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  2. New website

    Awesome Gordon. Painful to have to start from scratch but you’ve done a great job mate. Easy to navigate and well presented. That ME looks a beast wish I could afford one. Shane
  3. New website

    Hi For those that have been interested in my astroimages and time lapse videos, I had a website called "Imaging the heavens" Unfortunately the hosting site has announced that they are "pulling the plug" on June 30th and will no longer be hosting any websites so I've been having a go over the last 4 days at building a new website using Wordpress and Elementor and have managed to get something up and running, it will have a new name but the theme is largely the same ie night and astrophotography. It is called "In the still of the night". It is largely finished now apart from a few tweaks or possibility of extra pages in the future. If you'd like to have a look at how far I've got so far it can be found at the link below. There was no ".com" available but I did get a ".space" which I thought was very apt https://www.inthestillofthenight.space Best wishes Gordon
  4. Leafcutter Bee

    Great timing mate. Ray
  5. As I had the macro out for the Bee - I also took some flower pics. Greg
  6. Spotted this one bringing her prize back to the flowerpot this morning. Greg
  7. Earlier
  8. Pearl Cluster

    Nice work Shane Greg
  9. Yesterday's EPOD

    Well done Prof. Ray
  10. Yesterday's EPOD

    Got the EPOD yesterday: https://epod.usra.edu/blog/2020/05/m51-and-group.html Greg
  11. White one

    Wow Prof, that is quite incredible. Ray
  12. You've seen plenty of macros of our red poppies - but here's the first white one Greg
  13. They are over engineering their software. Programmers needs to justify their jobs I guess, and by creating new features all the time gives them the work they need. I recently had to fill out my address on a website contact form, and as you start to type, the AI on the site tries to predict your address (anywhere in the world) and inputs your address incorrectly and prevents me from writing it in. Great example of over-engineering and programmers coming up with software that is not necessary and just makes things more annoying to use. Could give you ten other examples. Frustrating, ahh! Ray
  14. Pearl Cluster

    Beautiful work mate. Ray
  15. Pearl Cluster

    Data captured between 27/04 & 03/05, 4 hrs total. Object:NGC 3766 Object Info: NGC 3766 is an open star cluster in the southern constellation Centaurus. It is located in the vast star-forming region known as the Carina molecular cloud, and was discovered by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille during his astrometric survey in 1751–1752. At a distance of about 1745 pc, the cluster subtends a diameter of about 12 minutes of arc. There are 137 listed stars, but many are likely non-members, with only 36 having accurate photometric data. Total apparent magnitude of 5.3 and integrated spectral type of B1.7. NGC 3766 is relatively young that is estimated as log (7.160) or 14.4 million years, and approaching us at 14.8 km/s. This cluster contains eleven Be stars, two red supergiants and four Ap stars. 36 examples of an unusual type of variable star were discovered in the cluster. These fast-rotating pulsating B-type stars vary by only a few hundredths of a magnitude with periods less than half a day. They are main sequence stars, hotter than δ Scuti variables and cooler than slowly pulsating B stars. Number of Subs: L 60 , R 60 , G 60 , B 60 Sub Length: 60 sec Total Integration Time: 4 Hrs Date Captured: 27/04/2020 & 03/05/2020 Imaging Camera: Moravian G2 2000 Imaging Telescope: GSO RC8 CF Reducer: no Focal Length: 1625 Image Scale: 0.94 arcsec/pixel Field of View: 19 x 25 arcmin Mount: Ioptron CEM60 Guide Scope: Orion ST80 Guide Camera: Prostar LP colour (toupcam) Capture Software: Voyager Guide Software: PHD Guiding 2 Processing Software: PixInsight Shane
  16. So I just fired up the north dome computers after a long break and what happens? One of the Win10 computers decides it is going to access the HDD 100% of the time, right out of the blue. O.K. I sorted it by searching online, but WTAF are Microsoft playing at with this crap??? Greg
  17. M51 from last night

    How are things in Pasadena Tony? Hope you are well mate. Ray
  18. M51 from last night

    Great work guys! An inspiration to those of us in the city to aspire towards!
  19. Yes, really takes the joy out of it. Work perfectly now though. So all good. Ray
  20. lol, I know, I'm just looking for the easy way out, but its time to clean them anyway. I have had a long hiatus from AP (work, study, family, broken observatory computer). So I am looking forward to getting some photos right after this full moon goes away. I am thinking Sombrero is well positioned at the moment. Ray
  21. Filter Config - Lazy Man's Guide

    Bite the bullet and open up the filter wheel Ray - and this time write down in your astro notebook the order of the filters so you won't have this issue again. Greg P.S. Obviously I have been through the same exercise
  22. Bloody Hell!! My worst nightmare. Sorry to hear that Ray Greg
  23. After reinstalling a new hard drive with software, Maxim has forgotten the position of my eight filters. RGB, LUM and narrowband. The filters are mounted as well; not with a steel rim with their name on (just round glass). They were originally installed at QSI before shipping. The software automatically knew what was where. However I can't get the software to recognize them anymore. Rather than open the camera up to access the filter wheel, is there a sneaky way to ascertain which filter is what by looking at a star or nebula? I am using a monochrome camera. Cheers Ray
  24. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    I've only ever owned one camera. A Canon 350d, and I still have it and still use it I'm not much of a photographer (Terrestrial that is). I have about 14 Astro cameras though.
  25. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    Noted Ken, I have a number of Canon Cameras, including film versions plus the last one made by Canon H1n film cam. I have used the range from 350D to the 7D. At Present I have the EOS 500d 750d and 7d. Each have their pros and cons. Basically I judge their performance on the results I get and and personally not particularly interested in what some of the "Rivet Counters" think -- Also there is a lot of bias between brands, each one trying to outdo the other. Over the years I have handled Pentax and Canon film and Canon Digital. I cannot speak of Nikon as I have never used one. but there are two very divided schools between Canon and Nikon. The later model I have of the 7d, I use mainly for Terrestrial use and birdwatching. having a very wide range of EF lens also keeps me to the Canon brand
  26. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    Dave, I did a search online to see how good (or bad) the Canon 750d is when used for AStrophotography. Not all the Canon range are useful for AStro and it's worth checking for each model I found this, I hope it helps:
  27. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    I did a quick browse around Perth district Camera outlets and noted a Canon EOS 750D available at Morley Cash Converters with 70/300mm EF lens etc for $520, So that does appear to be around lower prices they are available.
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