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  1. Yesterday
  2. I only shoot 1x1 binning Ray for RGB, I haven't actually taken any L for this image. I used the grayscale RGB (1x1 binned) as a "Synthetic L". Shane
  3. Yeah its a tough one with Luminance. I noticed that in some of my photos adding a luminance channel doesn't make that much of a difference if any. If you are binning 1x1 for lum and 2x2 for RGB then Lum should certainly reduce the background noise. Ray
  4. Stunning starfield buddy. Ray
  5. As all the pics of my kit have disappeared as I closed the Flickr account - here's an attempt to link to my NFO website piccy Greg
  6. Saw this a few days ago on Blu-Ray. The twist in the tale is very good indeed Greg
  7. And the RGB version. No Luminance added, not sure which I actually prefer, although the LRGB version appears a lot smoother. Shane
  8. Here is the final, after collecting the remaining data last night. A total of 25 hrs integration time, 12.5 of the RGB, and 12.5 for Luminance, 25 x 10min each of R,G,B, with a synthetic Luminance made from the 75 raw RGB frames. Shane
  9. Last week
  10. Another ripper mate. Shane
  11. After four nights of hitting brick walls, posting two threads on PI's forum and reading and watching a ton of tutorials I posted this earlier on FB. Worth posting here as well - I'm trying to reduce large stars (not low focal length stars which are medium to small), the PI function "morphological transformation" (MT) appears only to work with small to medium sized stars (which surprises me, why would they leave "large" stars out of a "star reduction" algorithm, Spock would find that highly illogical, as I do). I have been using a star mask from day dot (even using MT on the star mask to ensure the protection wasn't too extreme). I've posted twice on the PI forums asking them about this with no solution (from the experts). I've also watched and read a ton of tutorials. This really surprises me that a dedicated astro processing program like PI cannot do this. But not only, not do this, but not do it quickly and simply> Select stars sizes with a min and max slider>size adjustment with another slider> fuzziness or smoothing with another slider> apply. Done. Every tutorial I've read has so many steps and hoops to jump through to perform such simple reduction on medium to small sized stars, that other software can do in literally 20 seconds, with no training, at a cost of $20 (PS pluggins). Seriously, what am I missing? I bought Warren Kellers instruction book on PI, and I have been diligently working through it, and at the part where star reduction came into it, that is where I hit a brick wall. So I should be fair and mention that I haven't finished reading it, but the fact that two posts on the PI forums draw blanks from the PI experts is a very big worry. My comments above are well documented from other user threads online elsewhere all the way back to 2010, so I'll be perplexed if something hasn't been implemented since then. I could harp on about other stuff in PI but I want to be completely fair and give it a proper effort, I've had it for about 12 weeks, I've spent dozens of hours learning it, yet still struggling to reduce stars that I can do in other software in 20 seconds with no training for $20, but I'll hold my judgement until I've finished Warren's book. Thanks again to everyone that has tried to assist. I shoot at 4000mm FL and get pretty big stars. For anyone finding this thread on Google, I currently use Noel Carboni's actions and also another pluggin called Star Shrink. Until I find something better, those are what I'm using. Hopefully PI comes out with something. I'll respond here again if I work out how to do it in PI, but a quick warning, its been four nights of hitting brick walls with PI. Regards Ray
  12. While I was processing last night's Procyon data I saw there was some Gomeisa data on the hard drive from my last imaging session on 23rd Feb 2017. Gomeisa is the bright star above Procyon. This was 15 x 15-minute subs using the Sky 90 array and M26C OSC CCDs. Greg
  13. Cheers Shane Greg
  14. Very nice indeed Greg. Shane
  15. From last night using the mini-WASP array plus some earlier data - the Procyon region. Greg
  16. Yes, Ray. Last year I was was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. Very small just developing, and the Dr wanted to monitor them every 6 months, he will operate when they become "large enough" ATM their growth is slow. I also have Glaucoma in the right eye caused by the first tumour, but the pressures are also low being controlled by nightly Ganfort drops. So each visit always has a ? mark before I see him. The Eye Clinic is part of the Perth Lions Eye Clinic network. Dave
  17. Thanks Ray. Nice idea but too expensive at the moment, added to wishlist. The pc doesn't exactly lock up but does struggle a little during processing, so I am leaning toward the i7 and maybe some RAM and get OAG later, apart from some flexure I can't track down, my guiding is reasonably good. Shane
  18. I agree, summer went straight into winter, no transition. 40 degrees one day, blowing a gale the next. Good to hear your eyes are doing well. Were you expecting any particular feedback / condition about them? Ray
  19. Hmm. If your current computer isn't locking up, go the OAG. That said, have you seen an On Axis Guider (ONAG)? Ray
  20. I always keep a set of fully charged batts Ray, and the 500D handy for occasions like this, they are so short lived at times. My friend Kerryn was saying that it seems like Autumn has been given a miss and we have gone straight into winter. It was wicked at Wexford Medical Centre yesterday, howling gale and very high chill factor. By the way my eyes passed all the tests and appears that everything is in good shape, in fact far better than most people of my age. So much so the Ophthalmologist has extended my visits from 6 monthly to 9 monthly. That image is only 16K. The original CR file is around 7MB ! Dave
  21. You must be loving that mate. Good feeling. Now all we need are some clear skies. Ray
  22. Very nice Dave. With so many late nights in the observatory (when its clear), i miss these beautiful sunrises (except on the really late nights in the observatory when I'm still up). Ray
  23. which to get......... OAG for the scope or i7 cpu for the obs pc..............ideally it would be both but funds a tad tight.
  24. Late news: Sunday night set up everything and all worked perfectly. Tagged onto Jupiter and it only moved about about 3cm across the 8" monitor in Live mode. This was without exact positioning of mount and no alignment With a spot of careful setup and fine tuning, Stellarium appears to do a very good job tracking without all the Ascom stuff to worry about. Plan on making up a wiring harness with central power supply to all functions including camera. Dave L to R Focuser control. Yepo Note Book, Win10. EQ6 controller, FDTI USB/Ser adapter, 8" TFT monitor HDMI in from Camera. Very old mouse pad 2002. Computer converters went out with floppy disks. ! Excuse a bit of hand shake, taken after setting up this lot. Anyone spot the deliberate mistake ??
  25. When its cloudy and everything in the sky is blanked out there are occasions when you can point your camera to the heavens. March 21 2017 around 6am I think the sky was even angry with itself ! Dave The little white dot is a street light! Canon EOS500D 1/800 @ F5 55mm IS lens ISO 200
  26. WOW!!! That is excellent!!!! Greg
  27. Earlier
  28. We were looking through a phosphorescent microscope yesterday. Really cool piece of equipment. Makes me want to buy one. Dave
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