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  1. Today
  2. How annoying. Even more annoying over the new moon. If you need help let me know (I'm handy with electronics). Ray
  3. Yesterday
  4. Not sure but my camera may have died. It was fine the other night but tonight it wont even power up. I have emailed Steve at MyAstroShop and will ring him tomorrow to see what the go is with warranty repairs, as it should still be under warranty as I only purchased it last March. Shane
  5. Last week
  6. Not possible AFAIK. Either they are not dust motes, or they have moved. Greg
  7. I have one persistant mote on my sensor, it shows up in the same place regardless of filter but the flats get rid of it, until it isn't fixed by flats I intend to just leave it there. a mote that outsmarts flats is a very tricky mote, more commonly known as a cunning mote. Shane
  8. I've noticed that there are a couple of dust motes that are not going away after flat fielding. I've retaken my flats as well. The motes come up in the same place no matter what filter I'm using telling me it is not the filters that hold the dust. Any ideas what would cause dust motes like this? Ultimately I'll just clean everything before my next imaging run but it would be good to know what type of dust particles can out smart flat frames. Regards Ray
  9. Apart from the noise through there its looking pretty good mate. Ray
  10. More data added to previous data for approx 11 hrs total, with a quick throw together (really not happy with it yet). I used a synthetic Luminance for this but I think I will aquire some proper Lum and more RGB as well. Shane
  11. Getting some more 40 min subs on this one tonight - but not sure how long I have before it all mists up Greg
  12. Finding guys that will do small one off jobs are becoming very scarce. I had a mate at Willeton (next suburb) who had a decent sized CNC machine and he did a number of mods for me for focusers and scope adapters. But they jacked up his rent so high they put him out of business and he went back to being an employed CNC machinist. I think he sold his CNC to the company he went and worked for. Even hard to find a GP Welder, had one of those at Willeton, same routine, rent increases and he took off back to New Zealand. Yeah, Willeton used to be great area for small business, but the property owners got too greedy and now half the properties are empty. I have all the parts etc to build a small CNC machine, I need a round tuit and enough enthusiasm to build it. We also have a small MIG welder here which I used to build rotator cages for my ham radio masts, they went reasonably well. Dave
  13. I need another 10 hours on this but I haven't had clear skies since the last dataset Greg
  14. Beautiful wispy detail Greg. Incredible how much stuff lurks in the interstellar medium. Ray
  15. Noel Carboni added another 9 x 40-minutes to the previous data: Greg
  16. lol, fair enough. I found stick welding annoyingly hard to learn, but mig welding easy. I can machine stuff but never learned how to do threads. I have a mate higher up the food chain for that. He also thinks that the astronomy thing is cool and is happy to help when I bring him all my bits and pieces. I think he likes hearing about it. Ray
  17. Earlier
  18. LOL. I actually laughed out loud. After another look at the image I can see why she said that Prof. Shane
  19. Cheers guys - it was on a card I gave her this morning and her first comment was "I suppose that's the willy nebula top right - are you trying to tell me something?" Sometimes you just can't win Greg
  20. Cheers mate, I wouldn't say I'm quite getting the hang of it, but I have got "some" of the basics. It is great software, even though a steep learning curve. IMHO well worth investing in. Just let me know when you want to take a look mate and we'll organise a get together. Shane
  21. That's giving the Mrs the universe (or part thereof)! Dan
  22. Well done. All great looking shots. You will have to show me PI one day. Looks like you're getting the hang of it. Dan
  23. Nice one Greg. You're all heart Shane
  24. Beautiful work Prof. Ray
  25. Here's a piccie for tomorrow Greg
  26. As you put more and more data into this you will find that it iterates (itself) to the best version. Basically - if you have a ton of good data, you find that you have to do very little to it for the best result. Greg
  27. There is much more dust filaments and bok globule type structure in the PI renditions. Ray
  28. Several reworks of this one, practicing different things in PI. Quite different results from all attempts, i am not sure which I prefer but it goes to show how much difference you can get from the same data. Enjoy and please give me some feedback if you have any (good or bad), it is most welcome. Approx 4.5 hrs total integration Shane Original process is first followed by PI process attempts.
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