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    Walked outside last night about 11pm, and noticed this action going on. It was cloudy earlier, so I didn't bother trying to do any imaging. But anyway just a quick snapshot a Mars and the Moon hangin together. Tim.
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    Tim I know you’re right it needs a fridge and bar but it already has a man cave sign. Shane
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    Haven't seen one of these little fellas in a while. Hung out a bit then went his own way. Tim.
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    Welcome to the club guru. Ray
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    Before putting Trius M26C OSC CCDs on the back of the Canon 200mm prime lenses, I tried the lens out (for astrophotography) with a Canon 5D MkII DSLR. The results were absolutely superb, and as the 5D MkII is now an "old" model you can pick them up cheap. Greg
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    Awesome galaxy cluster there mate. Good catch Prof. Ray
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    This is last nights effort. Hope to get some better images as it's beginning to get colder at night. Might steady things up a bit. Tim.
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    Got a few clear nights. Trying to get in some imaging time. A little soft, but better than to overdo it. Cheers, Tim.
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    Yep, that worked very well! Tim
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    Wow. Nice combination. Shane
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    The above data combined with some very old original Hyperstar data - came out well Greg
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    Made a little tool caddy this arvo. Still need to paint it but came out better than expected, only needs a minor fix for a couple of pairs of tweezers. Shane
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    At someone is getting some action. Nice Tim. Shane
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    Added some more shelves today and a drawer under computer desk. Now to get everything back in and stored in appropriate places. Still working out proper fused power but that will happen when my sparky mate can come around. Shane
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    Today’s quick update. Computer desk done, computer back in and working. Will probably move the top monitor so it sits directly over the other one but we shall see. Also put in a small shelf for model display. Abrams and millennium falcon paper models, type 59 and tiger plastic models. Unfortunately I still have to find a small leak. After several hours of rain a couple of days ago I checked just to make sure and there is a small area still getting water in. It’s obviously not a huge leak but I still need to fix it. Shane
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    Gday Ray, paint is for my other hobby, modelling of the plastic kind. Also do paper variety. Shane.
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    Wow, now that's a Pleiades! Ray
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    There is a loss of colour in my ultradeep Pleaides image (the one with several 1-hour long subs) due to color bleaching from effective over exposure. So I mixed the ultradeep image with an intermediate exposure image (that had better colour) to get the result below. Greg
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    Nothing short of spectacular! Tim.
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    Observatories are great toys once they are all setup. Ray
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    I've finally gotten familiar with my new CEM 70. I'm thinking it's going to be just fine. Any-who, a few assorted pics. From the 20th. Smoke from the California fires came into play on this one. Sky had cleared a few days later, jet stream sent the smoke northward. Mars a little smoky as well. A Jupe from a few days ago, (still smokin.) And last night's venture. Not too pleased with any of the above, but under the current circumstances with the weather, I will just quietly grumble under my breath. I'm probably done with Jupiter and Saturn this apparition as they're easing toward the west. Could be worse, after buying a new mount, and, building an obs, I could be totally clouded out for months! Tim
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    Tried it again on the EQ6Pro Mount. - From the Park position landed with the moon just into the eyepiece. Refined the tuning and monitored the tracking and it remained inside the eyepiece (25mm) for 2 1/2 hours with only a slight touch to centre it. Also tried an 10mm plossl. Brilliant. Detail splendiferous. Plus the scope solid as a rock, no wobblies at all. This is a nice piece of equipment. Did something right for a change Dave
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    All is good in the world once more, after a trim all looks good with round stars. I tried slightly different temperature settings as well and all still looks good, now I have to wait for our Lunar friend to bugger off so I can get back to imaging. Shane