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  1. Yesterday
  2. This large flare had a double loop prominence next to it. First time I'd seen one of these. 250 frames stacked in Registax with a touch of PS. The more I do these the more I like them. Ray
  3. So tonight was average seeing and using the 2.5 Televue Powermate has really cost me detail. This is through my 21AU04 monochrome with my Orion Nautilus filter wheel. Jupiter has not been upscaled but Saturn was upscaled (which is why it looks so blurry). Saturn was also only 45 degrees above the horizon when I took this. This is more of a warm up exercise. I used IC capture, Registax and PS. I think collimation could be a tad sharper. These are tri colour images of about 250 frames per channel. Ray
  4. They are very good results mate. I just had a crack at Jupe and Saturn, you got heaps more detail than me. That camera looks good then. I'll have to practice more with Autostakkert I think. Ray
  5. I definately preferred AutoStakkert to Registax when doing planetary, it always seemed to give better results. Having said that I also used the wavelets adjustment in Registax after stacking in AS2!. Shane
  6. Last week
  7. The images above are using Firecapture, Registax and Photoshop. The images below are using Firecapture, Autostakkert (AS!2) for aligning and stacking, Registax. (wavelets) and Photoshop. I think the latter turned out better.
  8. The M25C I had on the HSIII was a great camera - but had bad vignetting (chip was too big really) and being non-Trius meant that it was not temperature stabilised. With the 814C I should get zero vignetting plus I will be able to take flats Greg
  9. Just read up about the 814, nice little OSC. The guide camera looks good to. I know those sony sensors are noiseless. Ray
  10. Just ordered an 814C and Lodestar x2 from Starlight Xpress. As SX are UK based I basically wouldn't think of buying any other camera just because of the return hassles. Greg
  11. The last one looks good. What is the capture software and processing software you are using? Ray
  12. Thanks Shane. Hope I can figure this capture software out before attempting Saturn. And one more from the lot...
  13. Looking good mate. Shane
  14. Well, I'm not quite sure what to think yet. So far, I don't like the fact I can't manually change the fps. Seeing was very shaky, transparency was so-so, but I did get an image or two. No cropping or upsizing just basic processing... Tim.
  15. My 2c worth, Moravian Instruments worth looking at as well for the imaging side. Shane
  16. I know you will probably do a lot of homework on what camera to get but just my two cents worth, my QSI683-wsg is very well built and smooth to use. Certainly a brand I would purchase again. http://www.qsimaging.com/astronomy.html Ray
  17. I am looking into getting a new imaging camera and guide camera for the Hyperstar III/C11 to breath some new life into what is still a pretty amazing optical system. Will keep you informed of any developments. Greg
  18. Never used either mate. Very interested to hear your feedback though. Ray
  19. 30 seconds per channel it is Tim. I'll have another crack tonight. I'll also use the colour camera and compare (for no reason except curiosity). I got to clean those dust motes off. Ray
  20. No you didn't...Bwahahaha! The DMKau618 is no slouch. It has the same sensor as the Celesron Skyris. Basically the only real difference is the 618 will only run at 60fps, whereas the Skyris will do 120fps, (depending on ones exposure time.) Also 640x480...LOL! Kinda wish I had hung on to the au04 and the au618. Both are good planetary cams. Tim.
  21. Appreciate the input Shane. I did a little googling and read that most seem to prefer using Firecapture . Found an older video tut, but as you said, the program seems to have changed quite a bit, but the basic functions are still the same. Did a dry run sitting inside with the cam hooked up. Think I've got'er figured out pretty much. It'll take using it in the field to get the rest, actual capture settings, exposure, etc, etc, etc. And how changing the resolution works. Interested to see the comparison between the ASI120mm vs. the Celestron Skyris vs. the DMK21au618 vs. the DMK21au04... Tim.
  22. I played with both a long time ago Tim, I believe they have changed conciderably since then. Sorry but I can't remember which I preferred, although, I ended up using the proprietary software that came with my IS camera. Perhaps that says I really didn't like either or maybe it was just easier to use the supplied software. Shane
  23. That is where one shot colour cameras rock with planetary , I should pull out my old 21au04 618 and have a crack. Too bad the weather isn't playing nice right now down here in Victoria. I hate to say it (not really) Prof Palmer but the IS camera is 640 x 480 not 640 x 640 Shane
  24. I typically run 40sec per channel on Jupe with the 9.25. With that big gun of yours I would suggest 30sec. That may be part of your blurring issue. Rotation is definitely noticeable between my first channel and my last when I go to merge them in PS. Nice capture none the less, Tim.
  25. Any who has given these two a fiddle....Just received my new ASI120mm, so I'm fiddling with all the installation beforehand so I don't get frustrated at first light. I assume these are both capture programs? Is one better than the other? Just interested in anyone's feedback at this point. Tim.
  26. That would make a good name for a band, "Jupiter and the Dust Motes". I pulled out my old monochrome 21au04 imaging source camera. Its only 640 by 640. I did 60 seconds per channel. Got about 1000 frames stacked for this image in each channel. Was going to upscale with my televue 2.5 powermate but when doing that dust motes appeared. I pulled out the isopropyl alcohol but cleaning the camera and powermate didn't really remove them. I'll have to do a proper clean tomorrow and have another crack. I was going to do a comparison tonight with the monochrome against the one shot colour camera. She's a bit blurry, probably because I let too much time elapse between frames. Just need some practice. Ray
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