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  2. Crikey..!!!

    Shame about Kangaroo Island. Zoom in on this map of NSW https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/fires-near-me Satellite time lapse here - https://fbwat.ch/1WIJXFNdwlWpitsp Unbelievable stuff happening. Ray
  3. Crikey..!!!

    Yeah, lots of local temperature variation in different places around Oz Ray - it was almost 46 on the back verandah from our sensor & old bulb thermometers which makes it hot in anyone's language: the fires are horrific everywhere & Kangaroo Island has been incinerated in a large section with the loss of lives. Living on the coast down the bottom regions of Gulf St. Vincent we get a lot of the KI smoke when the wind blows from that quarter, but it is not nearly so bad as in the East: talking a few days back to a friend in Canberra he says he can't see his neighbour's house across the street! After the almost 46 on Friday it was just over 20 yesterday here...5mm of rain overnight last night & perhaps some more today with a maximum of 20...quite bizarre! Pat who keeps local rainfall records just told me that last January we only got 0.4mm - so I guess we've smashed that figure already, not that it did much good on KI or in the Eastern States...
  4. Crikey..!!!

    Daryl I heard it was getting up to 45 and 46 in S.A and got to 48.9 in Gippsland earlier today. Just crazy. Ray
  5. Crikey..!!!

    Thank Tim - good to hear from you! A hot day coming up today, 110F+ & I'm up at 5am 'cos I have hardly been able to sleep all night...looks like an inside day with the aircon on today! The fires in Oz atm have been very nasty unfortunately.
  6. Crikey..!!!

    Knockin'em right outha the park Daryl. Simply fabulous! Tim.
  7. Christmas 2019

    It's no different over here in the East gents, been bloody aweful the last few months. Shane
  8. ISS flyover 4/10/2014 from South Dakota

    That is majorly impressive!!!!!!! Greg
  9. Christmas 2019

    Situation Normal Ray.. Have a good one in 2020 mate Dave.
  10. Crikey..!!!

    I had a PM from a member on Ancestry. At first I thought it was some type of scam, but there was a DNA alert flashing on my account saying something like "father, exact match" or something similar. So it was pretty cool. We made contact and sure enough, a whole new family. Crazy. Ray
  11. Crikey..!!!

    WOW!! Amazing find thanks to DNA testing. I found out the highest percentage in me was IRISH Greg
  12. Yeah its crazy, new moon and hazy cloud everywhere. Just when I had some time to shoot. Ray
  13. Christmas 2019

    Good onya mate. Yeah getting a bit thin on the ground. Been very busy Re-establishing my media system. wiring got reral messy. So ripped out everything and doing a complete re-install which will be run thru a Dell 790 SSF computer. Be able to throw away a dozen remotes and just use4 a mouse. My son has also completely reconfiged my HP Server. Put Linus on there and running great. Ah well Hope the New Decade will bring some better weather. Been ages since I have had the gear out. Cloud pouring down from the tropics has just about killed Astronomer over here in the West. Cheers Dave
  14. Almost complete. Just tweaks and finishing touches remain to be done. Ray
  15. Christmas 2019

    right back at ya Dave and the few who still frequent here
  16. Same to you Dave. Love the photo mate. Hopefully you'll take a couple of the hatchling. Ray
  17. Crikey..!!!

    Greg my sister lives in East Sussex (Preston). I only found out I had a sister about 18 months ago thanks to an ancestry test. Ray
  18. Crikey..!!!

    I reckon the countryside & climate would be very different Greg!
  19. Crikey..!!!

    Lovely images!! I lived in Horsham, W. Sussex, U.K. for a number of years. Actually met an Aussie on holiday in Horsham (U.K.) who came from Horsham (Australia). Greg
  20. May I wish all our members and visitors a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy Ney Year. My the new decade of 2020 bring you Joy, Happiness and Prosperity. Dave Image: Turtle Dove nesting in my Lemon Tree. About to hatch.
  21. Crikey..!!!

    I'm blown away by those images. I stared at them for ages taking that data in. I didn't much time this year to shoot the stars or planets. I'm back into it now though. Just finished overhauling the observatory and about to service my AP1600's gear boxes (just greasing them really). Then I'll be back in business. And yes, C14 is a great scope. I love mine, I'm shooting DSO's @ prime with it. Gets right up close and personal. Few issues with mirror flop etc, but nothing that cannot be overcome with some critical thinking. Merry Xmas to you to buddy. Ray
  22. Crikey..!!!

    Hi Shane & Ray, good to "talk" & Merry Xmas & a good 2020 to both of you & your families. Still dragging that old C14 around Ray - they always seem to do a decent job. A lot of Jovian images in 2019 but not too many Saturns... a few Neptune images etc revealing storm spots plus a single decent Uranus - that's it. By pure chance we imaged when the GRS was in view, chronicling some of the activity there with good resolution: below is a late Jupiter animation from Leigh Creek plus one of the polar projection map compositions featuring said GRS over the apparition.
  23. Ribblehead Viaduct Nightscapes

    We have to rashon them out these days mate. Ray
  24. Crikey..!!!

    Geesuz mate! Some crazy intricate detail captured there. Well done. What scope if that through? And happy Xmas to you to buddy. Ray
  25. Crikey..!!!

    Ripper pics Daryl, the wife and I were over Horsham way just last week. Although we spent most of our time in/around Halls Gap. Beautiful part of the world. Shane
  26. Ribblehead Viaduct Nightscapes

    First rate..!!! (I wanted to give this 3 "thumbs up" icons but it looks like Ray is getting stingy with the number & types he offers nowadays! ) Co-incidentally the Ribblehead viaduct was on one of those British rail series reruns again a week or so ago - a snippet of this would've really lifted the "wow" factor..!
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