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    The New Forest Observatory at 5:30 p.m. after a day of snow - and it's still snowing!!!
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    When I was in the Norfolk County Constabulary, (1957 - 1968) standing outside the Norwich Gates at Sandringham House for 4 hours at a time and within the grounds, surrounded by 6ft drifts of snow it was not amusing, especially when the Superintendent in Charge of Sandringham Division (Lt Col R B Mitchell) drove up in his heated car, winding the window down and saying ..."But think of the honour chap!" I spent 9 Christmases and many other occasions at Sandringham House being one of the "honoured" chosen few. Dave
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    Only 4 x 30-min subs so tons of noise, and I can't use statistics to get rid of plane trails when 2 of the 4 subs has a plane on it However, what this does show me is that if I ever see a clear sky again I need to get a lot more hors with the 200mm lenses on this region. Greg
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    Clear from 7:30 until 9:00 p.m. last night, intrusive Moon, so went for Ceres. 18 x 15-minute subs from the Sky 90 array. Will go for this again tonight if it is clear even though the Moon will be even worse. Greg
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    Had a call from NBNCo saying they will be calling round to my place on Monday 29th Mar to install NBN. That will be great to see the speed meter move a bit further round the dial from 3.6KB/s !! Our 50 year old copper is so slow it runs backwards. It sucks. All I need now is Telstra to replace the wire from the pit to the house which only has 2 wires left which are cross-patched and the cable has surfaced above the ground, the pipe coming apart. Been like this for 2 years, even a complaint to the ITO didn't cause them to do anything other than wrap a bit of insulating tape round the pipe breakage. TPG have sent a an el cheapo TP-Link modem, but will be using my AC68U Asus Router which is NBN compatible and a Cisco VOIP phone router box. Far more reliable setup. Dave.
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    Especially when you do it twice !! My eldest is 56 and my youngest is 35 5 sons: 6 grandchildren 3 girls 3 boys (at last count) Val and I do not have any plans ) I was 26 when my first was born. Dave
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    I've been acquiring data on this object for about a year. Admittedly I throw most of that data away. IC2944 sits near the SCP and with the weather over the last few months (either cloud or poor seeing) I haven't been able to get enough data. I still want to get a few more hours. You are looking at 20x 5 minute subs per channel (Ha, OIII and SII). No luminance yet. It really needs some more data to do it justice. Basically the image shows numerous Bok Globules collapsing into EGGs (evaporative gaseous globules) which will form new stars. In fact every star you see in the sky was once a globule like these. Capturing star formation like this is one of my favourite things to shoot. Photos are few and far between these days with the crazy weather. Maybe I should do more solar. This is only a low resolution version and hasn't been deconvoluted yet. It needs much more data. The ionized hydrogen in the background though accentuates the globules. Comments and feedback welcome. Ray
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    Had another play tonight. I haven't done processing for a few months so its good to get my feet wet again. I think this needs luminance for sharpening. I still need to bring out the colours more. Regards Ray
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    Totally near the pole Greg and a painful object to shoot. I was determined to get it though. I will still add a few hours data to it. It needs more colour and sharpening. But after such a drought I'm happy to be processing and making pictures again. Ray
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    Yeah.. All very tongue in cheek But some interesting archival stuff there. Did you know that the "Sun Picture House" in Broome WA is the oldest "Cinema" still operating in the world. Its a semi open air venue with deck chair type seating. All the ladies wear long skirts. Not to be formal, but to ward off flying cockroaches ! Spent a few hours there ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Picture_Garden
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    Sorry to hijack your thread mate but this is exactly the problem I am having. Remember the old days on this forum, we were outside most nights a month. I'm struggling to get cloudless nights, and if they are clear, the seeing is shocking. On average one photo (enough good data) is taking two months, crazy stuff. Ray
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    Great One Greg: Down under in Perth WA we are having one of the worse viewing periods I have experienced since I took up Astronomy. Humidity up in the high 90s Clouds rolling in at night and evaporation creating instability that is taking images of even the moon almost impossible. As Ray was commenting this has been the norm this summer down under. It is most un-nice! Almost enough to drive me back to dear old Blighty ! Dave
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    My Dad was in the Metropolitan Mounted Police (K division) for about 30 years. Greg
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    Thanks for the link. I'm very near the blue circle, which means I'm in the pink. You are in the green. I just need to move a couple of suburbs away for darker skies. Ray
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    I've got a similar one sitting in my cupboard mate. They were very handy to digitize film with. I had a Nikon one and it would scan my slides into super high resolution digital which allowed me to print very large posters and put them up through the house (much to my wife's disgust). Ray
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    Quite some time ago I bought a device off ebay, which could process negative film and transparency film to an SD card. Bought mainly to transfer the many reels I have of photos taken on the oil rigs in the NW and of my scale model ships. It got tucked away in the bottom of a wardrobe and forgotten, until today when I discovered it, looking for another "lost" item. This is a Fuji film shot of my HMS Manchester taken with a Pentax SP500, which I still have. The converter plugs into and is powered by the USB port and saved to the SD card, 1GB appears to be the max it will accept. The Manchester was launched in the late 30's and was scuttled off Tripoli in 1942 after an attack by 2 Italian E Boats by torpedoes. The loss of 180 men. (The Malta convoys) The ship was scuttled because it was carrying the latest Radar invention, despite this the Capt was court martialled and died a very embittered man. Subsequent dives on the vessel after the war showed his action was justified as the damage done would have prevented her survival. In fact a few years ago another German Dive team used a series of photos and videos taken of my model, to familiarise themselves with the layout of the vessel. They found that the detail I had used extremely helpful. The model is exact scale (192cm long) and powered by 4 electric motors by Radio Control. Dave The Viewer. HMS Manchester model. 3 years in construction. Scratch built (All parts hand made!)
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    That's a beautiful scene mate. Ray
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    I am doomed never to see such things. Every time I even think about setting up the scope, leaden clouds roll in and obliterate the heavens ! But yeah, great shot
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    I think time goes quicker once you have kids. For some reasons the years fly by now. Ray
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    Magnifique Mon ami ! Dave
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    Gee doesn't time fly! 11 years since I joined. Have upgraded my web link etc that was years out of date But on reflection, yeah been a real pleasure and found some good friends on here. I am still in contact with one friend at ASWA, she came to my wedding when I remarried in 2016 and has been a close friend of myself and my wife Valentina. Age is creeping up on me, but I still try to be active and positive in mind and body Thanks guys Dave.
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    This last edit really shows the starburst regions. The noise is perfect as well. I'm jealous of your skies brother! Ray
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    I think that's an improvement Ray, less green in it. Shane
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    Wow much better mate. Have a play with deconvolution if you haven't already. Ray
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    As Greg said "Good work near the pole". I can't give any criticism Ray as I don't know much about NB. Still doing WB, maybe one day I'll get onto NB. Having said that it looks good to me mate. Shane
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    Good work near the Pole Ray!! Greg
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    Geesuz mate, look at you go. I love the fact that you have caught the outer parts of those spiral arms (very hard to get). I imagine you have some decent skies? Well done buddy, that's a cracker. Ray
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    Not quite before my time lol. I had film cameras when I was a bit younger than I currently am. Also worked as a projectionist at local cinema and loved the film, was a real shame when they went digital. Shane
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    Before your time son, Sort of a plasticky material in 8mm, 35mm and 120mm wide some with lots of little square slots along the edge. used to come in a round tin or rolled up in paper strips of various lengths. Lots chemicals involved accompanied by disgusting smells to create pictures on pieces of paper. . Used to be made by a man called Mr Kodak (No not the TV cop, that was Kojak) but he went broke after a another smart man invented a thing called a CCD module. They used to use it also for making movies and newsreels as well. Back in those days if you wanted to watch pictures of the news you had to go to a big building with lots of seats and see a Mr Lionel James Gamblin read the Movietone News and show pictures of people walking all funny like Several of those big houses were burn down because the film used to catch fire from the heat of the arc lamp used to shine thru the film which created a large picture on a screen. Arc Lamp? Ha ha ha! That's a story in itself !! They were so bright they used them to light up aeroplanes in the sky and shoot them down......They didn't fly so fast back then! More questions? For thy edification please enjoy this:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4DNEWQgJKU and this:- http://www.aparchive.com/partner/British Movietone My sincere apologies for digression to a non astronomical subject But Astro news is somewhat lacking of recent times, a bit like film! Dave
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    What is this film you talk of Dave? LOL. I feel ya Ray(bloody global warming) I still need more Lum for current image. Shane
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    Focusing film cameras on deep sky stuff can be difficult Dave. Also framing can also be difficult. I found the easiest way to focus was using a ronchi screen calibrated to your cameras focal plane. With framing deep sky objects, study star patterns around the object, then place those stars at the centre of the viewfinder. Viewfinders on film cameras were unforgiving for astrowork (however you can get high contrast viewfinders which make things easier). Currently taking a ton of calibration frames tonight. I've got just enough for an image (first image in a while, no thanks to global warming). I'll post soon. Ray
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    Received the Collminator. Quite impressed with it. Very easy to use. My 10" was way off after cleaning the mirror. I had it on the kitchen bench to do the job. I noticed when standing it on the floor vertically the collmination had shifted slightly outside the centre hole. But as they say in the instructions one should always do a check every time you use the scope, especially when using the scope for photography. Also apparently using 1.25 or 2" plossls can also make a difference in the settings, hence the supply of a 1.25 to 2" adapter. Yeah I think this is a good investment, every one should have one in their accessory box. All we need now is some improved viewing and start looking beyond the Moon. I am certainly interested in seeing what sort of results I get from that little USB camera. Plus try my Canon 1N with slide film, that will be a new learning curve having never used film before in Astro. Have run miles of the stuff thru cameras over the past 70 years! I still have some very old B & W negatives somewhere. Dave
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    That's exactly the way imaging was meant to be. I remember the old film and manually guiding days. I did some great work back then and still think sometimes that the CCD (instant visual check of focus and framing on a screen) and autoguiding is cheating a little bit. But really, could I see myself going back to film and manually guiding? I'll keep "cheating" thanks.
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    Looking back, I invested a lot of money in Astro gear at a time when funds were not particularly fluid. Basically I do want them to fall into disrepair through lack of use and maintenance. The 10" was originally on a wooden Dob box, which was not the ideal of mounts. (Still have it stored away) Much the same as the 8" Reflector which I built and made myself. Getting the EQ6Pro was a huge step forward and again the home brew instinct in my makeup saw the two hoops made to put the 8 and the 10 on the EQ6Pro mount. Its great piece of machinery and quite powerful considering the size of the stepper motors. Over the years I have collected a respectable range of filters and plossls both 1.25 and 2 " with various Adapters and Extension pieces. I have got some marks on the back patio now which are pretty spot on for the True North position and although I have had no success in getting CDC to work in W10. (Along with a lot of other people) I am quite happy with the way Stellarium is working with the control of the EQ6 and in addition the interface I now have between the camera AV out and a 10" monitor aids my failing eyesight. Also having motorised the viewfinder I can also focus remotely as well. Basically I can now set up my Dell Laptop and control units on a table creating a complete "Remote Control" It now remains for me to now make up a single harness with all the cables bundled to go from the Scope/Mount/Camera/focuser to the table. -- "Life was meant to be easy ! " Dave
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    Epic mate. My (newly found) sister lives in west sussex and has been sending me photos. I can't believe it. Wish I was over there. Ray
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    That's an Oak tree way over the back that got hit by lightning. Great for me as you can see it used to take up a lot of my lower southern horizon Greg
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    Prepare to meet thy Doom -- The end is nigh ! Dave
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    Wow brother, that is much brighter than I would have expected it to be. Ray
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    Nice one Greg Shane
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    I have also purchased one of those Red Laser collminators. I have been using a device I made myself with piece of plastic water plumbing. Its done a reasonable job, but seeing that I will be cleaning the mirrors in both the 8 and 10 inch, be nice to set them up properly. ($36AU) SVBONY brand I have several accessories by this company and appear to be well made and reasonably priced. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/282788900834 and the guy is always happy to knock off a couple of DB on "Make an offer" Also very low Neg FB rate. Even though its Chinese New Year, he always responds. Dave
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    Absolutely shocking tonight 24th. Scattered cloud, 4Cast of t/storms, Yeah.. Dave has got his scope gear out !! Looking at the moon tonight 1st quarter. it was like a large rubber ball riding the waves in an ocean on the Scopecam. Totally impossible to focus and hold anything still. Looking down the tube the mirror could also do with a bit of a clean hasn't been done in a couple of years. Though mirrors are pretty forgiving Anyway at least I have everything working with the Dell. Drove the scope around the sky while still daylight late afternoon using Stellarium. Seems to be fairly accurate. I gave the el Cheapo Chuwi notebook laptop to Mark. That is a pile of junk. As they say in the upper reaches of Mascapitania.. "Ya gits wat ya pays for !!" Blinkin mossies were also pretty active tonight as well. Yeah ATM its really a lose lose situation. Exits left and buries one's head into an e-book with Capt Dirk Hartog exploring the WA coastline. Dave
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    From last night, 21 x 10-minute subs on the Sky 90 array. Blazing half Moon causing trouble but imaged anyway as it was a beautiful clear night. Couldn't be bothered processing out the plane trail Greg
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    Great shot Greg. One thing I noticed in your shots it a very atmosphere (it comes across that way). Ray
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    Do not hold your breath. Right now 100% cloud cover and 36 droplets of something wet on the patio this morning ! Perth Radar showing a lot more cloud coming up. Dave
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    No Comment. It says it all Dave