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  2. Latest Video Astronomy

    That's quite a load on the EQ6. How close to limit are you mate? Shane
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  4. Latest Video Astronomy

    Here's the gear I am currently using. The pics above are done with the big blue scope on the bottom Cheers, Ken
  5. Latest Video Astronomy

    Not me mate. In fact the fast scope are quite handy for a bunch of stuff. I like M83. I'll have to revisit that one later this year (once the cloud moves away). Ray
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  7. Latest Video Astronomy

    Thanks Shane and Ray Here's 2 more from last night. These two were taken with the 6" f5 Achromat Focal reduced 0.7x Who says fast Achromats are crap? Cheers, Ken
  8. Flaming Star

    I have been very impressed with absolutely every facet of the Moravian cameras. I would certainly get another if the need arose. Shane
  9. Flaming Star

    Cheers Shane - sounds great from the cooling alone!! Greg
  10. Flaming Star

    Moravian G2 2000 Greg. Great little camera and a good fit for what I want. Shane
  11. Latest Video Astronomy

    Dragon Man! Where have you been hiding! Good to see you are getting some photons my friend. 19 cameras is a bit steep, my missus would kill me. Welcome back. Ray
  12. Flaming Star

    I have a water cooler for it but I have never used it. I sometimes put the aircon on inside the obs to cool it down from the day time heat, but that's about it. Ray
  13. Flaming Star

    Which camera Shane?? Greg
  14. Latest Video Astronomy

    Nice work Captain Slack. Glad to see you back Ken. Shane
  15. Flaming Star

    I seem to have no trouble getting to -20 summer or winter. Shane
  16. Earlier
  17. Yeah Yeah, I know! 5 years since my last post. Just call me Captain Slack OK, here's where I am up to currently with Video Astronomy, apart from running a Video Astronomy Forum with a bloke called Davy in Scotland: I now currently have 19 cameras I have advanced through the Camera range waaayyy past the Mallincams, and into the latest CMOS high resolution cameras that are pretty much as fast as the Mallincams (Xtreme & Xterminator) but in much higher resolution giving far superior results. Gone are the ugly giant Mallincam blocky square stars. The 4 cameras I use simultaneously now are a Revolution Imager RI2 Analogue as an all-sky finderscope, a RisingSky 224 CMOS in my 50mm Finder/Guidescope, a Revolution Touptek 224 CMOS in the ED80 which is piggybacked on top of my 6" f5 Achromat with a RisingSky 6.5mp G3 CMOS. My scopes and Mount haven't changed much over the last 15 years, only the cameras. I'm still using much the same gear as last time I posted 5 years ago, just better cameras. Here's a sample of what I now get with these better cameras, in seconds: (remember, in Video Astronomy these are all single screen grabs of Live views with absolutely NO post-processing. Straight off the camera) Enjoy! Cheers, Ken CARINA NEBULA OMEGA CENTAURI M4 GLOB
  18. NGC 1365

    I'm near bayswater on that map. Ouch. Ray
  19. Flaming Star

    Yes on cold nights -25C is no problem - but during the summer -15C is the best I can do. Greg
  20. Flaming Star

    At least your camera can get nice and cold. I struggle to coolmine to minus 20. Ray
  21. UPS for obs

    Yeah Micron and Paramounts, also very good. Ray
  22. Procrastination over

    Yep clouds here as well. super annoying, still have to polar align and calibrate the guiding before doing a test run. Shane
  23. Procrastination over

    Finger crossed mate. Cloud here at the moment, very annoying during new moons, I have a ton of data to process after a long drought. Ray
  24. Procrastination over

    I thought I kept the subs but alas not. Instead of a point source of light it was like many in a rectangle shape approx 1 inch x 3/4 inch all of the same star. It was like it guided for 10 sec or so made an adjustment, guided for another 10 sec another adjustment of 50 ish pixels. and so on. I did find 2 issues, first, the counterweight bar had come loose, not sure how that happened but an easy fix, second, a couple of main axis bearings were not in great shape (one on RA and one on Dec), also rather easy fix. Just to be safe while replacing 2 dud bearings I replaced all 6 main axis bearings. Mount is now back on pier, all gear mounted, balanced, and daytime tested. Now I just need a clear night to assess it all. At this point the only adjustment I can foresee is a small backlash adjustment on the RA but I wont know until I can try it out. Shane
  25. T7 Astronomical Camera

    Cheers mate, going to order one tomorrow. Ray
  26. Procrastination over

    What was the mount doing? Ray
  27. Ioptron mounts

    I know this pain and feeling well mate. Ray
  28. Procrastination over

    Alright, procrastination is over. Mount has been removed from pier and ready for a service and check up. There is something not quite right inside and it's time to find out what. Tomorrow I will start the disassembly. Hopefully I find an easy to fix problem that will reinstate decent guiding, and allow me to get back to imaging. I have missed quite a few good nights trying to solve the guiding issue and then procrastinating over stripping the mount and servicing it. I'll report back any findings. Ideally I would like to upgrade the NEQ6 but alas funds (read Minister of Finance and War) wont allow it at this time. Shane
  29. Ioptron mounts

    Thanks for the info mate. Now the hard part convince the boss.lol. Shane
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