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  1. Yesterday
  2. Great stuff!! Greg
  3. WOWSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How good is that Greg
  4. I packed up the camper and traveled about 300 miles from home to a remote spot in Nebraska. A farmer there had opened up some of his land for observers to view the eclipse. We were about a mile and a half off the center line of the shadows track. We got a 2 minute 35 second Eclipse! I just cannot describe the experience with words. I caught some images of the most special moments. First is when it first reached totality, then seconds later as the limb of the Moon broke and shot through crater rims, and then the "Diamond Ring"! Hope you enjoy! Eric
  5. The 3D printer has certainly been busy - I've done bugger-all Greg
  6. That's epic mate. I'd like to do some timelapse sometime. Ray
  7. Very nice buddy. Shane
  8. Well, that's it. It's over. AND IT WAS GREAT! I had a good run, but I choked on Baily's beads and the corona. But. Everything I captured was a keeper. I should have a nice sequence of photos leading up to, and away from total eclipse, (first contact, last contact etc...post editing.) Here are my favorites. Tim.
  9. Last week
  10. Someone has been a busy boy printing all that stuff. Nice one Prof. Shane
  11. If you are more capable than me then you can carry on where the print was interrupted. I would have to start over again. This is why I run the prints from an SD card that goes into the printer motherboard - and don't run the printer from a computer. I might get a UPS if I ever lose a long print to a power cut, until then I'll just keep my fingers crossed. Greg
  12. An ex work colleague asked to see my Library. Here's most (not all) of them. Really hoping I haven't missed something inappropriate hidden in that lot (maybe the Obama book? ) Greg
  13. And yes - I tested it with water this morning - and it works Greg
  14. Here is the Pythagorean Cup 3D print: Greg
  15. nice work Gordon. Shane
  16. I have been having a play and trying to learn to use Adobe Premier Pro for creating videos for my time lapse work. This is my first effort and it is to give some pointers as to how to do time lapse videos of the night sky but also utilising the same data to make star trails and still images. In all I used Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, Lightroom and Premier Pro in the making of the images and time lapse in this video. The music was obtained from the Free Music Archive. All of the data was taken over a period of more than a year and amounts to several thousand images being taken in different locations. All the details as to the equipment that was used is in the video. It is on my YouTube channel at the link below and is available both in HD and 4K for those with a very fast connection and a suitable monitor/TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc0_aA89Uks&feature=youtu.be
  17. Very cool Greg. Shane
  18. Nicely organised Tim. Good luck, we are looking forward to some pics mate. Shane
  19. No need for patience Tim - just set it off printing and go away and let it get on with it. Trouble is, if you do start watching it, it is hypnotic and you will spend half an hour just gazing at the thing Greg
  20. Very impressive. Been following your trials and tribulations on FB. I don't think I have the patience for that thing! Tim.
  21. This is a 4th order Menger Sponge printed out on the Anet A6 - only took 65 and a half hours to print this one out. Rough cleaning out of support material done, fine cleaning will take days The sponge is 97mm on a side, printed at 0.2mm resolution with a 0.4mm nozzle using white pla. Right now printing a Pythagorean Cup. Bloody addictive these 3D printers Greg
  22. Sorry for being a bit of a recluse lately, just been a bit preoccupied. But anyhoo.... Eclipse begins in 26hrs and I'm as anxious as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs! It's a little bit nut's here with all the safety warnings, threat of traffic from incoming travelers, etc. People trying to capitalize on this event. I will be on the road about daybreak to my imaging location. A few pics of preliminary stuff. The set-up, exposure settings, etc. I will be about 30 miles from prime location. Current forecast, mostly sunny. First pic, my exposure settings and imaging sequence. Last pic, through the refractor, ISO 100, F/9, 1/160th of a second. Wish me luck! Tim.
  23. I am right now printing out a Menger Sponge (the cube equivalent of the above) and that will take between 55 and 80-hours Greg
  24. Jeez Greg, what an awesome piece of kit that is. Printing fractals, sign of the times. Love it mate. Ray
  25. This is a 30-hour 3D print of a 6th order Sierpinski sponge at 0.2mm resolution Greg
  26. Greg what happens in 3D printing if something interrupts the printing process such as a power cut or a loss of '3D ink'. Does it know where to start off from or is it back to the beginning? Ray
  27. Earlier
  28. Totally. With the way Shane is, if he was my neighbour, I'd have all my outside lights on at night time as well. Getting skyglow from something 20km's away would be a luxury for me. I live on a main road and my scope shakes when trucks, Harley's or loud cars drive by. The LP is quite terrible. However I've got something happening with my local government. If it is successful, I'm going to share it with the astro community. Fingers crossed. Ray
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