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  2. Taken in the garden in the last hour Greg
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  4. Hind's Variable Nebula

    Here is the whole (uncropped) frame. Greg
  5. Last week
  6. Delta Persei

    The bright blue star in the centre is Delta Persei. This image was taken on the Sky90 array using the M26C OSC CCDs and comprises 72 x 450-second subs. Greg
  7. Hind's Variable Nebula

    This is my second reprocess, this time it is Hind's Variable nebula taken on the Sky90 array using the M26C OSC CCDs. This is a single frame image cropped down to the nebula itself and it is a staggering 22-hours of 20-minute subs. Greg
  8. The Broken Engagement Ring

    I have just found a huge pile of images I didn't process properly the first time around, so I have just spent all morning processing just a few of them. This is a vertical 2-frame mosaic of the Ursa Major region just to the right of the bright blue star Merak. The asterism towards top-centre is called the Broken Engagement Ring. Each frame is roughly 4-hours of 10-minute subs taken on the Sky90 array using the M26C OSC CCDs. Greg
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  10. EPOD 27/04/2022

    Got today's EPOD https://epod.usra.edu/ Note the above address is only valid for TODAY. Greg
  11. SN2022hrs

    It's a beauty Greg
  12. SN2022hrs

    I only saw this on my phone earlier, but seeing it on a larger PC screen, what a whopper SN that is. Ray
  13. Omega Centauri.jpg

    Good core resolution!
  14. Vic Fernandez

  15. SN2022hrs

    Here is an after and before shot. Unfortunately the before shot is much lower resolution. Greg
  16. SN2022hrs

    Supernova SN2022hrs captured last night with the 2600MC-Pro on a Hyperstar 4 on a C11 on a wedge. 16 x 3-minute subs. Greg
  17. Markarian's Chain

    Noel is actually the best astroimage processing bloke on the planet. He now works for Adobe Photoshop and is sorting out their many bugs by using astroimages as the test sample. Greg
  18. Markarian's Chain

    No one purchase anything new! Ray
  19. Markarian's Chain

    Noel has some good skills Prof. That's for sure. Only when I did a deep comparison I could see the subtle differences. Ray
  20. Wow, incredible effect with that fisheye lens. Almost made me think it was high up on a drone. Ray
  21. Markarian's Chain

    Noel Carboni process of the Markarian Chain data. Greg
  22. On Friday March 25th I cycled up to Knabs Ridge wind farm on my ICE Adventure HD recumbent trike and Benpacker trailer (now my mode of transport for l my overnight time lase shoots) to shoot a night sky time lapse using the wind turbines as a foreground focal point. It is a long uphill drag all the way which was more noticeable towing a fully loaded trailer. I shot several time lapse sequences with my Sony A7iii and A7Sii cameras with Samyang 12mm f2.8 fisheye and 24mm f1.4 lenses and also a 360 degree time lapse with my Insta360 One X2 before heading back home the following morning. I had to set up in a lay by outside the farm as the only means of access was via a "quadruple padlocked" gate. Although there was frequent traffic on the road directly behind me it didn't cause any problems with lights. The clip at the link below is in full 4k, the actual night sky time lapse starts at 43seconds. I have also enclosed a single frame still from one of the sequences and a 360 degree star trail image taken with the Insta360 One3 X2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N6YaeLCY8E&t=8s
  23. Markarian's Chain

    I added 17 x 9-minute subs to the 32 x 4-minute subs taken on the Hyperstar 4 and this is the result. It can do with more 9-minute subs, just need the weather to cooperate. Greg
  24. Markarian's Chain

    Pretty incredible photos when you see those galaxies lined up like that. Well done Prof. Ray
  25. IC410 region

    Yep - 19-hours of data will do that for you (9.5 hours of actual imaging time) Greg
  26. Markarian's Chain

    Oh - and there's 2 asteroids in there as well - can you spot them? Greg
  27. Markarian's Chain

    Las night I got 32 x 4-minute subs on the Markarian Chain region with the Hyperstar 4, and I've added that to old Sky90/M25C data of 8-hours in total. Greg
  28. IC410 region

    Awesome Professor. That's pretty deep. Ray
  29. IC410 region

    76 x 15-minute subs on the 200mm lenses and I used up 4 clear Moonless nights on this one and that's it for this year. Greg
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