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  1. Today
  2. That is quite spectacular Greg. Shane
  3. As I had the full 11.5 hours for IC2087 it made sense to remake the 2-framer with the 10-hour frame to the right. So the new process Taurus Molecular Cloud image - all 21.5 hours of it - now looks like this. Greg
  4. It works with Photoshop, or elements and maybe even Paint Shop Pro. Will be released shortly. Greg
  5. Is it a pluggin mate? Or a program? Ray
  6. Noel's AstroFlat software makes it very easy to bring lots of different datasets together - so for the first time I collected all 11.5 hours worth of 20-minute subs and brought them together in this image
  7. Yep - that's the chain in the centre Greg
  8. Incredible shots mate. Ray
  9. Yesterday
  10. Love the wide galaxy shot Greg. Is that Markarians chain? Shane
  11. luck bugger you're just showing off Shane
  12. I went back to the beginning on the NA image and you can see I got a lot more of the Milky Way top left. Greg
  13. Sounds bloody horrendous. I pull myself off the floor using the mount while imaging - doesn't move the stars (at f#4.5) at all Greg
  14. Last week
  15. Soft sandy soil here in Perth. Its hot during the day, drops right down at night time, water in the soil. I imagine there is some movement and at 4000mm its enough to cause poorly shaped stars. I try and PA at the beginning of each night. Note I only need to touch the adjusters a tiny amount to get great alignment so it doesn't take long, but they only need to be out a tiny amount to cause problems at this FL. Ray
  16. Yep - that's a BIG dynamic range to deal with there Greg
  17. You are right - I usually come across these by accident (I see someone else has imaged them). Greg
  18. I've got heaps of reptiles where I live. Mostly good ones. But every winter I have to save many of these marbled geckos in my firewood. My little daughter and I gathered quite a few on this occasion and relocated them to another old tree stump with lots of hides and moisture. They are slow and sleepy this time of year. They are so cute. But have to be careful as they drop their tail in defence. I was told their tail is the source that gets them through winter without the need to eat. Summer is a completely different story. So many jacky dragons, lace monitors, brown and black snakes and even turtles, yet, hardly see these geckos.
  19. Looks fantastic Greg. Would like to try dark neb one day myself. Hard finding good info about these though.
  20. Thanks gentlemen. Yep, agree more data would better. Happy with this one for now though.
  21. Grief - that's even worse Greg
  22. I found a similar need Ray. I am imaging at between roughly 1200mm and 1600mm and PA regularly, but not every session, I believe the reactive soil (clay) that my pier is set in is the culprit. I redo PA about once a month sometimes less, depending on how my guiding looks. It doesn't take long using the PA routine in PD2 Guiding software. Shane
  23. Great shot mate. Amazing how many stars are there. Ray
  24. Looks good mate. That's a lot of data for that rig. Ray
  25. Last one for today. A reworked Heart nebula using Noel's flattening tool (I had trouble with this before). Noel's action sorts it out quickly and easily. A Sky 90 array 2-framer. Greg
  26. Another test for Noel's flattening tool. Again it is the Taurus Molecular Cloud region centred on SAO 76540. 8 hours of 20-minute subs using the Sky 90 array. Greg
  27. I just applied Noel's new Astroflat software to my 3-frame panorama of the North America nebula region taken with the 200mm lenses and Trius M26C OSC CCDs. What is pretty amazing about this software is that it can handle nebulosity in the region with absolutely no problems. Noel will be releasing his Astroflat software very shortly. Greg
  28. U lucky bugger. Ray
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