. Still waiting for the weather to play nice. Ah that's right, PATIENCE. lol Shane
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    My observatory is always delivering surprises this like. Mostly it behaves itself, but yeah, the temperature drops and moisture outside can wreak havoc on certain facets. I keep tools in the observatory now for instant repair work. This sport of AP teaches you a lot, especially patience. Ray