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  2. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here's the whole image with M87 blown up as an insert. Greg
  3. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those of you used to seeing my work may think (at first sight) that I've lost the plot with this one. Got out for the first time in MONTHS last night and did an hour's worth of imaging with the Hyperstar III on the C11. 12 x 4-minute subs of M87. Processed using the Digital Development Filter (instead of a bunch of curves) and I managed to pull out the JET!!!!! May look unimpressive - but I am really happy with this one Greg
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  5. New toy

    Lol cut out the ciggies. Perhaps when I’m in the grave mate.
  6. New toy

    Cut out the ciggies & you'll save even faster Shane! From vowing never to own a van for many years (childhood experience of stuck in one with a tyro Dad!) we've owned a couple over the last dozen years...the 2nd has been with us for most of that period & atm we're really hoping to get away soon after not using it for about 5 months now - we had it fully-serviced just a few weeks back in readiness!
  7. Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

    Hi again Dave - filled the 2nd 5 cubic metre skip bin up yesterday arvo...some cleaning & tidying & I might be able to work in my main workshop area again soon! You & me sound like we have similar back issues (disk material squeezed out of the lower vertebrae & impinging on major nerves, amongst other issues! ) & although I've lost quite a lot of weight I'm thinking perhaps some more belt-tightening might be in order...mind you, for your height I reckon you are pretty light at 82kgms..! I already use a small hydraulic hoist on wheels that makes a big difference but I want/need further sophistication...trying to work out how is as much fun as the astro work in many ways!
  8. Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

    Gotcha, no prolems Daryl. You need a hoist like they have on hospital beds. Ha ha.. Dave
  9. Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

    As I've just inferred in the pm I've just sent you Dave...unless I sort out another (even more clever) way to transport my scope those rare opportunities that got us these Mars images will make anything even rarer this year. Best wishes to you to Dave. (I think I forgot to put that on the end of my pm reply to you just then)
  10. Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

    Thanks for response. Last year was very quiet and ended on a bit of a sour note. Here in the West been inundated with with high humidity and cloud coming down from the Tropics has made Astro just about a non event. You just had to be out there at the right time at the right place, such opportunities were rare. Ha I just paid a handy Man 250 bux to clean up my block, at 85+ my back will just not hack it. He filled his trailer and 3 wheelie bin of rubbish. !! Will drop you a personal note of interest. Dave
  11. Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

    Just dropped in to MAS for a quick look before going back inside the house Dave - thanks for that, I hope everything is ok with you...Pat & I are feeling our ages of late & have been clearing out all the either unwanted or unlikely to use stuff from our sheds etc - I kid myself that it is to get the workshop into a usable state again after letting things go...or alternatively, when we do go (hopefully quite sometime later! ) we won't burden our family with the huge amount of stuff my old man left for us to get rid of just over 10 years ago! With only my middle son left in Adelaide I joked to him that if we did have to be shuffled off to a nursing home, or worse, that as he was the only one living in S.A. anymore the burden would fall upon him - but of course he pitched in regardless as he is a great guy & on holidays atm! We filled the first 5 cubic metre skip bin in an afternoon yesty & I got that one taken away this morning & replaced with another at the same time - this one should complete the task hopefully..!
  12. Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

    Incredible images, all of them. Such skill and beautiful presentation. Dave.
  13. Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

    Hi Ray & Tim - thanks, & good to hear from you two! I was thinking of you two (& Shane) when I dropped in here yesterday...a fairly hot day today & I've replaced the wheels with new tyres on the van a few minutes back - time for my senior's nap now..!
  14. Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

    Awesome captures Daryl. Especially the first posting (my favorite.) Olympus Mons looks like a zit poking out from the surface. (I know not a pretty analogy but it's how it struck me.) Glad to hear from you as well. Keep on truckin! Tim.
  15. Wow mate, you are delivering some serious images. That is true planetary eye candy, and no easy feat. I don't recall ever seeing such as well resolved Olympus Mons. Makes me want to pull out a Mars map and go over all those pertinent details you have captured. P.S Glad Pat's triple bypass went well. Ray
  16. Well, hi all the old crew here - it has been a funny old year that's been & gone for sure...finishing up for us with Pat being told in November that she urgently required a quadruple by-pass which she had on 21st December & has recovered well from - hopefully quite a few more miles in her tank now! On a somewhat similar subject Mark the mobile caravan service man visited today & got our van ship-shape & we hope to head off for a few days of fishing soon just to break the cycle of late: apart from not travelling nearly as much last year mainly due to either covid or the constantly cloudy weather, we have not used the van since early October. I thought I'd touch base & post some of our mars images from the 2020 apparition...as said the weather was very poor but we set ourselves the task of creating a set of Mars images to cover the entire vista of Mars' globe & were successful, creating annotated disk maps where quite a lot of Martian features are listed. (can't remember the name for Martian geography is atm ) I'll make a normal map sometime also, probably before the start of Jovian & Saturn imaging commences but we'll be scaling back quite a bit as age & infirmity tax us nowadays! For 2020 Mars rose to 50° at the most with most imaging done at about 48° - next time around we'll be older & slower & Mars will be much lower again so this might represent our last real chance at decent images.....as it was the ADC was an essential piece of equipment for the elevations we had to work with..! Greetings to everyone who comes here & I hope all the old crew are still upright & mobile..!!!
  17. Pelican

    Minimal processing done Tim. Greg
  18. NGC1333 composite image

    And people think space is empty...
  19. Pelican

    Fantastic capture, maybe just a little over the top in processing. Seems to be lacking in depth. IMHO. Tim
  20. Barnard's "E"

    There's more...I counted.
  21. Heart nebula composite

    Some nice pillars in the core there, I would love to get my C14 onto those, but the old hemisphere issues creeps in again.:) Ray
  22. Heart nebula composite

    Yep - to get the whole thing in it's a 2-framer with the Sky90s, that's like trying to image IC1396 (which is also huge). Greg
  23. M52 and the Bubble nebula

    Incredible! Ray
  24. Heart nebula composite

    That must be a huge nebula in your part of the sky Prof. I didn't realize it was so large. Ray
  25. Crescent nebula composite image

    Awesome Greg. Tons of hydrogen left over for star formation, "the end is NOT nigh". Ray
  26. NGC1333 composite image

    Whatever you are doing to resolve that dark neb is working beautifully my friend. Ray
  27. M52 and the Bubble nebula

    A composite of the M52 & Bubble nebula region using around 4-hours of Hyperstar III data and DSS2 data of the region downloaded over the Internet. Greg
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