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  2. Back at the planetary

    That is so cool, how they are getting sharper. Those last two deliver nicely. Give me image capture software, and image processing. I was doing some solar work last week, using Registax. But seeing as Jupe and Saturn are returning, I might have to dust off my planetary camera. Ray
  3. Back at the planetary

    These are from the 9th and 10 respectively. Best Jupe so far, the Encke still elusive. Cheers!
  4. Back at the planetary

    Ohhh, so close!
  5. Earlier
  6. Weather has been quite abusive here of late, heat, hurricanes and what not. Finally have had a couple of great nights where it's been cool and clear, (yes, both at the same time. Can you believe it!) My first two nights out my images sucked. I blamed the seeing as per usual. After the second night out I decided something was amiss. After I had built my observatory, (mine, mine, mine...) I set up everything as per usual. Everything leveled, plumbed, drifted in the tracking, collimated the scope, (wait, what!) Yep collimated. It was perfect just through an eyepiece. NOT, through the imaging train! I believe K-man (Daryl,) had mentioned this once before. An example forthcoming... Just a couple of more very fine tweaks and I believe The collimation will be perfect. Still using the Celestron C9.25, ZWO120mm cam, Telvue Powermate, Baader LRGB filters, a 685nm on Saturn, and a 742nm on Jupiter every now and then for luminence. Really liking the iOptron CEM 70 (at least till it craps out on me...) Here's any ugly one... Much better! Maybe with that final tweak to the collimation I will be able to get the Encke. Well, that's about it for now folks, Peace out, Tim.
  7. Excellent detail Greg! Always stunning seeing insects in Macro. So much too see in hairs and scales and veins.
  8. Beautiful little critters Greg. Not sure if it is the angle, but that bee's wing (in the second bee photo) has seen better days. The orange butterfly appears to have fur as well. Nice work. Ray
  9. Got out the macro a couple of days back and managed to grab these guys in the garden. Greg
  10. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think they wanted it to be more like APOD to get hits by association Greg
  11. Canis Minor

    Incredible amount of nuclear furnaces out there. Awesome photo Greg. Ray
  12. M33

    Wow, very jealous. Looks amazing Prof. Ray
  13. Canis Minor

    Beautifully sharp image! Canis Minor has always fascinated me in the sense that how did they see a small dog in 2 stars. It is probably the constellation that least matches its name
  14. M33

    Threw together everything I had on M33 and ended up with this. Greg
  15. Canis Minor

    The whole of the constellation Canis Minor (effectively Procyon & Gomeisa). Image taken using 2 x Canon 200mm prime lenses with 2 x Trius M26C OSC CCDs. A 2-frame mosaic with each frame approximately 2-hours of 10-minute subs. Greg
  16. V1331

    Yes - that is the DSS image and it is flipped top to bottom, so if you want the same area on one of my images, it's around 7:00 towards the bottom. Greg
  17. V1331

    Tim very interesting. My C14 would be able to zoom right in on that. Cygnus unfortunately is a tad low for me. I did shoot it once, but I drove out to the bush, and then up onto a monolith called Kokerbin Rock, which gave me super views of the Northern horizon. Ray
  18. V1331

    Interesting 'smoke ring' feature at about 11:00 from V1331 in the 3rd image near the top. Kudos, Tim.
  19. V1331

    Very cool. Circumstellar disc (a mostly depleted accretion disc,,,posssibly). Ray
  20. V1331

    And here is V1331 as a magnified insert on the main image. Greg
  21. V1331

    How did I find out I picked the wrong star? Because I decided to take a look at the DSS data and put V1331 in the centre of the field - this is what I got. Greg
  22. V1331

    I actually picked the wrong star. V1331 is correctly labelled below.
  23. V1331

    V1331 is a young star in Cygnus that sits in the dark nebula LDN981. Image is a total of seven and a half hours of exposure using 15-minute subs. Equipment was the Sky90 array and M26C OSC CCDs. Greg
  24. Great Image Opportunity

    We all know that feeling. Winter is in full swing out West at the moment, but I'm hopeful for the next new moon. Fingers crossed. Ray
  25. Great Image Opportunity

    No Ray, we were clouded out both nights the comet was next to Helix Another lost moment.
  26. Vixen Optics is shutting down

    Thanks for letting us know. Ray
  27. Great Image Opportunity

    Dammit, I missed this post Ken. Would have been awesome. Did you get any shots? Ray
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