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  2. Voyager

    Another update. The developers have added a web dashboard to monitor what is going on. No need for team viewer and works on multiple platforms including smart phones, pc, tablets etc. It seems to just get better and better. Shane
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  4. pulled the trigger

    Wow just wow. The more I use this mount and the better I understand it the more it amazes me. I have just finished a 3 hr imaging run and after a small tweak on the RA balance this arvo the guiding has improved even more with a 0.39 RMS error over the 3 hrs in PHD2. That is the best guiding I have ever had. Shane
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  6. recent Triad images

    The pillars and lagoon. Well done Tone. Pretty incredible when you factor in the light pollution. I'll be up that way next week, but unfortunately won't be able to do any observing anywhere. Ray
  7. recent Triad images

    These two images were taken with a TRIAD filter from urban site in Pasadena California. Both were ten minute exposures. Used Stellarvue 102sv Refractor with a field flattener, iOpron CEM60 mount.
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  9. M20 RGB 2 pane Mosaic

    Incredible ... That is mind blowing. Well done. Dave
  10. M20 RGB 2 pane Mosaic

    Cheers mate. I am now looking forward to collecting the Luminance data to add to it for a real punch in the face. Shane
  11. M20 RGB 2 pane Mosaic

    Great effort my mate. And yes, PI is a mind bending experience. Some crazy looking dust lanes as well, wow! Ray
  12. M20 RGB 2 pane Mosaic

    Thanks mate. It was an eye opener for sure, not so much the final result, although I am wrapped with it, or amount of data needed for mosaics, but the amount of time involved in processing a mosaic is quite astounding. At this stage I definately won't be attempting anything bigger than 2 panels. Shane
  13. M20 RGB 2 pane Mosaic

    WOW!!!!!!! That is a BELTER Greg
  14. Man that is a "lot" of work. i collected around 15 hours worth of RGB and around 8 hours processing my first mosaic. Works out to 4.5 hours integration time for each RGB pane. I don't think I'll try for mor than 2 panes at this point. Trying to get my head around building a mosaic in PI from individual R, G, & B subs and merge them is a bit of a mind blower. Shane
  15. obs out of action

    Yep. If you have none or can't learn patience your in trouble in the AP game. Still waiting for the weather to play nice. Ah that's right, PATIENCE. lol Shane
  16. obs out of action

    My observatory is always delivering surprises this like. Mostly it behaves itself, but yeah, the temperature drops and moisture outside can wreak havoc on certain facets. I keep tools in the observatory now for instant repair work. This sport of AP teaches you a lot, especially patience. Ray
  17. My New Toys.

    Very nice mate. Hopefully you'll get some good action from this unit. We have some sun here today, I might open up the observatory and spy on the sun. Ray
  18. Well it has taken a week or so but I have sorted out the obs. We had a storm not long ago and I found the power had tripped in the shed, on investigation it was the power leading to the obs. The obs has had a good run as power was supplied by an extension lead which was only meant to be a temp fix but ended up nearly 10 years. So now I have proper power and have fixed the ethernet plug that I accidently cut off when burying power and internet. Now just need clouds to piss off. Shane
  19. My New Toys.

    Yeah the Yuccas are quite spectacular. I have a number of them in my garden all white. No Ray have not had a chance yet. Am just recovering from a bout of the Flu and Bronchitis. I was wiped out for a couple of weeks. and Dr put me on some pretty hefty drugs. Hopefully get some clear skies soon. I received the programmable remote control for the D7 today, made by Jintu (2.4g) Range of up to 100 ft. The D7 has a special remote socket, this remote comes with a receiver and adapter cable. The camera can also be operated by a push button on the receiver also by direct cable from the Transmitter unit. - Works well. Dave
  20. My New Toys.

    I agree, I have never seen a white one before. Looks awesome. Dave that is a nice little camera rig you have there. Got any moon or Jupiter shots from it yet? Ray
  21. My New Toys.

    they look cool in flower mate. I cant say ive seen the white one in flower before. Shane
  22. My New Toys.

    Yeah, saw some of it on TV.. They call it "global warming"?? Had our far share of cold and wet so far this winter has shown around 350 mm of rain and should get more next week. Of course with rain one needs clouds and with clouds one cannot do Astronomy. Night temps over here bouncing just above Zero C. Yesterday was only 13C Max. Weeds and stuff absolutely bursting into life. Even this Yuccu at the front entrance has burst into flower. Also Aloe Vera is blazing forth. (Pics by Canon D7) PS. The Yucca is causing quite an interest in the Street, a number of people stopping wid M/Phones taking pictures. I have several of these plants on my block. Dave.
  23. My New Toys.

    Bloody freezing here in Vic at the moment. This morning the wife and I venture out to the shed for our morning coffee and smoke while watching the morning news and I discovered the shed power had tripped. Upon investigation it appears the problem emanates from the observatory, so I will need to find what the issue is. We did have a rather large storm so perhaps water has got in somewhere and int one of the power leads. Shane
  24. My New Toys.

    Hi Shane Yeah, I have a couple of Opteka type lens a Wide angle and a 500mm Mirror. They are not bad for the price. The 650-1300 lens consists of 5 groups of 8 elements and coated. Mechanically solid build and neat fitting moving parts with locking. As mentioned, I do want to get rid of the remnants of this flu B4 I venture out at night. Making good progress now. Dave.
  25. My New Toys.

    Nice one Dave. Shane
  26. My New Toys.

    Hi each N All. Just recovering from nasty Flu Attack and Bronchitis infection. First time for years. Seems like the vaccine I had did not include the beast that invaded me. Not a very nice 2 week session. Howsomeever, I had time to browse around and few pennies to spare and picked up this Canon EOS D7 body with low shutter count and in excellent condx for a little over $400AU. I have an almost full range of EF lens for my EOS 750D so they are interchangeable. The white thing ? It can also be found in black under the Opteka brand. This one, from Keldalens.com designed in Japan has Bell and Howell lens 650 to 1300mm Telephoto Zoom f/8 16 MF. Have looked through it terrestrially. - Skies at night are disgusting, after all it is winter and we are actually getting some rain as well However even on the Manfrotto RC2 tripod/mount, manually releasing the shutter causes wobblys. esp at 1300mm. I also have in my ditty box a T thread 2X converter from my 500mm Mirror lens, which is compatible. 2600mm !!??!! I think I will have to mount it on the EQ6Pro ! ATM I have a remote shutter/Timer control coming for the D7. That will be essential using this beast. Reviews appear to give similar overall views that the glass is of reasonable quality, but at 1300mm is pushing one's friendship a bit. The units do vary from who made the optics. Bell and Howell is a very old established company, better known for their manufacture of cinematic projection equipment. Will be interesting what it can produce astronomically with the moon as the subject. Hopefully I will be feeling more inclined soon and that a few occasional clear nights rock up. Quite impressed with the D7, which mechanically is based on the old 1N film camera (Which I also have) similarly built like a tank and weighs as heavy. Note: The photo with the lens extended to 1300mm does tend to indicate a bit of 'sagging' this is not the case the telescoping is very positive and has a lock ring. Its an optical 'confusion' and is quite straight One reviewer said he had issues focusing, for my part I found no difficulty - even with my ancient eyes. However it would be very unfair to compare it with a Genuine Canon Telephoto lens costing $5K!!. Dave.
  27. Voyager

    Awesome mate. When I get back there I will definitely pop in. It is always dangerous for me to visit telescope shops. Ray
  28. Voyager

    I think there is one called Cyclops Optics, found an address for you. Cyclops Optics Limited 4L, Wing Kin Industrial Building, 4-6, Wing Kin Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong. T: +852-3426-4668
  29. NGC 5128

    Wow, excellent work mate. Great image scale and tack sharp tracking. Ray
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