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    Awesome mate. My obs needs a clean I think. I'm going to remove the wooden outside walls and put some type of white cladding / sheeting around it instead (its starting to get weathered). Ray
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    Yep that's the printer - it will do 8 x 8 x 8 inch prints. Greg I use black Latex spray-on paint. Yes - I know it doesn't bear thinking about Greg
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    Unbelievable. It is almost like when 3D printers were invented, someone said "lets make the most difficult intricate objects ever conceived". Amazing work mate. Ray
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    Stunning mate. I haven't seen it for ages. I'll buy a DSLR next I think. I miss doing this type of stuff. Ray
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    No mate, at this point in time I do a focus run before an imaging run for each filter. When I work things out properly it will, with scripting, perform a focus, either temp based or after a given number of subs. Small steps lol . Shane
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    A complete reprocess of the central Lyra image. A 4-frame mosaic using the Canon 200mm prime lenses and Trius M26C OSC CCDs. Greg
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    Took the Canon 5D MkII and 15mm fisheye lens out last night at 10:30 p.m. (still pretty light) to grab these two Greg
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    Where not to set up your scope in WA Perth Metro and Southwest. Image processed in "Paint.net" Tammin is where ASWA has its DEEP SKY observing paddock I believe. Along the Great Eastern Highway about 100km from Perth https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/#zoom=7&lat=-3843553&lon=12990439&layers=B0FFFFTFFFF Dave
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    Finished image at last. Object: NGC 1365 Object Info: NGC 1365, also known as the Great Barred Spiral Galaxy, is a barred spiral galaxy about 56 million light-years away in the constellation Fornax. The core is an oval shape with an apparent size of about 50? × 40?. The spiral arms extend in a wide curve north and south from the ends of the east-west bar and form an almost ring like Z-shaped halo. The central mass in an active galactic nucleus rotates close to relativistic limit (the dimensionless spin parameter is larger than 0.84). Number of Subs: L 63 , R 30 , G 30 , B 30 Sub Length: 300sec Total Integration Time: 12.75 hrs Date Captured: 20/12/2017 - 10/03/2018 Imaging Camera: Moravian G2 2000 Imaging Telescope: GSO RC8 CF Reducer: yes Focal Length: 1625; 1233 reduced Image Scale: 0.94 arcsec/pixel; 1.24 arcsec/pixel reduced Field of View: 19 x 25 arcmin; 25 x 33 arcmin reduced Mount: SW NEQ6 Pro, Rowan belt modded Guide Scope: Orion ST80 Guide Camera: Prostar LP colour (toupcam) Capture Software: APT Astrophotography Tool Guide Software: PHD Guiding 2 Processing Software: PixInsight
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    incredible image guys! that's tops!
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    outstanding delicate shape and details!
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    That is a superb image!!! Noel Carboni's actions are a superb (and very cheap) way of one-click noise reduction, but you need Photoshop to use them. There are also specific noise reduction packages that do a great job on astroimages and don't affect the colour. Greg
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    The North & South domes have just had their annual Spring clean Greg
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    Thought you might like to see (half of) my Bat Cave Greg
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    Trialling this software and so far really impressed, controls all gear and guiding and platesolving, as well as a heap of other useful tools (depending on version). The trial is a very generous 80 days, during which all 3 versions, Lite, Pro, and Advanced are available as full featured. Also does image stacking, calibration and processing if you want to, but I like PixInsight for processing so not a feature I need. A link to the website if anyone is interested in having a look. https://www.hyperion-astronomy.com/ Depending on which version price is a bit steep but I think worth it, so far for my personal needs the Pro version is the one for me. Shane
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    I also checked out SkyXPro. Like other programs of the same ilk, I found that a lot of its features are sold as add-ons etc. so you often end up paying well over $500US. Some of the software is being priced way beyond the average guy's purse these days. I have settled down on Stellarium, a quite old but still reliable bit of free software and of course the price is right Dave
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    Awesome mate, I bet you can't wait to use it. Ray
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    DC motor Bracket version 2. Not yet installed. Will need to get some longer screws to attach motor to bracket before trial installation. Shane
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    too much flex so version 2 is being printed
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    Hi Shane: Got a bit of a shock this morning: Dr told me the latest Scan also showed a "lesion" on my right kidney. So have Injections for spine this Weds and then an Ultrasound on the 17th. Here's hoping its benign !! Fingers X'd. Yeah single airfare from St P to Perth is $1250AU Dave
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    Interesting, but the local State Government deleted that interest by sending me a renewal Bill for my car rego of $550 (and that's concession rate) plus Valentina needs a return air fare from RU back to AU in the no so distant future. So its "Non Spending Mode" for quite some time yet. ! Have also had another load of back issues again and limited to my bifocals to observe the Heavens. Dave