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  2. ISS transit

    Last night's 6-minute ISS pass - bright light behind tree is the Moon Greg
  3. Last week
  4. I think anyone would be horrified if they knew what went on in their garden down at the macro-scale Greg Should I be putting "Warning - Graphic Images" next to these??
  5. Ribblehead Viaduct Time Lapse

    That was pretty cool Gordon. I like the flare in your star trails shot. The drone following you around was also very cool. Ray
  6. It is an awesome use of camouflage. But that is one violent garden you have there Greg. Ray
  7. I spent the night at Ribblehead Viaduct last night shooting some time lapse, star trails and an animated star trail. After selling my telescope gear (no space to use it since moving to Harrogate), I used some of the money to buy myself a hiking trailer and a drone. The trailer means that I can carry more kit with me without making my back and joints worse than they already are, after a bit of research online I got a Benpacker Trek from Benpacker in Germany and this was my first outing with it. I wanted to get to the viaduct before it was dark to shoot some drone footage of the area and while I was waiting for it to get dark a young couple (Ben and Sinead) and their dog came along and we got talking about cameras, drones and the night sky and before we knew it over an hour had passed. The time lapse and star trails were shot on my Sony A7Sii with a Samyang 12mm f2.8 fisheye lens with exposures of 30 seconds at ISO6400. For the drone footage I used some of the quick shot modes and active track (me leaving the site in the morning). This is a particularly nice dark site that is easy to get to by train although it never really got fully dark last night as it's still mid summer, I plan on coming back here in the autumn and winter months. The area is really scenic and apart from the occasional bleating of the sheep in the distance it was absolutely silent. The video can be seen at the following link on my YouTube channel and it is available in 4K https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLc93QN1_W4&t=20s
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  9. Some more macro work

    Last set for today. Bee, unopened Sunflower and some other plant Greg
  10. MiniWASP article

    Good read Greg, it was quite a trip getting the rig up and running to satisfaction but the results show it was worth it. Shane
  11. MiniWASP article

    I saw that on FB, but am yet to read it mate. Shane
  12. MiniWASP article

    https://astronomytechnologytoday.com/2018/06/28/multi-imager-systems-development-of-the-miniwasp-parallel-imaging-telescope-array-at-the-new-forest-observatories/ Greg
  13. Some macro work

    Stunning stuff Prof. Ray
  14. Trifid Nebula

    Ditto brother. I still have my old planetary camera. I might have a play with that, but I'm certainly hanging for something a little better these days. I got some Ha for this tonight and just added it. Much more detail with the Ha. I'm not a big fan of adding luminance compared to Ha. Ray
  15. Some macro work

    Brilliant Greg. Shane
  16. We have had unusually hot weather recently and I have had to go out most nights with the hose to prevent the Missus' plants from dying. Noticed Superhydrophobicity at work on the Bulrush leaves, so I went out today to macro the effect. Wasn't expecting my little mate to be there as well - I'm always amazed at the antenna length of these beauties!! Greg
  17. Trifid Nebula

    Looks good so far mate, that is quite a small FoV hey. Finally got my kit running again, as of just this second. I think I will check collimation tonight and have a crack at Mars if the clouds stay away. It has been a very long time since I have done any planetary work. Shane
  18. 10" Skywatcher and me.

    Awesome idea mate. Love to see a photo of that. Otherwise maybe a scope trolley (or similar) could be useful. And yes, Facebook killed a lot of specialty forums. I'm resilient, we'll weather Zuckerberg's storm. Ray
  19. 10" Skywatcher and me.

    Hi Ray, Yes. I still have all of my Astro equipment, I did at one stage think of putting it up for sale, but there is over $K5 invested in that to replace it, including accessories, plossls etc. I still have the original wooden DOB mount and they are all in mint condx. Plus my camera adapters both commercial and custom made. The EQ6Pro by Sky Watcher is great mount. But I do not think there are as many serious Amateur Astronomers as of yesteryear these days. The very few supporting Astro Forums and sites has declined considerable over the years. I have resolved the lifting problem. I found a long length of thick wall 2" thick wall (1/4") Aluminium Mast pipe. I am going to mount it on one of the beams of the back patio roof, with a block and tackle to lift the 10" onto the EQ6. Will get my son to assist me next time he is in Perth. Dave
  20. 10" Skywatcher and me.

    Geesuz mate. That scope is next level. Great planetary. Do you still have this? Ray
  21. This is nowhere near finished yet. It was just the first taste of deep sky for about 5 months. RGB, 1 hour, 1 hour, 2 hours, respectively. No luminance or Ha yet, stacked in Maxim DL, Processed in PixInsight. Still needs noise removal and a few other things. Just feels good to get some photons and the equipment going. C&C's welcome Ray
  22. First Light for 5 Months

    Not bad at all Ray. Congrats on getting something. If it's not cable probs it's the bloody weather here keeping me from getting anything, I'm having withdrawals lol. Shane
  23. dead mount cable?

    Ditto mate. USB cables and the like are not designed for the cold damp temperatures that we put them through. Ray
  24. Geesuz people! finally got some observatory time in. Day time shots. Weather is looking good for some night time work as well. Yeehar! About 500 frames per shot. Pretty quick process. Just low res jpegs. Feedback welcome. Ray
  25. dead mount cable?

    Not sure exactly Ray. I had a couple of power outs in the obs that were a tad strange. When I say strange I mean that I lost power to all gear in the obs but did not trip any overloads and power returned almost instantly (no power loss to garage or house), I "think" the usb extension was on the way out and may have caused the issue, possibly dew. I can't really complain about the lifespan of these usb entensions and eqdir cable as they are around 8-10 years old, and the fact they cop a pretty hard life with temp changes and dew, but it is still annoying when they go. Shane
  26. 10" Skywatcher and me.

    Found this in my Archives. I think this was taken shortly after I made the cradle for the EQ6Pro Tripod Mount. Note the right angled eyepiece on the spotter scope and the modified Orion focuser remote motor control. I also made a cradle for the home brew 8" DOB. They were highly successful, with quick release case fasteners. Lost a bit of weight since then Dave
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