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  2. Had a call from NBNCo saying they will be calling round to my place on Monday 29th Mar to install NBN. That will be great to see the speed meter move a bit further round the dial from 3.6KB/s !! Our 50 year old copper is so slow it runs backwards. It sucks. All I need now is Telstra to replace the wire from the pit to the house which only has 2 wires left which are cross-patched and the cable has surfaced above the ground, the pipe coming apart. Been like this for 2 years, even a complaint to the ITO didn't cause them to do anything other than wrap a bit of insulating tape round the pipe breakage. TPG have sent a an el cheapo TP-Link modem, but will be using my AC68U Asus Router which is NBN compatible and a Cisco VOIP phone router box. Far more reliable setup. Dave.
  3. It's snowing!!

    Same in Perth. Summers start later and finish later. Today was 38 celsius which is at the upper end for this time of year. Humidity is 74%. Your telescope will dew up from humidity, not dew. Lucky its cloudy (which is also extremely rare for this time of year). Ray
  4. It's snowing!!

    As we had snow again just a couple of days back then yes seasons have shifted around 3-4 weeks later in the year. This has bad effects on the wildlife (bird-nesting in particular). Greg
  5. It's snowing!!

    Hey Greg it is spring there I imagine. Are you finding the winters and summers are starting later? That is what I think we are seeing in Australia. Ray
  6. It's snowing!!

    My Dad was in the Metropolitan Mounted Police (K division) for about 30 years. Greg
  7. NGC 1365

    Thanks for the link. I'm very near the blue circle, which means I'm in the pink. You are in the green. I just need to move a couple of suburbs away for darker skies. Ray
  8. Film and slide conversion

    I've got a similar one sitting in my cupboard mate. They were very handy to digitize film with. I had a Nikon one and it would scan my slides into super high resolution digital which allowed me to print very large posters and put them up through the house (much to my wife's disgust). Ray
  9. Scope Cams

    Yeah I have one somewhere but never really used it because my film days were 'astrophotography only' and those things are difficult to use in space. One day those things will be antiques (if they aren't already). Ray
  10. It's snowing!!

    That's a beautiful scene mate. Ray
  11. It's snowing!!

    When I was in the Norfolk County Constabulary, (1957 - 1968) standing outside the Norwich Gates at Sandringham House for 4 hours at a time and within the grounds, surrounded by 6ft drifts of snow it was not amusing, especially when the Superintendent in Charge of Sandringham Division (Lt Col R B Mitchell) drove up in his heated car, winding the window down and saying ..."But think of the honour chap!" I spent 9 Christmases and many other occasions at Sandringham House being one of the "honoured" chosen few. Dave
  12. Scope Cams

    Remember these beasties that one always had hanging around one's neck in the days of film !! Still got mine. Dave
  13. Especially when you do it twice !! My eldest is 56 and my youngest is 35 5 sons: 6 grandchildren 3 girls 3 boys (at last count) Val and I do not have any plans ) I was 26 when my first was born. Dave
  14. IC2944 Palmers Cosmic Clumps

    I am doomed never to see such things. Every time I even think about setting up the scope, leaden clouds roll in and obliterate the heavens ! But yeah, great shot
  15. NGC 1365

    https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/#zoom=10&lat=-4354209&lon=16298610&layers=0BTFFFFTFF online light pollution map, scroll around in out whatever you like. Shane
  16. NGC 1365

    Wow, where do you get that light bubble photo from? Ray
  17. I think time goes quicker once you have kids. For some reasons the years fly by now. Ray
  18. Orion's Belt 200mm

    Magnifique Mon ami ! Dave
  19. Gee doesn't time fly! 11 years since I joined. Have upgraded my web link etc that was years out of date But on reflection, yeah been a real pleasure and found some good friends on here. I am still in contact with one friend at ASWA, she came to my wedding when I remarried in 2016 and has been a close friend of myself and my wife Valentina. Age is creeping up on me, but I still try to be active and positive in mind and body Thanks guys Dave.
  20. Film and slide conversion

    These are still available on EBay starting at around $AU24 http://tinyurl.com/yb9h38of The one above is around $75AU. http://tinyurl.com/y9e8zrrg Comes with two "carriers" 35mm film strip and 35mm mounted slides. The film needs to be cut into 6 frame lengths, though not absolutely necessary. Dave.
  21. Film and slide conversion

    Quite some time ago I bought a device off ebay, which could process negative film and transparency film to an SD card. Bought mainly to transfer the many reels I have of photos taken on the oil rigs in the NW and of my scale model ships. It got tucked away in the bottom of a wardrobe and forgotten, until today when I discovered it, looking for another "lost" item. This is a Fuji film shot of my HMS Manchester taken with a Pentax SP500, which I still have. The converter plugs into and is powered by the USB port and saved to the SD card, 1GB appears to be the max it will accept. The Manchester was launched in the late 30's and was scuttled off Tripoli in 1942 after an attack by 2 Italian E Boats by torpedoes. The loss of 180 men. (The Malta convoys) The ship was scuttled because it was carrying the latest Radar invention, despite this the Capt was court martialled and died a very embittered man. Subsequent dives on the vessel after the war showed his action was justified as the damage done would have prevented her survival. In fact a few years ago another German Dive team used a series of photos and videos taken of my model, to familiarise themselves with the layout of the vessel. They found that the detail I had used extremely helpful. The model is exact scale (192cm long) and powered by 4 electric motors by Radio Control. Dave The Viewer. HMS Manchester model. 3 years in construction. Scratch built (All parts hand made!)
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  23. NGC 1365

    don't think my skies are that great mate, i live on the edge of the main light bubble here. My guess is the camera mate.
  24. Scope Cams

    Dam brother. Ouch. I suppose I had better book a dentist trip in sometime soon. Ray
  25. NGC 1365

    This last edit really shows the starburst regions. The noise is perfect as well. I'm jealous of your skies brother! Ray
  26. Scope Cams

    That was taken from the Win 10 Weather app. Which is supposed to source its info from BOM. But I think its very unreliable. Direct via Perth Radar is better. Digusting night, humidity is up around 87% this morning and still 100% cloud cover. Radar shows maybe some rain again if you happen to be standing in the right squares. Off to Oral Heath Centre Nedlands again today Got 7 appointments between now and Easter. Not the best of pastimes, but the 3rd year Student I have is very good. Dave
  27. Scope Cams

    No. Seriously? Can they accurately get that far ahead? I couldn't see anything on the BOM. Ray
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