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    I pulled the trigger today on a new mount. Ioptron CEM60. There is a bit of a wait for production to catch up, but should be here in about 6 weeks. The minister of finance and war was none too pleased but so be it. AHHH bring on the cloud. Shane
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    Epic mate. Keep us posted, we like to share in other's excitement. Ray
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    Geesuz! Nice toy mate. Can't wait for you to get it. Ray
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    couple of stock pics from Ioptron website.
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    It would be funny if we were not living through it. Greg
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    Noted Shane. Yeh, mine would be around that age. It has not not had a lot of use per se, but looking ahead and my age/activities/health does not really warrant any further expenditure in Astro Gear. I have picked up a couple of accessories for the Canon 750D, for which I will put together a note/pictures regarding focal length reducing rings I purchased. I feel my future in photography will probably orientate closer to the terrestrial vistas Such as heading North of Perth in the Wildflower season Could chuck the MAK90 on the back seat Cheers Dave