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  2. Red Sun

    Crazy Prof. I saw this on the news. Would have been an awesome site. Ray
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  4. Red Sun

    This is what the Sun looked like at mid-day today. Apparently Saharan dust and smoke from Iberian forest fires dragged up to us by hurricane Ophelia. Greg
  5. The Coma galaxy cluster

    Cheers guys. The Hyperstar image is my most ripped-off image as this is the galaxy cluster where Zwicky first worked out there must be dark matter. Greg
  6. Today's EPOD

    Love them Red stars myself! Eric
  7. Is Luminance Overrated?

    Yep I have used the RGB data as a pseudo Luminance in the past, and as you say Ray, apart from fine detail there is no discernible difference that I could see. Having said that I still shoot Luminance to get the best possible detail in all my shots. Shane
  8. Earlier
  9. Exploring PixInsight lately and fiddling with some deconvolution settings, you can almost create an artificial luminance channel from the RGB data and increase it to 1x1 binning to give you the same effect as a 1x1 bin. Its almost indiscernible using a real luminance channel as opposed to an artificial one (with the image I'm using here). Admittedly shooting at 1x1 would certainly capture more detail, but deconvolution of an artificial luminance channel can get you there if you run out of clear skies. I guess it depends on how much you want to pull from your imaging session. Anyway, just worth nothing, if intricate detail is not part of the final image, you could get away without the lum. Ray
  10. Today's EPOD

    Cheers Ray Greg
  11. Today's EPOD

    Nice work mate Ray
  12. Please check out today's (10/10/2017) EPOD and vote http://epod.usra.edu/blog/ All the best, Greg
  13. Happy Birthday Eric

    Thank you. As far as astro presents, none so far. I would gladly be satisfied with a good night of seeing! Have to work all week long and my astronomy adventures are limited to Saturday nights...weather permitting. Thanks again and clear skies to you all. Eric One year closer to the big dirt nap!
  14. Happy Birthday Eric

    Happy Birthday Eric Greg
  15. Happy Birthday Eric.
  16. Hope you have a great day Eric and get lots of astro presents. Shane
  17. Half a Klein

    It's probably going to be a LONG project lasting several months. I think I might have a go at putting the Curta Calculator together Greg
  18. Half a Klein

    Okay, I didn't notice that. Pretty clever ornament. What's next? Ray
  19. Half a Klein

    It is waterproof - but it won't hold any water as it is fully open on the side Greg
  20. Half a Klein

    Is it waterproof? Would look good with a colour liquid inside it. Still a nice ornament. Ray
  21. Just printed out a half-Klein bottle in Rigid.Ink Natural PLA. I left the brim on the bottom as it makes a nice stand. However - the brim is also REMARKABLY TRANSPARENT just like glass. I know this is due to it being printed straight onto the glass bed - BUT - it has now prompted me to see if I can print out a transparent single-walled Klein bottle using this filament. We'll soon see in a few hours Greg
  22. Dew Control

    lol, mate what an annoying little problem that was. Nice fix buddy. Ray
  23. Fractal 3D

    Who wants to count how many 90 degree corners are in there? Wish I had room for a 3D printer. Ray
  24. Dew Control

    All is good in the world once more, after a trim all looks good with round stars. I tried slightly different temperature settings as well and all still looks good, now I have to wait for our Lunar friend to bugger off so I can get back to imaging. Shane
  25. Dew Control

    Update: heater came off reasonably easy, so I thought I'd have a crack at trimming it while it was off. Took to the inside with a dremel and made the ID a bit bigger, now there is no overhanging fluffy edge. I will re do secondary collimation and try it yet again when the opportunity arrises. Kendrick state that these heaters are not able to be trimmed, with a knife or scissors I agree with a dremel it works and I have tested that it still operates. It's a pity that they couldn't get the sizing correct in the first place. fingers crossed. Shane
  26. (Nearly) all images reloaded...

    Some superb work Daryl. (Even better patience!) Tim.
  27. Last Saturn this apparation.

    Alright who are you, to be impersonating Daryll? Lol... Thanks mate. I gave it my best shot! Tim.
  28. Sierpinski Ocatahedron in blue sitting on top of a Menger Sponge in white. Greg
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