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    I know it's very hard to harden up to back pain - had it a couple of times when I've done something stupid (easy to do stupid things to your back when you're 6 foot 2). My son is 6 foot 4 and I hope I have lectured him long and hard enough about looking after his back (although he did have a car hit him at the back at 50 mph which didn't do his neck much good ). Greg
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    Hi Greg, I have had 2 lamenectomies and a vertabrae fusion. I always have some pain but this time it was a lot worse than usual. I just have to deal with it as I have since it all started about 10 years ago. The way I look at it, even though I bitch at times, is there is always someone worse off than me. In other words "harden up princess" lol. Shane
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    For the fist time in yonks, the skies have been clear today until some idiot decided to start a bush fire. Moon came up almost full looking very bilious in the face. Probby dept doing a burn off. Anyway, I had made an adapter V Bar to fit the Mak90 scope I have and mounted it on the EQ6. Somewhat overkill but far more stable that the rickety EQ1 that came with it. Whacked the old Canon 350D on in prime focus and banged off a few shots. Not the best due the smoke etc, but the first time I been able to anything much for over a year. Tidied it up in "Paint dot net" (sort of a lightweight clone of Photoshop. Free & and has some nice features) At least managed to do something. Hopefully more as weather starts to warm N-Joy Dave
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    Beautiful Prof. Unfortunately my job trial ended in abject failure due to my back incapacitating me, so I have not been able to get out. Rather typical as I have had some nice clear skies and inabilty to take advantage. Shane
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    Great capture ! Dave
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    (September) Just a quick note: It has been confirmed that my PSA is now 3.9 which below the median of 6.0 for males of my age. The Cancer is considered "on hold" no increase nor spreading. The result of the re-scan of my heart relating to the Cardiomyopathy Dilation issue in 2012, is that the heart has recovered and functioning normally, there are a couple of small issues, but these have been classed as minimal and of no present concern. The bottom line is to keep doing all the right things with diet and exercise and return for a follow up scan in 3 to 5 years. I like that sort of diagnosis ! Dave
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    Lovely shot my friend. Ray
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    Yeah true Ray. If the latest report from BofM is right, looks like during September & November we are going to see clear skies, but at the cost of an 80% above average temperatures. A very long hot spring/summer. BTW that moon shot was also made up of 11 images in Registax. Thought I would just keep my hand in. Probably would have been better with the 10", but the EQ6Pro really makes it great to get the pointy end of the scope in the right direction. Could be an update next week on the medical situation. Been for further tests. Dave
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    Any questions you have like this in future Shane - just ask me on FB - it was pure luck I saw it on here Greg
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    The main point of a UPS is not to keep your whole system going during a power cut - but only to let you close things down in an orderly fashion when the power goes off. So you don't put things like the dew straps and any heaters (dome rotators, aperture openers) or anything else on the UPS. So with a PC, 2 monitors and the mount (plus camera) as the only thing on the UPS, something around 1500W capability should be more than enough. Greg
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    Finally had some clear weather. I was so out of practice when I started these (and a few glasses of wine in) I completely forget to take notice of my histogram on my first run of Jupiter, so rather than embarrass myself, I will only post Saturn, Mars and Venus (and not in that order). Hopefully tomorrow night will be clear and I'll do some more. Each image is approximately 500 frames per RGB channel (I should take more notice of that). Regards Ray