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    I know I am very late in posting this but thought I would anyway. I see on here many time lapse images of a streak across the sky. This day I was ready with my Canon T31 on a tripod with fluid head. I set the camera to sports shot and multi shot. I was using the Canon 75-300mm lens at 300mm. I started tracking manually when the station came into view and shot until it faded out. Out of some several 100 images I got one good one! This is highly cropped to get any detail at all and the station is only 10's of pixels wide but it is the ISS and discernible! Due to the sun and my angle of the shot not all of the solar panels are lighted but I was pleased with this attempt. Eric
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    Situation Normal Ray.. Have a good one in 2020 mate Dave.
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    Almost complete. Just tweaks and finishing touches remain to be done. Ray
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    Greg my sister lives in East Sussex (Preston). I only found out I had a sister about 18 months ago thanks to an ancestry test. Ray
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    I reckon the countryside & climate would be very different Greg!
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    It's no different over here in the East gents, been bloody aweful the last few months. Shane