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    I am going to start the ball rolling for this Christmas with a photo from my good friend Kerryn Murphy, a very keen photographer and Astronomer. Kerryn holds all rights to this photo. Having said that may I wish everyone on the Forum a very happy Christmas and Great New year from Perth Dave, Valentina and Mark. Image of Fir tree topped out by Venus. Great Stuff Kerryn
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    I discarded 16 subs that weren't quite up to scratch as well. Shane
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    Yeah mate, I gotta take one for the team every now and then. Got up just before sunrise but it was over cast. Getting some nice thunder but the lighting here seems to hide in the cloud. We are in the pool whilst it buckets down. Ray
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    I'm in Bali till the 21st. Great weather, lots of lightning and an active volcano shutting down flights. Will post any decents or weather events. Ray
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    That second process is amazing mate. Love it. Ray
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    And here's the Noel Carboni process of the same data. Greg
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    I would be surprised if it is not logged somewhere. Great catch regardless Ray. Shane
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    Excellent - well done!! Please keep us informed. Greg
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    I've got the Smithsonian Institute looking into it and also The Royal Astronomical Society. Be interesting to see what comes of it. Ray
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    Thanks for comment Shane, I was 27 when I first had a PID at L4 and L5 and has plagued me all my life. I am 6ft 4" tall and now at 83 there is considerable degeneration and Osteo Arthritis in residence. Fusion was considered some years ago, but I decided against it after a friend of mine with the same issues ended up in a wheelchair. (Modern procedures are a lot more advanced and safer) The Bilateral Facet Joint injections in October worked great, until ... I put those 20 Litre cans of nutrient on the workbench. In the 80's I was working on a Bertram 50 Boat in the bilges in a confined space when L5 popped and got crushed. I was stuck in there for 3 hours before my work place decided to investigate why I was not back at the workshop. I was wiring a Radio Earth plate on the hull at the time, a simple job if the owner had removed a carpet to access a particular hatch, he refused and had to crawl past the engine installation to reach the plate terminals. Owners of those floating "Gin Palaces" were more concerned about their precious boats than for servicemen working on them. He wasn't at all concerned about me in hospital, but about when his radio would be connected ! Will have the bi-lateral FJI's on 18/12 meanwhile living on whoopee pills and Prunes C'est la vie ! Dave
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    PS. Ray, Dr confirmed L5 S1 shot again in the back, given referral for further shots into the spine. Dave High concentrate Nutrient. 5 to 10 ml of mix A and B to 1 litre of water - ie 1.9lITRE PER 190 Litre tank of water. That should last 2 months. At 20 Kg per tank I should not have lifted them !!
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    MEAT --- That is something that causes too much illness among humans, their liking for the flesh of animals, especially processed meats. However this really has nothing to do with space, (The Skies!) guess it fills a gap in dull, misere and cloudy skies Takes up very little room (The other space) Ray. Initial set up can be expensive, but once you have the gear its just a case of buying nutrient and seeds. That middle tank has what is known as "expanded clay balls" A volcanic substance, I plan Celery and Pok Choy in that shortly. -- 190 litre tanks of nutrient circulated for 10 minutes every hour in day time by a garden pond pump with 6ft lift. Very simple. By the way all the plastic used in troughs trays, tanks and containers are all certified "Food Grade" This is extremely essential with hydroponics. I will be writing a new page for my Web Site on hydroponics soon. Dave
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    Top notch Greg. Both of those are excellent. Tim.
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    Holy cow! I count 13, possibly 14. Definitely use median combine if you use that sub. I use median anyway to eliminate such anomalies. That's an eye opener for sure. Tim.
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    Very cool looking hydro system Dave. If I had the room I would like to try something like that. With your back, go vegan to reduce inflammation. Checkout a documentary called What The Health, the science is overwhelming. Ray
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    These links are now obsolete... They are defined by the their propensity to revolve in ever decreasing circles to whence they came :(( Guess that happens after 10 years. ! Dave
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    Certainly quite a project !! I looked up Menger Sponge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menger_sponge and appears to be similar to the theory of the ever decreasing circle. Not sure what you could use it for though. Then again I had issues with my 1X table as kid. Mathmatically I am brain dead Notice that these 3D machines are beginning to drop in price - But don't think I have a use for one myself. Well done anyway Dave
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    Latest 3D printed creation. 20 4th order Menger Sponges were stuck together to create this monster 5th order Menger Sponge 180mm on a side. 346 hours of printing and 1.25kg of filament went into this one. And no I am not going to print out another 19 of these to make a 6th order Menger Sponge 540mm on an edge Greg
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    Incredible project mate Ray
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    20 x 60mm 4th order cubes, and each 60mm cube took 17 hours and 18 minutes to print. Greg
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    Only 346 hours Ray Greg
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    Geezuz Prof! How many right angles are in that? Great little project / ornament (especially for torturing people with poor spatial and geometric skills). How long that take you? Ray
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    Wow mate, 30 x 15 mins. Awesome depth. Ray
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    Wow! That's actually a very cool image mate. Ray
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    Awesome mate. I've been doing some of this down here. At least with time lapse cloud is a bonus. We are getting so much moisture from the Indian Ocean these days I'm struggling to get proper observatory time. Time lapse is on my cards now. Ray
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    This is what the Sun looked like at mid-day today. Apparently Saharan dust and smoke from Iberian forest fires dragged up to us by hurricane Ophelia. Greg