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  2. I have an old Canon 5D MkII - the latest one in this range is the one to get Greg
  3. Yesterday
  4. What camera do you use for this mate? And checkout the flies messing with death and landing on the spider and bee. Its almost like the spider is mistaken for a flower or something. Ray
  5. Mandelbulb Pair

    Unbelievable. It is almost like when 3D printers were invented, someone said "lets make the most difficult intricate objects ever conceived". Amazing work mate. Ray
  6. ISS pass

    Stunning mate. I haven't seen it for ages. I'll buy a DSLR next I think. I miss doing this type of stuff. Ray
  7. Last week
  8. After 91-hours and 19-minutes I just turned out a second 165mm diameter Mandelbulb in Rigid.Ink Gold/Bronze PLA. The object on the left is the new Mandelbulb, still sitting on the glass base it was printed on, and still covered in support material. The Mandelbulb on the right has had most of the support material removed Greg
  9. ISS pass

    A very nice long 6-minute pass of the ISS last night at 22:35 from the New Forest Observatory. In fact there are 6-minute passes every night for the next week!! Greg
  10. M83

    No mate, at this point in time I do a focus run before an imaging run for each filter. When I work things out properly it will, with scripting, perform a focus, either temp based or after a given number of subs. Small steps lol . Shane
  11. M83

    So does your focuser analyse via software the sharpness of stars on each sub that comes in and adjust automatically for it? Ray
  12. M83

    The new focusser is brilliant Ray, along with the auto focus routine in Prism. I may have found the culprit, it may be the image settings in Prism when capturing and saving calibration frames. At this point I haven't re tested the theory yet. Shane
  13. M83

    That's a weird problem mate. Must be a setting in the calibration run. Your tracking and focus looks good. Ray
  14. Central Lyra reprocessed

    A complete reprocess of the central Lyra image. A 4-frame mosaic using the Canon 200mm prime lenses and Trius M26C OSC CCDs. Greg
  15. Earlier
  16. Took the Canon 5D MkII and 15mm fisheye lens out last night at 10:30 p.m. (still pretty light) to grab these two Greg
  17. NGC 1365

    Where not to set up your scope in WA Perth Metro and Southwest. Image processed in "Paint.net" Tammin is where ASWA has its DEEP SKY observing paddock I believe. Along the Great Eastern Highway about 100km from Perth https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/#zoom=7&lat=-3843553&lon=12990439&layers=B0FFFFTFFFF Dave
  18. NGC 1365

    incredible image guys! that's tops!
  19. M100 region from last night

    outstanding delicate shape and details!
  20. M83

    Been testing the new focusser and also Prism software. This is 24 5 min Lum exposures all taken with Prism10 including guiding. For some strange reason when I calibrate the images they become unusable like they are straight from the camera with no signal. So I stacked and post processed them in PI without calibrating and here is the result. I will have to investigate further to find out whats going on, most likely user error . Shane
  21. NGC 1365

    That is a superb image!!! Noel Carboni's actions are a superb (and very cheap) way of one-click noise reduction, but you need Photoshop to use them. There are also specific noise reduction packages that do a great job on astroimages and don't affect the colour. Greg
  22. Dense galaxy cluster

    Thank you Tom How for identifying the mystery asteroid far right-centre as 729 Watsonia Greg
  23. Dense galaxy cluster

    Last night's data taken on the Sky 90 array. 18 x 10-minute subs on a dense galaxy cluster just south east of Arcturus. A star has been labelled for reference. Greg
  24. Spring clean

    Awesome mate. My obs needs a clean I think. I'm going to remove the wooden outside walls and put some type of white cladding / sheeting around it instead (its starting to get weathered). Ray
  25. The North & South domes have just had their annual Spring clean Greg
  26. My Bat Cave

    Yep that's the printer - it will do 8 x 8 x 8 inch prints. Greg I use black Latex spray-on paint. Yes - I know it doesn't bear thinking about Greg
  27. Prism 10

    Good luck with the scan mate. Crossed my fingers for you too. Shane
  28. Prism 10

    Hi Shane: Got a bit of a shock this morning: Dr told me the latest Scan also showed a "lesion" on my right kidney. So have Injections for spine this Weds and then an Ultrasound on the 17th. Here's hoping its benign !! Fingers X'd. Yeah single airfare from St P to Perth is $1250AU Dave
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